Monday, May 21, 2012

Ironman Texas Take Two

After the race before the medical tent!

Ironman Texas Take Two
Saturday the 19th of May I did Ironman Texas for the second year in a row.  I guess if you can have a favorite Ironman this is mine.  This year the wind was more of a factor on the second half of the bike course.  Last year I don’t remember much wind at all.  Even with the stronger wind I improved my bike time by about 5 minutes.  You would think this is great however it showed on my run.  I was much slower on the run finishing overall about 5 minutes slower than last year.  Ironman is a funny thing because I always say I don’t want to do it again. But once it has you in its grips it won’t let you go. I don’t know why.  I keep coming back to it over and over again.  I currently don’t want to do another one but I have said this many times before. 
During the months of training for an Ironman you test yourself to your limits.  Your life becomes training, eating, sleeping; oh and I forgot work. Most of us have to carry on a 40 or more hour work week in addition to 20 hours a week of training.  It consumes your life.  But I don’t understand why it is so hard to stay away.  I keep coming back for more torture. It really is a rush when you finish the Ironman.  The interesting thing is that I have felt this rush at the finish for all of the Ironman previous to this one. When I finished this one I was glad I was done but didn’t feel the exuberance that I have felt in previous events.  Has it worn off?  Will this really be my last?  My boyfriend did his first Ironman with me and he did awesome finishing right behind me. I was happier for his finishing time and his accomplishment.  He is pumped and I fully expect him to do another.  Maybe I will be his cheerleader for that one! 
My next race is Alcatraz in a few weeks.  After each Ironman I have no desire to ever get on my bike again.  I enjoy running and swimming….not so much biking.  In fact I may not even get on my bike before Alcatraz.
After Alcatraz I don’t have any events planned until Worlds 70.3 on September 9th in Las Vegas. I am looking forward to this race. After training for an Ironman the training will be a piece of cake. But I will probably need to ride my bike a little bitJ

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Ironman I losing my fitness and I feel FAT!

It is what you look forward to during 2 long months of hard training when your training for an Ironman.  You keep thinking about the week you begin your taper.  You long to have a day when you only have to train one hour.  Then it finally gets here and you feel let down.  Well this is how I feel at least. My mind plays tricks on me during my taper. I  feel as if I  am losing my fitness and getting fat.  I know this is not true.  Being a coach I know the importance of going into a race like an Ironman well rested.  I know the importance of a proper taper. My mind doesn't agree and today on my 3.5 mile run, my mind almost convinced me to go 6.  I didn't and I stuck with the 3.5 miles.  I also wanted to swim more than 2000 meters but I didn't. I got out of the pool and wanted more.  I know its crazy but I can't really explain how I feel when I taper. I look forward to it and then it gets here and I don't like it. 

When you are at the height of your Ironman training as exhausting as it is, its still a great feeling of super fitness and its exhilarating.  You feel like an animal! As tired as you are after those long 6 hour workouts you feel strong at the same time. If you have not gone through this it is hard to explain but it happens to many people who train for Ironman events. 

Another problem is that during your major training your appetite is through the roof.  You could eat everything in sight and actually lose weight. Some days I consume double what my normal calorie intake would be.  Now you go into your taper and your metabolism is still on fire and your not training nearly as much.  You need to have much more self control when it comes to food intake. 

It is so hard not to do too much these two weeks leading up to my Ironman. I will control myself and stick to the plan but its hard. I know its what my body needs.

Monday, May 7, 2012

They Did IT! Great Job!

Here is Tigger watching the finish...
he looks really excited....right?
Yesterday I went to watch the Irongirl Triathlon in Las Vegas.  I took my trusty friend Tigger to help me cheer on all the participants.  I had several clients racing in it this year.  Some were veterans to the whole triathlon thing like Nancy Dickenson.  Some were new and this was their first triathlon like Stacy.  It is always fun to watch all levels race.  I knew everyone had trained hard and was going to do great.  It is so rewarding to see people accomplish a goal.  Nancy was 2nd overall last year so I had confidence this year she was going to win and sure enough she kicked butt.  She beat the second place girl by almost 4 minutes!

Nancy after the race still looking like she
could keep going!
Stacy, Whitney and Terri all finished close together.  That is appropriate because they all trained together.  They did awesome!  Terri finished with her dogs leash around her waist as a race belt.  Her dog that she had for 13 years passed away on Wednesday the week before the race.  I can't imagine how hard that is because my dogs are so close to me.  I am so glad she pushed forward to complete this race.  It takes alot of determination to continue with something like a race in the midst of being heartbroken from a loss.  For some people (like me and many others) their pet is like a child or a best friend.  Finishing the race for Ruby was an awesome way to remember her.  
Whitney and I after the race
Whitney overcame fear of the open water to complete this race. Her first triathlon was a terrible experience and left her not wanting to do it again.  With a good group of people to pull her through the fear she had a great swim. 

Stacy before the race!
Stacy had an injury leading up to Irongirl so she wasn't running at all. I had her deep water running for most of her run training. She was finally able to run and we worked into it slowly over the past few weeks. She finished with a great run time!  Just because your injured don't count yourself creative and find ways to get it done.

Debbie beat her last year time by 40 minutes!  A huge improvement but not good enough for her. She is already talking about doing better next year!
Sam finished the swim with alot of determination.  She didn't get out to the open water much to practice but she made it through the swim and finished the race even on a rented bike.  Great job!

Once everyone was finished the girls from Lululemon brought out this sign!  I of course said YES I want to be an ambassador for the best workout clothing around LULULEMON!  The store does so much around the community and I am so excited to be a part of the Lululemon team! 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some Good Ones and Some Bad Ones

My Ironman training is finally coming to an end.  This week is one last big week of training and then taper time!  I can't wait.  If you read my last post you know I had a really rough day last Friday for my long run.  Fortunately this time I am going to talk about a great training day.  Two days after my horrible run I had a great 100 mile ride followed by a 6 mile run.  All in all I felt great for that workout.  My nutrition was right on, my body was feeling good and it showed on my run pace. After I rode 100 miles I managed to do 6 miles at an 8:19 pace. I was pleased and only hope to feel that good after my 112 miles on Ironman day.  Who knows why some days you feel so good and some days you don't.  I always try to analyze it but never have come up with any specific reason or thing I do on good or bad days.  All I know is I can't wait till May 20th.  My Ironman is May 19th! 
After my Ironman (2 weeks) I have Escape From Alcatraz which should be less pressure and more fun!