Thursday, November 18, 2010

Taking it easy, if you say so!

I decided for the month of November I would take it easy when it comes to training. I plan to start training for my races in 2011 at the beginning of December. I am doing the Half Ironman REV 3 in Costa Rica in February and then the Full Ironman in Texas in May. With 2 big races early in the year I wanted November to chill.......but how does a type A triathlete chill? Well I don't think I really do in comparison to most people. My way to take it easy is not having a plan for a month. I just do what workouts I feel like doing. I actually had a great workout Wednesday! What was the workout you ask? Well lets see it started like this:
7:30 - Client canceled so I have some time well maybe I will do some shoulders or something.

Start on the bosu ball flat side up and do 15 squats, bicep curl and shoulder press, then 20 quick hammer curls

Side plank rotation go from regular plank to side plank alternate sides 10x each side

Steps ups - stepping to side working more glutes

tricep extensions
repeat all 3x

single leg dead lifts 10x each side

chest press in bridge position 15 regular 15 hands together

Single arm rows in plank position 10x each arm

repeat all 3x

After I did the weight training I decided to run 3 miles as it turned out I did lots of stairs and ran 4 miles. I did 6 laps then stairs for about 5 minutes then repeated that 2 more times. After each mile I did side steps for 30 seconds on the track. I couldn't end with only 18 laps which would be somewhere between 3 and 4 miles so I had to make it an even 22 laps 4 miles. That is the type A in me.

I mentioned before I have my A and B races planned out for next year. If you race triathlons or marathons you should begin thinking about your race schedule next year. The people that are the most successful with racing have a great plan!

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