Saturday, November 6, 2010

Silverman Triathlon, Las Vegas Classic and Cardio with Daisy

I am so excited for all the athletes that are participating in the Silverman Triathlon tomorrow in Henderson. It is a half and full distance triathlon. So many people have worked so hard leading up to this big day. A totally different type of athlete and just as inspiring are all the people competing today at the Las Vegas Classic. Several trainers from LVAC are competing in Fitness and Figure and they have clients doing it also. I am sure everyone had a great day and I can't wait to hear about it! As a triathlete people always tell me they are impressed with what I do. I am here to tell you I am so impressed with what the competitors at the Las Vegas Classic can do! I could ride 100's of miles but I could not do what they do. To get up in front of all those people takes guts. Dieting for weeks and weeks takes willpower. Working out so hard daily takes discipline. I give everyone credit for challenging themselves. Several are doing their first show. It is amazing to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Great job! A completely different type of challenge is the Half Ironman. Training for days on end to get ready for this event takes an extreme amount of dedication. People give up hanging out with friends and spending time with family to train for this type of race. The feeling they will have of finishing the half or full Ironman will be worth every missed party, beer, or movie! I can't explain the feeling of finishing a half or full Ironman you just have to do it to feel it!
Some people say us fitness nuts are crazy. I am so glad I have something to challenge me and something that I am passionate about! Lets face it not many people get excited about having a great workout with their dog, on what was a beautiful day in Vegas. I took Daisy to Get Fit With Fido and we did a great cardio workout at the Arbors Park in Summerlin. Now keep in mind Daisy's strength is cardio! She is awesome and could run forever. We warmed up with a mile run. Those people that don't run, walked half a mile. Then it was time to move our bodies up a grassy hill at the park. Me and Daisy went hard up the hill easy down it 10x. From there we proceeded to jog another half mile. Then came the step ups. Yes I did step ups then Daisy did them. Off to the basketball court for some side steps, knee hops, criss cross, lunges, side squats, backward jog, repeat all of it and finish off with 10 sprints. Do you think she's tired yet? Of course not lets do 10 more hill repeats, more step ups, then finish it off with another mile run. Now would you expect her to be tired? Maybe a little:) Remember if you want to come to GFWF I can alter the workouts for ANY level. If you come to GFWF you don't have to run but you can if you want. I am going to do the same workout we did today, next week on Saturday the 13th. You can do this workout without a dog if you don't have one. So if you want to come with or without a dog and workout please let me know!
Here is a picture of Daisy resting after her workout!

Arbors Park in Summerlin

9:30 am Saturday November 13th

Come workout with or without your MUTT!

See ya there!

Contact me if you want to come:

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