Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Stupid Things People Do!

A few weeks back I wrote about the things people do in the gym that annoy me. I need to expand on that post and talk about things in life that people do that annoy me. I decided today that I am no longer going to just ignore the stupid things people do. I am actually going to say something. I just finished a run with my dogs. I was coming from a side street near Jones and Russell. As I was getting to Jones this small dog came running across the street from an open garage. There was a guy in the garage moving stuff around. The dog ran across the street and when it saw me and my dogs it ran back to the garage. I thought to myself, how stupid this guy is that he just lets his dog run in the street with no regard for its safety. It could get hit by a car or worse eaten by my dog Daisy! Daisy is not the friendliest dog! Thankfully the dog did not approach us. So I debated for a second before saying anything. Then I couldn't help myself. I said, "You should not let your dog run in the street! It could get hit by a car and my dogs are not friendly with other dogs!" He said, "Oh I am sorry." I thought to myself that he was a stupid person who has no business owning a dog! People who know me know I am a animal lover. I see people who have dogs and wonder why they have them. They are outside or in the garage the entire time. I don't understand why someone would get a pet if they did not want the company of it, in the house. My dogs have all access to my house!
Earlier in the day I was swimming at Las Vegas Athletic Club. I have mentioned before how I get really annoyed by people who randomly jump in the pool and start swimming without telling anyone they are in the lanes. Many times this has resulted in a head on collision in the pool! Some really overweight lady dressed in a DRESS (hopefully with a swimsuit under it) jumped in the pool and thinks she is going to just start swimming in my lane! I said, "what do you think you are doing?" I was going to swim laps is what she said. Then she said I will swim behind you (in the same lane not swimming circles). I said, "No, I don't think so that is not how it works!" HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO STUPID? It made me think back to when I first started swimming in a gym pool. I was not really sure of the rules. So I observed a little before I got in the pool to see what everyone else was doing. What is so difficult about this? Then I inquired to others who were swimming about what was right and wrong. It was not a hard thing to do. It bothers me that people are so stupid and don't really think about what they are doing! I am not sure how they make it through life being that ignorant! What type of job must they have?
I could go on and on but I will only bore you with a few more stupid things I have witnessed in the last two days. Yesterday I was running on the track at the gym. I always see people doing exercises at the gym that makes me cringe! It is all I can do not to say anything to them. Like why are you doing that? What are you trying to accomplish? One thing that I always see is people doing cardio on the StairMaster. They have it set at like the highest level that it will go. Wow they must be really fit! NO NOT REALLY because they are hanging their entire upper body on the machine. If you are one of these people LOWER the level and don't hold on and your workout will be much more efficient. When I was running on the track every time I came around the track by the StairMaster, I see this lady laying on the handles AND reading a book on the revolving StairMaster! First of all if you can read while doing any cardio something is wrong. If you are working like you should, you will not be able to focus on reading! Second get off the handles! Then right next to her is this guy on the treadmill that has it going really fast. He is running for like a second then holds on to the rails and lets his feet skim the top of the treadmill for longer than he was actually running! Where do people think of this stuff? Then there are the people who walk or run on the treadmill and hold on to the panel. This drives me nuts. Especially if they get next to me when I am running!
Maybe I will be more vocal and say something more often when I see people doing stupid things!
It felt good to say something to the guy with the dog today!



  2. OMG!! I can't stop laughing at your comments...thanks for the laugh. I think it's a combination of people being stupid and people just being inconsiderate of others...like the lady jumping into your lane in the pool or like the jerk that acted as though my car was invisible and just slowly crossed into my lane until I layed on my horn and called him an a**hole even though he couldn't hear me...Sheletha