Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 - New and Exciting Things!

Tigger, Daisy and Spec's Christmas presents!

I am so thankful for all the Christmas gifts my clients got me and my dogs. Yesterday one of my clients Jamie gave me these really great stuffed animals for my dogs. They were so cute, soft, and pretty that I didn't want to give them to my dogs. Especially Tigger....he is part chow/lab and gets frenzied with stuffed toys. He is like a crazed beast getting the stuffing out. These were so cute I had a hard time giving it to them but I did! I kept telling Tigger to be nice. He went crazy! Daisy guarded the one that was a monkey. She kept it close by and growled when anyone came close! She acted like it was a steak but did not eat it just protected it!

I have a video below of the spectacle! Don't mind the bike on the trainer in the living room! That is pretty normal I guess in a triathletes house. FYI - it is not always there it just happened to be there because I did a ride that day on my trainer and wanted to watch the Criminal Mind marathon on A&E while riding!

I also got a gift certificate from this really great store at the Fashion Show Mall. It was Luluemon Athletica. OMG the stuff they have is so cute but so expensive. It is really great workout gear!

I have some great things planned for 2010. My personal training business is the majority of what I do. I am trying to expand and grow my triathlon, running, and swimming clients. Each year it seems to get better and better. During 2009 I got some great things started and they will continue to grow in 2010. I partnered with Rockin Runners and will be coaching a running group for them in 2010. I will be coaching the group that is running from the Henderson location. It will be meeting every Saturday at BioMechanics of Las Vegas We will be training for the San Diego Marathon in May. It is a great price for the entire program. If you sign up you will receive a marathon program and be able to run Saturdays with a coach (which will be me). You will also get your entry into the race included in the price! It is a great deal. If you are not interested in this race still check it out because there might be one you are interested in or you may know someone who is interested!

I finally finished an endurance training guide that I will provide to all my clients. I also got a new Tanita Ironman Body Composition Scale. I will be able to provide a great assessment to all clients throughout their training. Here is a picture of the scale and the analysis form.
This scale provides so much information. It provides body fat % and muscle mass in total and in body segments. You can get your total body fat and muscle mass in arms, legs and torso. It provides hydration level, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, metabolic age, and gives a physique rating on a scale of 1-9. The physique rating is based on the ratio of muscle mass to body fat. It is really great and very accurate. I tested myself and it tested me at 15% bodyfat which is right on target.

In 2009 I got custom Coach Cyndee apparel and I will still be able to offer that in 2010. There will be more items available such as jackets, jerseys, and bibs. I will soon be getting headsweat visors too.

I have been working with several clients one on one at my house on my computrainer. This is another service that I will have available. Clients can get one hour custom workouts on my computrainer. A computrainer is an amazing tool that you can use to improve your biking fitness. You can ride custom courses, do intervals, and hill all on your own bike. It will provide you with great information such as watts, pace, cadence, and heart rate. The workouts are targeted and very specific depending on what you are training for.

In January I will be doing the track and hill workouts again. I will provide more information about these in the future. I will be teaching my usual classes at LVAC and 24 Hour Fitness. They are:

LVAC Rainbow Swim 101 and Mechanics Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-7pm
LVAC Rainbow Spin 1:30 pm on Saturday
24 Hour Fitness Summerlin Spin - Sunday 8am, Wednesday at Noon

I personally am training for Ironman St. George. I will be traveling to St. George to ride the course several times between now and May 1st. If you are training for this event then contact me if you are interested in training with us.

I wanted to pass along a great tool that someone shared with me. It is a website called This website is an amazing way to see how the freestyle stroke is supposed to look. It is an animated person swimming and you can slow it down or speed it up. You have to sign up for their blog (which is great) and download the swimming guy to your computer. I would recommend everyone check this out!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 - What a year!

The best part of 2009 I able able to train people, and make a living doing it! When I decided to leave the corporate world and train people full time, I was very nervous! It was very hard at first in 2008. 2009 has been much better. I really do have a great time training and coaching people. Not many people can say that about their job. I am very thankful that I can do this! I have several clients that made really great strides over the past year. I have clients that are a lot of fun to train. I have clients that give me grief for the entire hour I train them. It is all really fun and a challenge.

I talked about Annette one of my clients in one of my first blogs. Annette lost around 25lbs and looks amazing. She has not trained with me for a few months but is still maintaining the weight loss. Below is a picture of her before and after. She looks great!

I just returned from the gym training several clients. Karla and Sandra both train with me and have become workout partners. They are a lot of fun to train. Karla has made some really great improvements. She has not lost weight but has gotten stronger. She still struggles with the diet part. She usually calls me the "demon trainer" (all in fun). She refers to the stretching area in the gym as the torture area. We rarely if ever stretch there. That is the place for a lot of core and balance work. She clearly does not like it! Sandra is great to train. She has never given me any grief about doing any exercise! Her and another client I trained tonight Jamie both do whatever I say without complaint! That is a rare thing in my business. Karla mentioned to me yesterday when I trained her that she made cookies for Sandra! I just about lost it! WHAT! Of course Sandra did have some. You guys are supposed to be workout partners! AND Karla you are trying to lose weight so why are you baking! I told her today to throw away her baking pans. I don't have any, why would I want to bake a dozen cookies to tempt me. OR better yet why would I want to give someone who is trying to lose weight COOKIES! Ok you get the point but I do really like training them. As much as a challenge as they are they are great! Karla will get the diet part, one day. Sandra gets it she just needs to do it and get back on track with it. They both put the time in training with me in the gym. But we all know that is not enough.

Mark is a client I train a few days a week. He is going to retire soon, so he is not working much and golfing a lot. He did his first half ironman triathlon this year and did really well. In training for the race he lost some weight and was feeling good. What I have not mentioned is how much Mark likes two things! Wine and brownies on a weekly sometimes daily basis. So once the triathlon was over it was back to the wine and brownies. Thankfully he does still ride his bike, so he is not obese. In fact we ride together sometimes on the weekend. He is pretty good on the bike. A month or so ago Mark came to workout. I noticed that he smelled like alcohol. I said, did you drink a lot last night? He said, "well actually I had some drinks this afternoon with a buddy". I must admit this is the first time someone drank and then came to workout! OK so one time no biggy, right? Well the other day as I was walking into the gym I saw him. He said, "just so you know, yes I have had some drinks" I said great this is going to be a great workout! So I took it easy on him and didn't give him anything too complicated to do. Mark is now in Hawaii for a few weeks most likely drinking wine and eating brownies. Wow what a life! Hopefully he will keep riding so he doesn't gain too much weight! He is supposed to bring me back Hawaiian coffee! Yum!

Alan is another client that is a super nice guy. Alan is not retired like Mark, he works a lot. He is usually at least a half hour late for his training appointments. His assistant calls me to cancel when he can't make it. Usually I can talk people into coming but in this case I can't! Alan always asks me if he is my most wimpy client. I tell him that he is not and when he does come in he works hard. That is unless he is training with other clients. Like my client Anne he tends to try and distract everyone by talking to them. He is such a nice guy and really likes to socialize! Alan thinks he eats healthy but he really doesn't. He like most people does not have health at the top of his priority list. Work is much higher on the list. I am not saying work is not important but there are always things you can eliminate to make working out and meal planning a priority. I have known Attorneys, CEO's, Vice Presidents, that all make it a part of their daily life and some how make it work. If Alan would do this he would be able to be healthier, feel better, have more energy, and not feel wimpy!

I train Andrea and Pam two days a week. They train together. They are in the black shirts in this picture. Andrea refers to me as the punisher. She is not a big fan of doing anything new, kind of like my other client Mark! I did get her to start doing some running and work on the bosu ball this year! This was a big step. Pam is as sweet as can be. She has the same or maybe more love for animals that I do. She actually bought Christmas presents for my 3 dogs. Tigger destroyed his in about 30 minutes. Spec wasn't sure what to do with his. He just watched it so nobody else would get it. Daisy was the only one that actually played with it like a normal dog would. When Tigger destroyed his he tried to get hers. Pam and Andrea are a lot of fun to train.

Anne is also in the picture. She is fun to train too. She has the best personality and is so outgoing. It makes it a challenge to train her because she tries to distract everyone else that is training...... AND she is good at it - talking that is. So usually I have to put her on a machine away from everyone else or make her run a lap. Sometimes I make her do burpe's with weights because then she can't talk because she is breathing so hard! She was the client that ran her first half marathon this year. We are also going to both run the Huntington Beach Half in February. She has suddenly decided she wanted to be a vegan. I warned her that this could be a bad thing for weight control. People tend to eat too many carbohydrates and not enough protein. Don't get me wrong I thing eating a vegan diet can be very healthy. But very few people can do it right. It takes a lot of work to cook and prepare foods so that you don't grab processed foods. I hope it works for her. She said she is just trying it out. She refused to give up her fur or leather so I am not sure she is a full vegan. Robert one of my other clients said she is vegan curious! Just checking it out! She may go back, who knows!

Robert started training with me a few months ago. He is very funny. He has not ever really worked out in his life so that alone is a big change. He is very dedicated to the workouts and recently had to cancel for one of the first times since he started. He said he was more scared to tell me he couldn't make it then calling his boss as work! He was sick so I didn't give him too much grief. I did give him grief the day he came and worked out really hard and then went home and ate a frozen pizza. He claimed the dogs ate some of it but I have my doubts. If he could only begin eating better he would see amazing results. For some people it is about small changes and hopefully the small changes will come for him. I suggested small changes such as eating more vegetables or opting for salads rather than fries at the drive through. Most anyone can do these things and in some cases they lead to other changes.

Unfortunately I can't talk about all my clients or this would go on forever. I really enjoy what I do and the clients I have. Several clients that stopped training with me over the year, I really do miss them! As a trainer you get to learn a lot about people during the short time you are with them.

In my next blog I will talk about some really great programs I will be involved with for 2010!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Off Season Training, My Best Running Partners, and More

I had to add this picture of my dogs. I walk my dogs almost everyday. I tell my clients I don't consider walking them exercise it is just a bonus. I have a client that will tell me she exercised because she walks her baby in the stroller. I told her that is bonus and not exercise! I walk my dogs because they love it and because I owe it to them as their owner. The bigger one in the picture sitting up is the best running partner! She will easily do a 5-7 mile run with me and then walk with the others a few miles. My dogs are the greatest! If you have dogs, don't take them to the dog park and let them run around the park while you stand around. Why not take them for a walk and get the bonus (exercise) I get everyday! Dog parks seem great in theory but they are contributing to making the population FAT! I don't need the walk, I am not trying to lose weight but I still make time to do it. I train people who are very fit (triathletes and runners) and I also train people in the gym who are wanting to get fit. It doesn't matter which category you are in you can still get the bonus exercise (it won't hurt). It may take some time away from watching TV but trust me that is OK! I have another client Carla that works at one of the local casinos here in Las Vegas. She tells me she gets some exercise because it takes her 20 minutes to get from her car to the area in the casino that she works in. I told her simply, this was not exercise, it was bonus! The bottom line is quit making exuses and get your butt in the gym and anything else you do is the extra bonus that may help contibute to making you a healthier person. BTW my dogs get carrots for their snacks, fish oils on their dog food in the morning.......they are three healthy dogs! Oh and they are some of the best looking dogs around.

I wanted to expand on one of my posts about off season training. I mentioned that it is time to do long slow training and this is correct to a point. That is not to say that you will not do any higher intensity workouts in the off season. It is always a good idea to push yourself in both off season training and close to races. Continue some interval work in all areas of triathlon training in the off season. Pushing yourself in the pool will only help you in the future. Doing a good interval workout on the bike once or twice a week is great. Incorporating intervals on the run once in a while will only help you during race season. You may not do as much in the off season but you still need to incorporate it into your training. How much will depend on your current level of fitness. If you are not fit and have not been working out at all then my suggestion might be slightly different.

I currently have my very funny Train With Cyndee Tech Shirts available on my website. I had to take a picture when 3 of my clients showed up in them to train with me at LVAC. Below is a great photo of Andrea, Anne, and Pam all in Train With Cyndee shirts! Thanks for representing!

If you like these you can email and I can get you one. They are also available on my website

The client in the center of the photo finished her first half marathon at the Vegas R&R Half. She was so excited she signed up for the Surf City Half in February in Huntington Beach CA. She got me to sign up too. Several others I coach or have coached in the past are now going to do it. Josh, Nancy, Denny, Adan, Anne and me are all planning on going for the race. It should be fun.

While surfing the Internet over the weekend I came across a really good article on proper running technique. I thought I would include it in my blog because I think almost anyone who runs could benefit from it. I found it on It is by another coach named Rich Strauss an associate of Joe Friel. Below is the article as it showed up on the trifuel site. The best thing I got from this article was to go through the checklist periodically when your running. I tend to run and let my mind wander, when I should really be thinking about my form. I did a 6 mile run this morning and just focused on a shorter stride. Anyway hopefully you will get some good information from it like I did. So here it is:

Proper Running Form
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Source: Rich StraussBio, More Articles
Many people believe that you are born with either good or bad running form, and that there is little that you can do to change it. We have all seen "natural runners," and envy their fluidity and grace. But by knowing a little bit about the physics of running and trying to adopt some of the common traits of all "good" runners, it is possible to improve on what you're stuck with.
Physics: Your body's center of gravity is in your midsection. Any force that is applied to the ground in front of this center gravity acts as a braking force to your forward movement. Picture a runner with an exaggerated running stride. Every time he plants his heel forward of his body, he applies a braking force, slowing himself down. In addition, before he is able to apply force to the ground and move his body forward for the next stride, he must wait until his body has moved directly over his foot. If you look at the form of most good runners, you will see that their feet strike the ground directly beneath their body. Running with this shortened stride is also characterized by a "mid-foot" strike (not on the heel, not on the toes, but at about the ball of the foot) and a high cadence, or "quick feet."
System Checklist
Now, having said all of this, don't watch me run. My wife Sue says that rather than run, I "lumber." But she also says I've gotten much better. This is my "System Checklist" that I use to critique my running form as I run. I start with my head and work down my body.
Head: Neutral position, don't look or down. Try to think of centering your head on your shoulders. Face muscles are relaxed and loose. Try to feel your facing bouncing with each stride. Sunglasses and a hat always help.
Shoulders: Relaxed, loose, but not "hunched forward." Think of "running proud" with your shoulders back, but don't try to actually pull them back. This creates muscle tension and is a waste of energy. Any forward lean must be supported by your lower back, changes your center of gravity, and results in wasted energy.
Arms: Any excessive side to side motion, or swinging across your body is a waste of energy. Try to think of everything moving in a straight line and in one direction: forward. Keep your elbows in and bring your arms up in a straight motion. Hands should be relaxed and loosely cupped.
Hips: Very important. This is the home of your center of gravity. Try to run with your hips forward. Pretend as if you have a rope tied around your waist and someone is pulling you forward with it.
Feet: I changed from a heel striker to a mid-foot striker and I'm convinced that this has kept me injury free. Try it if you want, but just beware. But regardless of how you plant your foot, you can try to plant it directly under your body and your center of gravity. Try running with a quick cadence of 88-90+. Simply count the number of times that your left foot strikes the ground in one minute. It will feel strange at first, but if you practice enough it will become second nature. Also, think "quick feet." Try to make as short as possible the time that your foot is on the ground. I've gone from 82 rpm at my IM pace to 90+. One of the most satisfactory compliments I've ever gotten in a race is when a spectator said "good cadence" to me at mile 25.5 at IM California. I spent a lot of time working on this and its nice to see it paid off.
Miscellaneous: Limit your vertical oscillation: run forward, not up and down. Try this trick: run with a hat and pull the brim down to just over you eyes, so that it takes up half of your vision. Run, look forward, and try to keep the brim of your hat steady on the horizon.
Count your cadence: just like counting your strokes in the pool, I have found that the act of counting my cadence on the run focuses my mind on my running form. Every 5 minutes or so I'll do my little system check above, and then count my cadence. It keeps me in the game and prevents my mind from wandering.
Not good runner, but I'm trying.
Rich StraussFounder, Crucible FitnessRich is a Joe Friel Ultrafit Associate, an Ironman World Championship Finisher, a USAT certified coach, and the founder of the Pasadena Triathlon Club in Pasadena, CA. Rich has personally trained over 250 Ironman finishers since 2001, and helped thousands more coach themselves more effectively through his training articles and active discussion forum. His endurance training company, Crucible Fitness, offers a range of personalized coaching and performance services, including FIST certified bike fitting and metabolic analysis with the NewLeaf system. He also sells affordable half and full Iron distance training plans through TrainingPeaks. Visit for a complete list of services.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rock And Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon and Full Marathon Recap and 23 miler recap!

Have you ever heard of a 23 mile marathon. Read on and you will hear about my version of one! December 6th was the inaugural R&R Las Vegas Half and Full Marathon. I had a number of clients doing both distances and I was doing the Full. I will recap my day and then let you know how all my clients did!

The morning was very cold in the 30's. This years course was new and actually went right in front of my housing complex on Hacienda. This proved to be a critical factor in my overall performance! I was getting a ride to the marathon because I only live about 3 miles from the start. I planned on taking a cab home after the race. My goal was to finish in a PR of 3:35. My best time in a marathon was 3:39. Even though I wanted to PR, I did not have as many long runs as I would have liked. I did have a ton of base from running a lot this year. I completed a 50-mile in August and another marathon in May. I knew the part of the course going from the strip to Durango was going to make it a bit challenging to pull off a 3:35. I was in corral number 4. They had 29 corrals and I was getting annoyed when I saw people in the wrong corrals. If you are supposed to be in 7 or 8 don't come to 4! This is a small little thing that bugs me. Your corral is designated by your estimated finishing time. Basically the faster people in front and slower in the back. So at 6:15 we were off and running. I decided to carry a watter bottle in one of those things made by Fuel Belt that enables you to hold it without really gripping it. I have used these all year when I was training and during my 50 miler. This was the first time I used one in a marathon (and the last by the way). I felt awesome for the first half through mile 13 my time was 1:45. I was right on track. I threw away my water bottle at about mile 10 because my shoulders were feeling it. I slowed down on the uphill portion of the course but not too bad. At mile 16 I passed my house for the first time. At about 18 my shoulders were feeling it and I slowed more but I was sure I could still do 3:40ish. Then I started seems so silly to run 3 miles past my house only to wait for a cab to bring me back home! I kept thinking that over and over until I got to the turnaround on Hacienda. Then I was more on track to do a 3:45-55ish. I decided (pretty easily I must say) to stop at my house at mile 23. I went home ate two packages of top ramen (I don't recommend anyone do this it is not very healthy!) I really wanted something warm! Then I took a warm bath to thaw! I was so cold. In reflecting on this race, I don't think I was ever really excited about doing this race in the first place. I waited until the very last minute to sign up. I am glad I didn't finish because I heard it was like a two hour wait for a cab! The best part was all the text messages asking me how I did. When I told people I stopped at mile 23 because I was home they would text me back and say "really or r u kiddn?" I would say 90% of people said this and I was like yes I really did stop! Some said "u only had 3 miles 2 go and u just stopped?" I replied, "YES!" I guess if you know me well you know that I don't usually do things like that. It proves to everyone (ANNE and ROBERT) that I am human. I couldn't resist the temptation of my home!

Now let me talk about some really great things that happened yesterday. A couple people I train finished the Half and Full. For some it was their FIRST time running in an event. It is always really exciting to see and hear about someone finishing their first event. I have a client named Anne (who I mentioned above). Anne always says that I am just not human because of what I do (Ironman, 50mile runs etc). For almost a year I have been trying to get her to either do a triathlon or a running event. She has actually trained for several things but didn't actually do them. She likes training for them but doing them freaks her out. So she was going to do the half marathon. She didn't actually sign up online so I was doubtful all the way to the end that she would actually do it! She went to the expo Friday and signed up! I was so excited but as she has said many times she has no problem signing up and then not doing it. So I was still worried all the way until she showed up at my house race day morning! I was so excited when she did show up! She ended up finishing in something like 2:35! Outstanding job!

Alam is another client I have and he was running the Full. He came to me ONLY 2 months ago and wanted to run in the marathon. I was not thrilled because he really did not give himself enough time to train for a Full. He really wanted to do it so I started him on a program. Alam followed the training and finished in something like 4:21! That is excellent.

Several others that I coach and people I know did great. Kit finished in a record time for her and did an outstanding job! Gabriella and Heather finished in just over 2 hours for the Half! Sheletha who was injured had to walk the Half but finished and got her medal!

The race was much better organized than last years Vegas Marathon. The new company putting on the event does a great job with a few exceptions. I guess on the Half Marathon course they ran out of water! This a ridiculous thing to happen in a marathon or half. Everyone is paying OVER $100 to enter and there is 27,000 people running AT LEAST HAVE ENOUGH WATER. I guess they also ran out of GU. They will most likely send out questionnaires so please fill them out and give them feedback so next year can be even better.

Everyone is on a high and hopefully will start thinking ahead toward their next event. I trained Heather today in the gym and she wants to do the Full Marathon in May in San Diego (which by the way is a great race).

So even though it was not my day what makes it a great day is knowing everyone I trained finished and felt the feeling of finishing their first race.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Race of the Year And Some of My Favorite Things!

Next weekend is the Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon. I waited until today to finalize my registration. I must say this year has been a great year that included a lot of running! Even though I did not train exactly as I should have for the Vegas marathon I have a ton of mileage for the year under my belt. I did my first 50-mile run in August. You can read all about it in one of my first blog posts. I started the year training for Boston but ended up not doing it because of an injury and running the R&R Marathon in San Diego instead. 2011 will be my Boston year! I hope to finish the Vegas Marathon in 3:35 which is 4 minutes faster than my PR. Four minutes seems like nothing but it really would be amazing if I could pull it off. I plan to go see my friend Dr. Satterlee at Biomechanics of Las Vegas - for some last minute tune ups! He does a thing called ART (Active Release Therapy) on me that is amazing. I have a few issues in my hip and it has been very beneficial to see him periodically and before a race. He is also a triathlete so he understands the body better than other Chiropractors.

With the Holiday season coming I wanted to talk about some of my favorite things. If you are an endurance athlete then forward this page to your family and friends and maybe it will give them some ideas about what to get you for Christmas. So listen up!
  1. Zoot Running Shoes! These are the best shoes I have found. I like the Ultra TT. You can see all the shoes at
  2. The Book Born To Run. This book was amazing I recommend it to runners and non runners both!
  3. The Book Ultra Marathon Man. Another great book for anyone even if you don't run!
  4. Garmin 305 - this is easy to use and one of the best tools you can train with! They have great prices on
  5. ProBar is the best bar out there. They can be found at Whole Foods or
  6. for girls that are really FAST on bikes. They have cycle jerseys and shorts and cute t-shirts. They are awesome!
  7. CompuTrainer - OK this one is slightly more expensive but it is one of the best things I have for training. I could not live without mine!
  8. Fuel Belts are really cool but even better than the waist belt are the palm holders. This year training for the 50 mile run I came across these and use them now instead of the belt. You can carry one in each hand.
  9. Hammer Nutrition Heed is my favorite electrolyte drink. It is lower in calories and has a very mild taste.
  10. Muscle Trac is great for working out knots in legs, hips, low back, and calves. You can see this great gadget at
  11. TYR Split Fins are my absolute favorite swimming accessory! I use these in my warm up and when doing specific drills.
  12. Running Diva's clothing. I know this is another thing just for girls but I have a shirt from them that I love. It says Freakishly Strong! The pants I have say run, eat, sleep, run. I found them during the time I was training for my 50 mile run and it definitly fit at the time. You can find their stuff at

Those are a few of my favorite things and for the most part I use them all on a regular basis.

The last thing I want to talk about is some classes that I teach on a regular basis. I teach the following classes weekly:

Swim 101 and Swim Mechanics at LVAC Rainbow on Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-7pm

Spin LVAC Rainbow - Saturday 1:30

Spin Summerlin Agassi 24 Hour Fitness on Wednesday at Noon and Sunday 8am

Only for December I will be teaching the Monday Spin Class at the LVAC on Flamingo/215 at 6:45pm

After the marathon on the 6th I will be doing weekend rides and anyone is free to ride along with me. The ride is usually moderate pace about 16-18mph up near Red Rock.

In January I will be coaching a run group on Saturday mornings leaving from BioMechanics of Las Vegas on Pecos and 215. More details to follow!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ironman St. George Training Weekend!

If you are planning on doing Ironman St. George in May 2010 then read on...............

Thursday 11/14/09, I left Vegas and drove to St. George Utah for the weekend. I am signed up to do Ironman St. George in May of next year. I am already thinking about how my training will be planned out for this race. When I saw they were having a weekend training camp, I couldn't pass it up. I arrived in the evening and met everyone that will be at the weekend camp. I am was not so excited to ride the course in the cold weather. I am a true wimp when it comes to cold weather. I would rather go for a 4 hour run then ride the course on Saturday. I do want to see the course so I will have to just buddle up! It will be so beneficial to ride on the course prior to racing it. I plan to come up here several times to ride this course before the actual event. It will be a huge advantage in this race. If anyone is interested in riding in Utah over the next 6 months then make sure you email me ( I am sure I will need people willing to ride the course with me. I have several clients that will be doing the race so I assume they will want to ride it as well.

Lets talk about the bike course! Seriously, it has got to be one of the hardest Ironman courses or close to one of the hardest! There are three really big climbs and a lot of really small rolling hills. It will be critical on this course to pace yourself on the climbs and not blow up. You will have two loops and have to complete the hard hills two times. Training on hills will be very important for this course. Some people were debating on road or tri bike but the overall consensus was a tri bike. The coach leading the camp suggested if you have back issues then it might be a good idea to consider a road bike. For most people a tri bike will be best for this course. That way you can take advantage of the downhills in a good aero position. The camp was lead by coaches from Endurance Corner. The main coach was Gordon Byrn. He was super knowledgeable about training and had great advice for this course. I would highly recommend other camps that he offers if you are looking to step up your training to the next level. The link to their website is

So lets talk about the run. Did I say to pace yourself on the bike? Yes you better, not only because this is an Ironman and you should anyway but you will need everything you can save in your legs for this very hilly run course. There are lots of hills! The up and down are going to kill your legs and there is two loops. There is no question this run course is very hard.

Overall the weekend was valuable. It is the first time I will be able to train on a Ironman course before racing it. The most important thing for me on this course will be to hold back on the bike on the hills. I have the tendency to push hard to get up the hills but that will not be wise on this course given the fact that the run course is so hard.

I met a lot of really nice people at the camp. As I said before the coaches were all super knowledgeable and had great advice for this course specifically. I met a lady named Julie who has an awesome website called I got a riding kit from her and she also has shirts on her website. It is very cool! I will be wearing it next time I ride so all you boys watch out!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The End of the Season and Planning Your Next Season

Today was the Silverman Triathlon in Las Vegas. Congratulations to all the finishers. It was a great race day and Frank Lowery always puts on an amazing race. Nancy Dickenson who is a client of mine and a trainer for Real Results Fitness had a great performance. She finished 8th overall for females in something like 5:30ish. The exact results are not in yet.

Finally the end of the 2009 Triathlon season. Most of the races for 2009 are over and it is now time to take it easy for a few weeks if you don't have an upcoming event. If you recently just had your last race, take a few easy weeks. Then it is a great time to build your base. That means long slow training. It is also a great time to add another day of strength training into your program. Off season is the perfect time to try and put back the little muscle you may have lost during the triathlon season.

As a coach one of the toughest things is getting through to people that less is better. That goes for training and racing. When I have clients that give me the races they want to do sometimes I cringe and have to tell them to eliminate some. Do you want to perform average at a bunch of races or have your best race at a few key races? It is important to pick one or two A races then a few B or C races. These all must be strategically planned for optimum performance. Just think of all the money you will save in race fees if you plan your season right! If you are taking on your first Ironman race it is important to focus on your training rather than racing. If you are able to plan a half prior to your Ironman that is great. The question is, will you race it as if you are training or will you kill yourself? It is very hard for someone who is a competitive person to race it as a training day! If that is the case you are better off having a good training day and not do the half. If you are in the first few years of your triathlon career, it will take you much longer to recover from a race. Someone who has been racing longer typically will recover faster. Be smart in your planning! Remember less is most likely better when it comes to racing. This past year I took on a new adventure. I did my first 50-mile run. For the first time in several years I did not do a full Ironman distance race. I wanted to do one but I knew that to train right for both would be too much. I planned my season knowing that if I did both I would likely be over trained, get injured, be burnt out, and not have my best performance. I was so thankful that I planned it that way. The 50-mile run took so much more out of me than I anticipated. If you have any questions about planning your season feel free to email me at

For those of you that are doing the Las Vegas Marathon it is very close! I will be running it and have several clients running either the half or full.

My next post is going to be about some of my favorite things related to training. Stay tuned because it will be a great post to forward to your family for hints about what to get you for Christmas!

Lastly if you happen to read some of the comments on the blog, I need to tell you this crazy guy named DAN is my brother. He has always wanted to be as fit as me but has never been able to achieve it. He wishes he could run, swim or bike like me and he will always try to be better but never will! As you might guess we are somewhat competitive and either of us will get a dig in anyway we can! We really do love each other:) DAN get to the gym and stop eating junk food!

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hardest Workout EVER!

Today I did the hardest workout in a long time and it wasn't even planned! Some of the best workouts catch me by surprise. I was finishing with a client expecting another client in about 30 minutes. So I told Michelle, the client I was with at the time, that I would do a little cardio with her. I said let's start by doing the revolving stair climber (most gyms have these big beasts) for one minute then run one lap. Then we would work our way up the ladder, 2 minutes, 2 laps, 3 minutes, 3 laps etc. The shorter intervals like 1 and 2 minute were at higher intensity. Michelle was done at 3 minutes and 3 laps. I kept going, and as it turned out my client ended up not coming. I didn't have another client till 9:30 so this gave me some time. I ended up working up to doing 9 minutes and 9 laps. The total for the workout was 45 minutes on the stair climber and 45 laps (about 8 miles). When I got to the longer intervals I had to slow the pace for both the run and StairMaster. I did not hold on while on the StairMaster (read my previous blog about this pet peeve of mine) at all and I kept it at level 10 or higher. It was pretty tough. You could modify the workout if you don't have a track to treadmill. Several variations of this workout might look like this:

1 minute stair climber, 1 minute track - very high intensity
2 minute stairs, 2 minute treadmill - high intensity
3 minute stairs, 3 minute treadmill - high intensity
4 minute stairs, 4 minute treadmill - high intensity
5 minute stairs, 5 minute treadmill - high intensity
Go all the way to 10 minutes for each and lower pace to moderate intensity!
You could start at 10 minutes and work your way down the ladder to one minute for another variation of the workout.
You could do the same on the track just do 1 lap for each minute on the StairMaster. This option will require more running because one lap of the track at LVAC is longer than one minute on the treadmill.
If you can do this all the way to 10 minutes you are awesome. I got to 9 minutes and it took just over 2 hours. If anyone does this let me know what you thought. It was a good workout and broke up the fact that I had to run 8 miles. That revolving step mill is also a great workout for your glutes!

I also want to talk about what to eat before you workout. It seems like this week several people have come to train with me and have gotten dizzy and lightheaded because they did not fuel their bodies properly before training. What you put into your body will definitely impact your training. If you talk to anyone who trains with me in the gym you will know it is no joke. They are tough workouts! Typically this is the way it goes with newer clients. I will say to them did you eat this morning? The client might say, "well no but I will be OK." I give them the talk about eating before training and I say that I don't think they will be OK. They say, "Oh no I will be OK, I have never passed out." About 10 minutes later they start to look kind of grey and spacey. Then I will ask them how they are feeling. They will say a little dizzy. I say, "Oh I could have told you this was going to happen." Then I go get them orange juice, Gatorade, or fruit and send them home. No matter how many times I tell someone to eat before they workout, they think they are the exception to the rule and don't need to eat.
If you are working out first thing in the morning you should wake up in time to eat something before you leave. Some great options are oatmeal, fruit, or yogurt. The options will vary depending on what your goals are. If you are looking to lose weight and eliminating dairy then the yogurt would not be an option. Some people can't seem to eat before working out without getting nauseated. For these people I suggest trying one of the energy gels that people use when running. Some good ones are made by Hammer Nutrition or GU. If you train in the evening then try and have your last snack or meal about 60-90 minutes before you plan on working out. Don't eat foods high in fat before your working out. Don't eat really heavy meals before training. Make sure your last snack or meal leading up to your workout contains some complex carbohydrates. I am only suggesting a small serving such as 1/4 to 1/2 yam, brown rice, or oatmeal. Hopefully this will clear up confusion when working out. If you workout after work it is essential to plan your meals throughout the day properly. You need to have good meal timing. Getting the timing of your meals right will have a major impact on your workout!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Stupid Things People Do!

A few weeks back I wrote about the things people do in the gym that annoy me. I need to expand on that post and talk about things in life that people do that annoy me. I decided today that I am no longer going to just ignore the stupid things people do. I am actually going to say something. I just finished a run with my dogs. I was coming from a side street near Jones and Russell. As I was getting to Jones this small dog came running across the street from an open garage. There was a guy in the garage moving stuff around. The dog ran across the street and when it saw me and my dogs it ran back to the garage. I thought to myself, how stupid this guy is that he just lets his dog run in the street with no regard for its safety. It could get hit by a car or worse eaten by my dog Daisy! Daisy is not the friendliest dog! Thankfully the dog did not approach us. So I debated for a second before saying anything. Then I couldn't help myself. I said, "You should not let your dog run in the street! It could get hit by a car and my dogs are not friendly with other dogs!" He said, "Oh I am sorry." I thought to myself that he was a stupid person who has no business owning a dog! People who know me know I am a animal lover. I see people who have dogs and wonder why they have them. They are outside or in the garage the entire time. I don't understand why someone would get a pet if they did not want the company of it, in the house. My dogs have all access to my house!
Earlier in the day I was swimming at Las Vegas Athletic Club. I have mentioned before how I get really annoyed by people who randomly jump in the pool and start swimming without telling anyone they are in the lanes. Many times this has resulted in a head on collision in the pool! Some really overweight lady dressed in a DRESS (hopefully with a swimsuit under it) jumped in the pool and thinks she is going to just start swimming in my lane! I said, "what do you think you are doing?" I was going to swim laps is what she said. Then she said I will swim behind you (in the same lane not swimming circles). I said, "No, I don't think so that is not how it works!" HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO STUPID? It made me think back to when I first started swimming in a gym pool. I was not really sure of the rules. So I observed a little before I got in the pool to see what everyone else was doing. What is so difficult about this? Then I inquired to others who were swimming about what was right and wrong. It was not a hard thing to do. It bothers me that people are so stupid and don't really think about what they are doing! I am not sure how they make it through life being that ignorant! What type of job must they have?
I could go on and on but I will only bore you with a few more stupid things I have witnessed in the last two days. Yesterday I was running on the track at the gym. I always see people doing exercises at the gym that makes me cringe! It is all I can do not to say anything to them. Like why are you doing that? What are you trying to accomplish? One thing that I always see is people doing cardio on the StairMaster. They have it set at like the highest level that it will go. Wow they must be really fit! NO NOT REALLY because they are hanging their entire upper body on the machine. If you are one of these people LOWER the level and don't hold on and your workout will be much more efficient. When I was running on the track every time I came around the track by the StairMaster, I see this lady laying on the handles AND reading a book on the revolving StairMaster! First of all if you can read while doing any cardio something is wrong. If you are working like you should, you will not be able to focus on reading! Second get off the handles! Then right next to her is this guy on the treadmill that has it going really fast. He is running for like a second then holds on to the rails and lets his feet skim the top of the treadmill for longer than he was actually running! Where do people think of this stuff? Then there are the people who walk or run on the treadmill and hold on to the panel. This drives me nuts. Especially if they get next to me when I am running!
Maybe I will be more vocal and say something more often when I see people doing stupid things!
It felt good to say something to the guy with the dog today!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race Recap

Yesterday was the Pumpkinman triathlon in Las Vegas. We had really great weather for race day. I debated until the day before the race if I was going to do the Half. I was feeling sick all week with cold like symptoms. Friday morning I woke up and felt amazing. I checked to see if I could sign up at packet pick up on Friday. When I found out I could I was off to sign up! I got my race number and paid my $200 and was ready to go. I brought the wrong shoes to leave in transition but it was not a huge mistake. They were not my number one choice of Zoot shoes to wear for the race. I forgot to grab the ones I wanted so I had to leave the shoes I had on. After I picked up my packet I had a few more clients to train so I went back to the gym. Around 4pm I started to develop a cough. I was a little concerned because it seemed to be getting worse. On my way home I stopped and got some night time and day time cough medicine. I was thinking I would take some before bed and in the morning if I still had the cough. Keep in mind I had been taking NyQuil all week. This is for sure a problem going into a Half Ironman distance race on a pretty hot day. I was basically dehydrated going into the race. I realized this when I got out of the water and was really thirsty already! My swim was OK at about 35 minutes. I was riding my new P3 for only the 3rd time. I did not have time to try out my Zipp wheels so I opted not to use them. I felt pretty good all the way out to the 10 mile turn except for the fact that I was drinking a lot cause I was so thirsty. When we turned at the 10 mile point then it got hard. The wind seemed to pick up and the hills out there are pretty tough. Then don't forget at the end of the ride we have something like a 5 mile climb to Boulder City! It is a ridiculous hard course! I have done the Half at Buffalo Springs and Wildflower both of which are really tough courses. I would say the bike on this course compares pretty closely to those! I guess I was in second place going into the run. They changed this course from last year so I was really confused and nobody seemed to know what the course was. As it turned out we had to run a two loop course of the Olympic distance. That meant going all the way back to the finish only to turn around for another 6.5 miles. At this point I felt so bad and was coughing up really gross stuff! I was so tempted to say screw it and go in. As I got to the turn around I saw the girl ahead of me. She said to me its all you go ahead. I said I don't know about that because I feel pretty bad. She said, "well I have two screws in my ankle so I think you can do it." And off I went to run another 6.5 miles of hell. In the end I finished in 6:07. That is a lot slower than my best Half time but I did manage to hang on to first place and 7th overall. Keep in mind there were only like 70 or so participants in this event. The first place prize was a GOBE solar panel briefcase and battery pack! For someone this might be really cool but I am pretty sure I will never use it. So if anyone is interested in getting one really cheap then let me know! You can see them at this website: I guess if you like to camp or stuff like that they are really cool. Definitely not something I will be using but thanks BBSC anyway!

Several people did the event and had really good results too. You can find results at the following website:
Leslie Shurmer completed her first triathlon and finished the sprint distance. Earl Hopkins did his second sprint triathlon! Great job to both of them. Nancy and Denny both Real Results trainers, had great races. Nancy was 4th in her age group and 8th overall for the Olympic (and she ran almost a mile too far). Denny won his age group for the sprint! So it was a good day all around!

The next event to look forward to is The Silverman Half and Full and then The Las Vegas Half and Full Marathon. They are coming up quick! The triathlon season is winding down and it will be time to plan 2010! I will talk about that in an upcoming blog so stay tuned.

The track and hill workouts will resume next week. I will keep everyone posted! Congratulations to everyone for a great race yesterday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Upcoming Events and Last Weekends Events

The Pumpkinman race is finally here. It will be this weekend in Las Vegas. I am still on the fence about doing the Half distance. I think I should decide soon! Fortunatly, I train pretty hard year around so if I do it, I will manage. I knew all along I would decide at the last minute. It is not an A race so I am not so concerned about my performance. I want to do it as a training day. I have not done a half in a few years because I was more focused on the full distance. I thought I would see how I felt and make a decision at that point. My training is consistantly enough to do a half at any time.

I wanted to give some tips for this weekends race. Some things to keep in mind this weekend if it is your first triathlon:
  1. Dont try out anything new on race day! No new shoes, clothes, food, ect.
  2. Don't eat a ton of food the night before. Stay with foods you would normally eat. You don't want eat a lot of food the night before for a sprint anyway! It really is not necessary. Think about this too, if you eat a ton the night before a race then most likely it will need to come out and most likely it will happen during the race. Yes I am talking about pooping! Also try and get up early enough for a PRP before the race. (pre race poop)
  3. Make sure your chain is in easy gear when you race it in transition. You want to be able to get up the hill and not tip over right out of transition.
  4. Get in the water early and warm up a little.
  5. Pman has two transitions so you will need to drop off your run gear when you pick up your race packet. They will provide bags for the run gear. Because of the two transitions you will need to put all your swim stuff in a bag after you come out the water and before you get on your bike. They will take these bags to the finish. Your wetsuit, goggles and other stuff must be bagged up and the bag should be tied up so nothing falls out.

Good luck to everyone and have a great day!

Last week several people did the Ragnar Relay and RTC. Contratulations to Nancy and Maria for running the relay. Corey did the 118 RTC ride in 7 hours. Great job.

We will have one more short triathlon workout this Thursday at 5:30 at the Rainbow LVAC. It will be easy and the last workout before the race Saturday. Also this weekend Dean Karnazes author of Ultra Marathon Man will be at the Henderson Library. It was an excellent book so hopefully everyone can come!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bike For Sale

I recently purchased a new Cervelo P3! I rode it for the first time last week and love it. I am now selling my old tri bike. I bought it in 2004 for $5,500. It is a Quintana Roo Tyhpoon. I am selling it for $1,900. It is a 56 cm bike. It is titanium and has durace components. It has profile design bars and real design wheels. If you are interested please email me at I also have a set of 202 Zipp wheels I am thinking about selling. Here is a picture of my old bike.
This week we will do the track workout at the Rainbow LVAC on Wednesday at 6pm. Meet in the stretch area if you are interested in coming. Thursday we will do the mini tri workout at the Rainbow LVAC. If you are interested in doing this then we will start at 5:30pm on Thursday in the pool area. Bring shoes and towel to the pool to transition directly to the bike.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

I get most of the information to write about in this blog from my clients. In the past week two clients have mentioned to me about all the bad food that people bring to the workplace. I personally have not had many office jobs. From what I hear I would not ever want to have one. Apparently people bring into the office all kinds of really bad food to eat. This not good, but what makes it worse is most of the time working in an office means sitting on your butt all day. The combination of the two equal only one thing = an overweight person. So if your office is like this then you need an office intervention. Someone needs to tell whoever brings in all the crap to stop doing it. Maybe it is multiple people bringing in crap. Then tell them all! Sitting at a desk and eating crap is not only horrible for your body but what about your brain. Lets face it office jobs require more work for you mind then body and believe it or not food affects your brain. If talking to your coworkers about bringing in bad food doesn't work, then you will need to do the only thing left and that is boycott the junk. Yes that is a novel idea - don't eat it! Bring in your healthy food, feel better, and have more energy. Don't let the influence of the office bring you down. Workout before you go to work so you get a healthy start to the day. Walk or run on your lunch.......a wet one wipe down is OK! Your health is worth it. When people start asking what is wrong with you tell them you want to feel good. You are sick of the crap everyone is bringing into the office. If telling people to stop bringing in the food doesn't work then try this. Email them everyday some article about health and fitness. Leave articles on their desk about obesity and all its health risks. Bombard them with healthy stuff! When they say to you please quit doing this then say OK as soon as you quit bringing in all the crap to eat! Tell them about this great blog your reading and send them this link. STOP the madness. When someone brings in junk throw it away! Obesity is out of control in the US and we are to blame. Don't let your office make you fat or prevent you from being healthy and feeling good!

One of my clients has begun to change her eating habits. One of the things she is changing is to quit drinking alcohol. She mentioned to me that she had an event to go to this weekend and she was going to feel the pressure to drink. I said, "if you don't want to drink then don't". She said well maybe I will put water in a martini glass with an olive. Then people would think she was drinking and she wouldn't have to explain. I said, WHAT are you CRAZY! That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Then another client that heard this said no its not I have done that before. Why should we have to feel guilty for wanting to be healthy? When I go out and don't drink it seems as if others are uncomfortable because I am not drinking. It is a crazy world. If I don't want to drink I wont and nobody should care either way. That goes for everyone. If I want to eat healthy don't question why! The problem is, when we want to eat healthy others, who are not eating healthy feel guilty so they try and make us feel awkward. Maybe they do it subconsciously maybe not! I guess the bottom line is that everyone has their own mind to do what they want. Don't let others influence what you do. AND if you are one of those people bringing bad food/candy to the office then STOP! With Halloween coming up I am sure people will be bringing in candy to the office. If you are thinking about doing it, then don't. If you are a supervisor of an office or workplace then prohibit this. Your employees will be healthy, more alert, and have better performance if they are healthy. Why would you want sugary foods in the office? This type of diet only leads to poor work performance and more sick days. Why not incentivize employees for being healthy?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Las Vegas Tri and what not to do at a triathlon!

Today was the Las Vegas Triathlon. There were several athletes that I coach that did great! I don't have the final numbers in but I want to congratulate Earl and Tracey for both completing their first triathlon. Denny, Adan and Toshie also finished the race and looked great at the end. Once again good job to everyone. It was a lot of fun being a spectator and cheering everyone on. While watching everyone I noticed a lot of things that you should NOT do in a triathlon. Some of these were done by my clients and some were random people I don't know.

  1. Getting to the race on time, leaving yourself plenty of time to get settled BUT not getting there too early. Some of you know Denny (he is a Real Results Trainer). He is also a really great triathlete. I think he was like 6 or 7th overall today. He had to be the first person setting up in transition this morning. He must have gotten there like at 5am (too early). Earl on the other hand, the client I mentioned that finished his first triathlon today was on the opposite end of the spectrum. He got there so late he had to set up outside of transition because there was not enough room. Keep in mind I sent him a text last night telling him to get there early and not rush! I picked up a client named Adan and took him to the race and he got there at JUST THE RIGHT TIME! We arrived about 6:30am. His wave was going off at 7:40. The Half just started as we got there. Olympic was starting at 7am. This gave him plenty of time to set up, relax, and check out the transition in and out.
  2. Swimming straight is very important because if you don't swim straight you could end of swimming an extra 200 or so meters. I coached Tracey a month or so for this event and she is not a great swimmer. She did kick butt on the bike and run. I saw her swimming in a completely wrong direction. Sighting drills in the pool help with this and getting to the lake and practicing sighting on the buoys help. Tracey did a great job just finishing the swim being that she did not give herself a lot of time to prepare for this event. Great job Tracey next time I know you will only swim the designated distance!
  3. Take off your bike helmet when you go to the run! OK this was not one of my clients. It was pretty funny. I wish I would have gotten a picture of this. This guy came out of transition heading to the run with his bike helmet on! NOTE TO SELF TAKE OFF BIKE HELMET WHEN RUNNING!
  4. If you change your shirt for the run (which I don't recommend) put it on the right way. This also was not one of my clients. Some guy came out of transition with hands up in the air yelling yeah! He was so excited to be on the run. The tag from his shirt was in the front. His shirt was inside out and on backwards!
  5. Make sure you are in a small gear when you rack your bike! I must have seen at least 5 people that tipped over when getting on their bike going up the hill. None of these were my clients thankfully. Always rack your bike and put it in an easy gear. Also check to make sure your brakes are not rubbing against your wheel.
  6. Don't suddenly sprint across the finish line unless it is for the win! There are some people that suddenly feel the need to act like idiots and run so fast across the finish line rushing in front of other people. First of all most of these people are not winning anything and probably ran a 12 minute mile for the race. Then suddenly they need to knock everyone over by sprinting at the end. It is really stupid unless your going to WIN!
  7. The last thing I will talk about is your race packet. Don't lose it - ADAN! Yes, Adan lost his packet with race number and swim cap. He most likely left it at the restaurant he ate at the night before the race. Adan also lost ONE of his new running shoes last month. He thinks he threw it away on accident. How does someone do that? I told him he needs to get organized!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Is The Little Things!

I have mentioned before, that I do personal training and triathlon coaching. It is so much fun to see someone complete their first Triathlon, Ironman, or Marathon. All of these are huge accomplishments. The average person couldn't even think about running 26.2 miles or better yet, running that far after a 112 mile bike ride AND 2.4 mile swim. As amazing as that may seem, I see even more amazing things everyday when I train people in the gym. Let me expand on this statement.
Last week I had three pretty amazing things that I witnessed at the gym. The first was when a client came in and said she was below 150lbs for the first time in a very long time. This was a big deal for her and I was extremely happy for her. She feels and looks amazing. The second great thing that happened last week, happened to a client of mine named Andrea. She has lost a considerable amount of weight (before I started training her so I can't take credit for that). She was overweight most of her life. Introducing new exercises to her has been a challenge. She does not like to do anything new or out of her comfort zone. Getting her to do push-ups was huge. She can now do them pretty good! We have discussed jogging and she refused to do it. She actually ran 2 laps around the gym on the track. She did it without stopping at all! It was great to see her running and NOW have the confidence to know that she can do it. The mind is a funny thing because it holds us back far more than our physical abilities do. I know you might be thinking, both these things are minor compared to a client who would do a Triathlon, Ironman or Marathon. To me as a personal trainer and coach these milestones in clients lives are just as big as any sporting event! The last really cool thing that happened was Saturday. I got a phone call from a guy I did not know. He wanted to know when I would be at the gym because he wanted to talk to me. I just happened to be pulling in so I met him at the front of the gym. I was thinking it was someone trying to sell me someone or a religious freak trying to convert me. It turned out to be one of my clients boyfriends. He handed me a card and said Thank You! I said for what? He said Karla got up for the first time in years on her water ski's! She did have enough strength to pull her up and they had been trying forever. It was a huge moment in their lives when she finally got up! It was so important to him that she accomplished this, that he came out of his way to give me a Thank You card and gift certificate (for Whole Foods - YUM)!
I thought about my previous week yesterday when someone asked me if I like what I do. I thought about all of these major things that happen to my clients daily. I don't know how I worked in the corporate world for so long and missed out on this job!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Weekends Race and Track Workout

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish everyone luck this weekend at the Mountain Man Event at Lake Mead! I swam with Earl and Tracey today and they felt like Michael Phelps in their wetsuit!
This week is Interbike in Las Vegas so I am lucky to be able to go look at all the new stuff! There is a cyclocross event at Dessert Breeze Park Wednesday night so we will not have a scheduled track workout. If you are free I would encourage you to come to the cyclocross event. I heard last year it was pretty cool to watch. I will post a track workout here and if anyone wants to complete it on their own they can. We will do the hill repeat workout next Wednesday!
We will still do the mini triathlon in the gym on Thursday night. It was a lot of fun last weekend so I encourage everyone who works out at LVAC Rainbow to come (well not everyone because that would be too many, but you know what I mean). If you are doing the race this weekend we will have a short version and you can use your wetsuit. Be there at 5:30pm.
The track workout is below. Keep in mind one lap is a lap around the LVAC track. If your on an outdoor track it will be a little longer of a workout.

Warm up with 5 laps easy. Before you begin jogging do some active stretches kicking your legs front to back and side to side.

Complete 2 laps doing surges every 10 seconds pick up the pace then easy for 10 seconds. Do this for the entire 2 laps

10 laps total
alternating one lap very fast one lap very easy even start the easy lap by walking do this 5x for a total of 10 laps
12 laps total
alternate two laps very fast one lap very easy same as above but complete two laps fast two easy total 3x
Complete 2 laps doing surges every 10 seconds same as when you started
Cooldown with 5 laps very easy walking the last lap.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Gym Etiquette

I want to talk about a few things that really bug me! I guess you could call it gym etiquette. I am a trainer at LVAC (Las Vegas Athletic Club) as well as a triathlon coach. It amazes me every day how rude, inconsiderate and just plain stupid people are in the gym. I am going to list some things that you should NOT do at the gym. These are basic things that I would think most people know, but let me tell you everyday, I see idiots doing these things.

  1. Lift weights right in front of the dumbbell rack. People do this all the time. Then, when I need to get a dumbbell they look at me like I am bothering them. STEP BACK ABOUT 6 STEPS!

  2. Remove your weight from machines after using them. I am amazed that some guys put 100's of pounds on leg press and other machines and then walk away from the machine without taking the weight off. If you put 10lb's or 500lb's on a machine, take it off when your done!

  3. Carry a towel and wipe off your sweat from machines. Come on, this is really basic common sense!

  4. Don't spit on the track, in the pool, in the steam room, actually ANYWHERE, it is gross!

  5. Talk really loud on your phone! This is annoying!

  6. In the lap pool don't just get in and swim in the same lane as someone else! Make sure you get the persons attention and ask "Can we swim circles". Then you can swim counter clock circles and not directly into each other. Also don't walk in the lap pool. It is for swimming laps!

  7. Too much cologne or perfume is gross when you are working out. LVAC is a huge gym. There are two people that I can smell clear across the gym when they are there. There is one guy that has on so much cologne and it smells so bad it grosses me out. Then in the morning this girl has on so much patchouli oil that I gag.

  8. Wash your gym clothes on a regular basis. This goes for guys mostly. Sometimes I get a whiff of mildewy smelling clothes and it is gross. Can they not smell themselves?

  9. If you think you may leave a spin class early DON'T get the bike right in front! Need I say more?

  10. Clipping nails, puma stoning feet, and blow drying your crotch are all things you should not do in the locker room! And what about those people who sit on the benches without anything on? Gross! Then there are the people who need to get ready while they are naked. Can you not get dressed, then blow dry your hair and put your make up on? Most of the time these are the really overweight people too!

  11. Sleeping on the bench in the pool area? REALLY

  12. Jumping jacks and sit-ups in the steam or sauna? RIDICULOUS
  13. Grunting? If your grunting lighten the weight!
  14. Looking at yourself in the mirror a lot. Checking for zits or whatever! These are the people not in the locker room but out on the gym floor.

I feel much better getting that off my chest. I am sure I could go on but I those 14 top my list. If you think of any more really annoying things comment on this or email me at!

Finally the custom triathlon apparel is IN! Real Results Fitness is on the front. The back of the top has my Coach Cyndee logo. The side of the shorts has Las Vegas Athletic Club. The back of the shorts has BioMechanics of Las Vegas. Here is a picture of the top and bottom. They will be available on

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today was a tough workout. I did a 50 mile ride that included the Red Rock loop (which is pretty hilly) and then had to teach spin class. I took way too much time off the bike this last year and I am trying hard to get my endurance back. The bike is my strength of the three events in the triathlon and I am usually strong on hills. A good bike fit is so important. I really need to go and get fit on both my bikes again. I have sent several of my clients to the Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale AZ. They are the BEST when it comes to getting a good fit. They will give you good recommendations for the right type of bike for your body. There website is I had a client that purchased a Cervelo P2 and went to the Bicycle Ranch to get fit. This client is very tall and his bike was a 61 (I think). When he got there the guy working named Chris, told him he had the wrong bike for him to properly fit. In fact it was impossible to fit him right on this bike. He could do a fit and get him in the best position for that bike, but in the end it was not a good bike for him. He ended up buying a custom Guru. He is one of the few tall men riding a tri bike that actually looks like he should. Next time I ride with him I will take a picture of him on his bike and post it. I can tell I need to get re-fit on my bike. I am having issues with my saddle. It is a good idea to get re-fit on your bike periodically. It is time for me to take my own advice and get re-fit!

There were a few of my clients racing this weekend. Nancy Dickensen is a client I recently started coaching and she did the Olympic distance race at Lake Las Vegas today and finished first place overall female finisher! Congratulations to Nancy. Nancy is an excellent swimmer and runner and has recently been trying to improve her bike skills. Her next big race is the Silverman Half. Good Luck! Nancy is a trainer with the same company I work for and that is Real Results (

Maria Cleveland is another client that got third place in her age group at the 1/2 Marathon in Big Bear. She did an excellent job on a very challenging course. Her next race is the Mt. Charleston hill climb and I am confident she will do great. Biking is her strength so I expect big things next weekend! Good Luck with the hill climb.

Sandra Michaels another client had her best time at a 5K race. She beat her previous time by almost 4 minutes. I train Sandra as part of the Real Results program. She has her last 10 pounds to lose and is training for the RTC 30 mile ride next month and the 1/2 Marathon in December. I would say she is well on her way to losing those last ten and becoming more fit! Great job this weekend. It just goes to show you no matter if your training for a 5K, Ironman, or Marathon that everybody has different starting points. For some of my clients it is so exciting to see them run their first mile! At first it might be a walk/run and then eventually they tell me they ran the whole thing. Then some will say "oh that is nothing compared to what you do". I tell them that I once started trying to get to a mile. It is a slow progression with small milestones that will get you to your goals. Goal setting is so important in life! Even more important is that you make your goals attainable, so you are not setting yourself up for disappointment.

Coach Cyndee Hats are now in! These are available in grey, pink, blue and white. They are $15.00 and you can get them from me directly. I also have them on my website available for $18.00. If you want one contact me directly or go to my website at Tri-apparel will be here shortly!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Upcoming Events

Here in Las Vegas we are getting close to several local triathlons. This weekend is the Amica Triathlon at Lake Las Vegas. Anyone who is planning on doing the triathlon at the end of the month or Pumpkinman in October as their first triathlon, should go and observe this weekends race. The race is the 12th at Lake Las Vegas. For more information go to

Recently I have been meeting a few people at the LVAC on Rainbow for track practice. We have been doing it Wednesday nights at 6pm. I want to continue to do a weekly run workout on Wednesday nights. I will be alternating track workouts with hill repeats. If you are interested we will be meeting the following dates and places:

9/16/09 - Running Hill Repeats - Meet off of Far Hills and 215. If driving on 215 on Far Hills exit go west and take the first left and park in the park near the round about. We will meet at 6:15pm.

9/23/09 - Track workout at LVAC on Rainbow at 6pm. Meet near the stretch area in the gym

9/30/09 - Running Hill Repeats - Meeting place same at previous hill workout

10/7/09 - Track workout at LVAC on Rainbow same time as last one

Transition training workouts
Going forward if you are interested I will do these starting 9/10/09 and every Thursday after until the end of October. The workouts will start at 5:30pm
Thursday at LVAC Rainbow Pool at 5:30to 7pm. We will be doing mini triathlons and working on transition training. Bring clothing you will race in and towel to set up for quick transition. This will be done indoors. Be prepared for a quick swim, short bike and quick run.

Brick workout and open water swim
The next open water swim at the lake will be on 9/9/09. I will be out there starting a ride at 7am. We will ride for about an hour, then run, and then swim.

Spin Classes and Swim Classes
Remember I still teach spin classes at LVAC on Saturday at 1:30pm. I also teach at 24hr Fitness in Summerlin Sundays at 8am. I also teach swim mechanics Tuesday and Thursday at LVAC on Rainbow at 5:15pm-7pm.

This coming weekend on the 12th I will be doing a moderate to hard ride leaving about 7am. We will ride West Charleston to the Red Rock Loop. We will do the loop then ride out to 160 and back. It will be moderate effort and for anyone who has not done the loop you should know it is HARD! The loop is 13 miles of hills and the total mileage will be close to 50.

If you have any questions about any of the above events or training you can contact me through my website and