Monday, August 20, 2012

One More Big Weekend!

I am currently training for Ironman 70.3 Worlds on September 9th.  This past Sunday was a hot and humid day to train in Vegas.  I hope on September 9th the weather is a little better or less humid.  By the time I finished my run on Sunday it was noon.  I would have still been running if it were race day and let me tell you it was HOT.  I can handle the dry hot heat much better than the humid hot heat.  I feel as if my training is going good leading up to this race. It is my last big race for the year and that is always a great feeling. I had a pretty busy year of training and am ready for a little break after this race.  Last year was the first year this race was in Vegas.  I decided to check race results last year.  There is some serious competition in this race.  I realized it is the best in the World and everyone has to qualify, but wow there are some fast age groupers out there.  I am hoping to complete this is 5:30 or better.  That time would put me about mid pack in my age group.  I guess I will have to take mid pack when its the best people in the World.  It is hard to take that when you normally finish top in your age group. Then again that is in races with everyone who wants to race not a qualifying race.  I am really happy I qualified for this race and happy to be racing.  I have one more big weekend of training then I get to start the taper.  I am really excited to have many of my clients out there volunteering for this race.  If you are interested in volunteering for the challenged athletes then please contact me.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My "C" Race

After The Race!

I am currently training for Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas on September 9th.  I decided to add an Olympic race into my schedule this past weekend.  I figured it would be a good training race and good to get out of the heat in Vegas.nCurrently it is over 110 degrees in Vegas so we thought we would get to cooler weather in Flagstaff Arizona.  It was a super idea and I must say Flagstaff is a great place to race or even just train in August.  The weather was perfect in the morning and afternoon.  Each day we got some late afternoon showers but by that time training was over.  I told my boyfriend I wish I could live up there for July and August each year.  It was incredible.  A lot of people come up for this race from Phoenix so the competition is pretty tough.  I felt pretty good throughout the race and started my run with a 7:30 pace.  That is really great for me and at 7000 feet I felt good about it.  Keep in mind I did NOT look at the course at all before the race. I went into this race with a very casual attitude considering it a training day.  At mile 1.5 on the run we made a right turn which turned my 7:30 pace into more like a 9:30 pace.  It was a 6% hill for about 1.5 miles.  Way to put a damper on what I thought could be a PR run.  But the good news is that I run pretty fast downhill!  I decided to go without socks for this race.  I always do this for sprint and only sometimes do this for Olympic distance races.  I started getting a blister around mile 4 that was hurting pretty bad.  Once down the hill I had just under 2 miles to go.  This part was pretty flat and I was keeping between 7:30 and 8 min. pace.  I finished with a total time of 2:25.  I was 6th overall for women 38th out of about 300 people and 1st  in my age group.  I will take that for a C race! Now we head back to the furnace of Las Vegas.  I feel like I have had a pretty successful year with 2 more races to go.  I have 2 more big training weeks left for the race on September 9th.  Next year I have started to build my race schedule already.  So far my A race is IM Couer D Alene.  We are considering a destination race in St. Croix in April to prepare for IM CDA in July.  The best part about racing away from where you live is seeing new places.  I love riding and running in places that I have never been.  It is great to see sights from your bike or on a run.  You get to see things up close that you can't see from a car.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Transition From Eating To Lose Weight To Fueling For Performance

Great post workout meal. Egg whites,
brown rice, spinach, tomatoes, feta cheese.
Many times my clients inspire me to write about certain topics.  This is one of them.  A lot of times people come to me after they have lost a significant amount of weight.  When people lose a lot of weight many times they want to take on a new challenge.  In many cases that is a triathlon or marathon. Many of these clients are currently at their goal weight or very close to it.  Some have lost significant weight.   In some cases people may have had an addiction to food when they we're overweight and they may have a very distorted view of food.  Some view food as the enemy or as what made them fat.  My goal is to get them to view food in a whole new way.  
When you train for a triathlon especially half ironman or full ironman you MUST fuel your body very different from when fuel for weight loss.  When training for endurance events each day you may have multiple workouts.  There are several days a week when I have a run and a swim scheduled.  How I eat before each of these workouts will sometimes be the difference between having an exceptional workout or a mediocre workout.  Here are some suggestions when fueling for performance:
  • Have a plan going into each day.  If you know you have two workouts scheduled have two pre-workout meals planned as well.  
  • Don't view carbohydrates as the enemy.  When trying to lose weight many people will limit their carbohydrate intake.  If you are eating good carbohydrates  from a non-processed source they will be the best energy source you can get and the best fuel for your training.
  • Zig-zag your calorie intake each day depending on your activity level.  Don't just stick with a 1500 or 2000 calorie diet.  Your calories should vary each day depending on how much you exercise.  
  • For activities longer than 90 minutes you need to have calories during your training.  
  • Get to know your body and what food works best for you before a workout.  
  • Don't be so obsessed with how many calories you burn during training. 
  • Keep a log of what you eat before each workout and document how you felt during that workout.  
  • Make breakfast your largest meal.  This is tricky if you workout first thing in the morning.  You don't want a lot of heavy food before a workout.  If you have an early morning workout have something light before.  After your workout have something like egg whites, brown rice and vegetables.  Before you could have:
    • Power bagel with peanut butter (maybe even a half of one)
    • Whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter and jelly
    • Oatmeal with some strawberries or blueberries
  • If you will workout in the evening make sure your lunch isn't too heavy or too late.  If you eat a heavy lunch late it will still be digesting by the time you have to workout.  This could have a negative impact on your performance.  It is best to have a light lunch such as chicken breast, brown rice and some vegetables.  About an  hour prior to your workout you can have a bar or 1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  
Eventually you will find what works best for you.  It is so important not to limit your calories too much.  Each time you eat think about when your next workout is and how what your eating will help you perform for that workout.  You can't view food as the enemy because now it will help you perform.  I suggest  people weigh themselves only once a week.  You could play with your calorie intake if you are gaining weight.  Stick with healthy foods and non-processed foods.  Avoid sugar except what you will get from natural sources like fruit.  The other sugar you will consume will be during workouts.  During long training runs and rides you will need some simple sugars.  For running I use cliff blocks or welches fruit snacks.  For biking I use cliff bars.  It is important during training to incorporate a balance of simple sugars and complex carbohydrates such as maltodextrin.  Your maltodextrin sources will typically be in your sports drink. 
If you fail to fuel your body when you are training for any endurance event you will likely fail to make it through that event.  If you do make it through the event then you will most likely not perform as well as you hoped to.