Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taking it easy, if you say so!

I decided for the month of November I would take it easy when it comes to training. I plan to start training for my races in 2011 at the beginning of December. I am doing the Half Ironman REV 3 in Costa Rica in February and then the Full Ironman in Texas in May. With 2 big races early in the year I wanted November to chill.......but how does a type A triathlete chill? Well I don't think I really do in comparison to most people. My way to take it easy is not having a plan for a month. I just do what workouts I feel like doing. I actually had a great workout Wednesday! What was the workout you ask? Well lets see it started like this:
7:30 - Client canceled so I have some time well maybe I will do some shoulders or something.

Start on the bosu ball flat side up and do 15 squats, bicep curl and shoulder press, then 20 quick hammer curls

Side plank rotation go from regular plank to side plank alternate sides 10x each side

Steps ups - stepping to side working more glutes

tricep extensions
repeat all 3x

single leg dead lifts 10x each side

chest press in bridge position 15 regular 15 hands together

Single arm rows in plank position 10x each arm

repeat all 3x

After I did the weight training I decided to run 3 miles as it turned out I did lots of stairs and ran 4 miles. I did 6 laps then stairs for about 5 minutes then repeated that 2 more times. After each mile I did side steps for 30 seconds on the track. I couldn't end with only 18 laps which would be somewhere between 3 and 4 miles so I had to make it an even 22 laps 4 miles. That is the type A in me.

I mentioned before I have my A and B races planned out for next year. If you race triathlons or marathons you should begin thinking about your race schedule next year. The people that are the most successful with racing have a great plan!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Live longer and be happy.....with a dog or two?

I recently heard that people that have pets tend to live longer than people who don't. I also read a study that said children who grow up with pets are more intelligent. I read another study claiming that petting a dog or cat releases good endorphins in humans. I am not sure how accurate these studies were but I do believe them. I have three dogs and let me tell you the laughs they bring me are endless. I know laughing is good for you. I live alone and am not dating anyone so most people would think I was lonely and in need of company.
Far from it! I have more company that most people on Earth. Here is just a few examples:
  • I never eat alone. I always have 3 pairs of eyes glued to every morsel I put in my mouth. They are so attentive when I eat it amazes me. They watch the food as it goes from my plate to my mouth over and over again.
  • I never sleep alone. Yes you got it all three of them sleep with me. Some say that is gross but I find it comfortable at times. Last night Daisy laying to the left of my head, spec in the crook of my leg bend, and Tiggers on the right side near my head. All cozy as a bug in a rug. I do have to wash my sheets more than other people but that's not a big deal.
  • I am always greeted with the most excitement imaginable. I could literally leave and get the same greeting I always get if I come in 5 minutes later. They are always so excited to see me. No human has ever expressed this amount of joy when they have seen me. Frankly, if they did I would find them kind of weird and probably not talk to them ever again.
  • I don't have to run or walk alone. They always want to exercise. I love exercise and I love to run and they will do it anytime, any day and any place! They will also do it in any weather. I think deep down Daisy likes it because she always finds food on our runs. It amazes me! The other day I was running with her and looked down and she had a chicken bone in her mouth. Before that it was a hamburger bun. Many times she chews whatever she gets before I can get her to spit it out.
  • I never take a shower, bath or pee without one of them right there. Between the three of them I don't recall a time that I did any of those things without one of them there. Some people say shut the door but then they are laying right outside the door when I open it and I feel kind of bad. So I leave it open.
  • I often feel bad because they follow me all over the house. If I am going upstairs for a few seconds to grab something I tell them I will be right back but it never fails. They all get up come upstairs only to find me coming right back down. I guess if someone followed me around like this as I said before it would be very weird and I would for sure have to put an end to it. For some reason I don't mind them at all!
  • If I spill something I don't have to clean it up they just eat it! Well I do wipe up after they clean the bulk of it but basically they cut the work in half! What more could I ask for?

Some people say I am crazy because I love my dogs so much. How could you not love faces like those? If you want the joy that I have in my life then I would highly suggest you adopt a dog or cat. Please adopt one and DON'T buy one from a pet store. You can check for adoptable pets in your area. If you are local to Las Vegas then go to the NSPCA

When I take my dogs out people just smile at the sight of them. You can tell they make people happy.

Adopt a pet and it will bring you joy, laughter and probably a longer healthier life!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silverman Triathlon, Las Vegas Classic and Cardio with Daisy

I am so excited for all the athletes that are participating in the Silverman Triathlon tomorrow in Henderson. It is a half and full distance triathlon. So many people have worked so hard leading up to this big day. A totally different type of athlete and just as inspiring are all the people competing today at the Las Vegas Classic. Several trainers from LVAC are competing in Fitness and Figure and they have clients doing it also. I am sure everyone had a great day and I can't wait to hear about it! As a triathlete people always tell me they are impressed with what I do. I am here to tell you I am so impressed with what the competitors at the Las Vegas Classic can do! I could ride 100's of miles but I could not do what they do. To get up in front of all those people takes guts. Dieting for weeks and weeks takes willpower. Working out so hard daily takes discipline. I give everyone credit for challenging themselves. Several are doing their first show. It is amazing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Great job! A completely different type of challenge is the Half Ironman. Training for days on end to get ready for this event takes an extreme amount of dedication. People give up hanging out with friends and spending time with family to train for this type of race. The feeling they will have of finishing the half or full Ironman will be worth every missed party, beer, or movie! I can't explain the feeling of finishing a half or full Ironman you just have to do it to feel it!
Some people say us fitness nuts are crazy. I am so glad I have something to challenge me and something that I am passionate about! Lets face it not many people get excited about having a great workout with their dog, on what was a beautiful day in Vegas. I took Daisy to Get Fit With Fido and we did a great cardio workout at the Arbors Park in Summerlin. Now keep in mind Daisy's strength is cardio! She is awesome and could run forever. We warmed up with a mile run. Those people that don't run, walked half a mile. Then it was time to move our bodies up a grassy hill at the park. Me and Daisy went hard up the hill easy down it 10x. From there we proceeded to jog another half mile. Then came the step ups. Yes I did step ups then Daisy did them. Off to the basketball court for some side steps, knee hops, criss cross, lunges, side squats, backward jog, repeat all of it and finish off with 10 sprints. Do you think she's tired yet? Of course not lets do 10 more hill repeats, more step ups, then finish it off with another mile run. Now would you expect her to be tired? Maybe a little:) Remember if you want to come to GFWF I can alter the workouts for ANY level. If you come to GFWF you don't have to run but you can if you want. I am going to do the same workout we did today, next week on Saturday the 13th. You can do this workout without a dog if you don't have one. So if you want to come with or without a dog and workout please let me know!
Here is a picture of Daisy resting after her workout!

Arbors Park in Summerlin

9:30 am Saturday November 13th

Come workout with or without your MUTT!

See ya there!

Contact me if you want to come: