Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 Of My Favorite Things! Don't Miss My Picks!

Some Of My Favorite Things

When Oprah was doing her show, each year she would have a show dedicated to some of her some of her favorite things.  This blog is like that with a twist.  It is Coach Cyndee’s favorite things ONLY they are all related to health and fitness.  These are things I would not want to live without! 

So here it goes:

  1. Kswiss Kwicky Blade Running Shoes.  I have these shoes in just about every color and for the past 3 years they have been my FAVORITE running shoe. Here is the latest picture of my most recent color......all I can say is awesome!  
  2. CEP Running Socks. I think I have these in every color too.  I have them pictured with my running shoes.   I like both the sleeves and the socks.  I can’t remember life before these compression socks.  They are the best ones out there! 
  3. Headsweat Visors......preferably with the Coach Cyndee logo but headsweat visors are the best. 
  4. Desoto Skin Cooler Long Sleeve Top.  Living in Las Vegas this is a must and it saves me from the heat and sun. It protects you from the sun and it keeps you cool! An Amazing Product!  
  5. Carbo Pro is my drink of choice for long rides.  I could not make it without this stuff.  I mix it with a small amount of Gatorade and Endurolyte powder which is next on my list. 
  6. Endurolyte Powder by Hammer Nutrition. In the heat you need more electrolytes than most sports drinks can supply. 
  7. LULULEMON - everything Lululemon is awesome.  I love their sports bras, tights, running shorts, shirts, jackets, name it they have it and it all ROCKS. Their products are so functional.  I am so proud and happy to be their Run Ambassador because I am addicted to their products.  As if that is not enough the company and employees in the Las Vegas stores are amazing.  
  8. Magic Stuff H.  This is an amazing product for pain relief. It is made from a blend of essential oils and it works.
  9. Zyflamend by New Chapter.  This is a natural supplement that will help with inflammation and it works wonders!  
  10. Trader Joes Primal Energy Bars.  I eat these every morning for breakfast with peanut butter and honey.  If they ever discontinue it I will be in trouble.  This is also part of my pre-race meal.
  11. Arm warmers of any kind.  I have so many and I love them all.  The brighter the better.  I wear them at work when its not cold enough to wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket but too chilly to wear a sleeveless shirt only.  These are awesome.  Some of the brands I have are Lulu, Gypsy Runner, and Sugoi. I am not picky on the brand but like the ones with a little bit of plastic at the top so they stay up.
  12. Garmin 910xt.  My Garmin was the best birthday present I have received. I love it and couldn’t manage my workouts without it. It tells me everything, I am dependent on it!
  13. Ipod, IPad, and everything Apple.  I use my Ipod for not only training but work.  I teach spin and aqua classes and use my Ipod. It is great to not have to carry a ton of CD’s to teach. My IPad and MacBook Air are essential for my work.  I list those too because as a triathlon coach and trainer my work ties directly into my training.  
  14. My waist dog leash. I use this to run with my dogs.  It free’s up your arms and helps you focus on your running form all while running with your best friend.  Just be careful if your dogs are strong you may be getting your chin dragged across the pavement!  
  15. Young Living Essential Oils. These are the best essential oils you can get. I use their Sports Massage Oil which is amazing and infused with specific essential oils to aid in recovery and healing.  I also use individual oils such as Basil, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Wintergreen.  These are good for ligaments, tendons and muscles.  
  16. Oakley Jaw Bone Sunglasses.  I got these for my birthday and I love them.  
  17. My Specialized Female Saddle.  I have tried a number of saddles but keep coming back to this one.  When you find something you like stick with it.  Saddles are very individual and what works for one may not work for another.  Specialized works for me so I hope they keep making it.  It may not be the lightest saddle but its comfortable. 
  18. My CamelBack.  I started using one of these when I was running and riding long distance in the Vegas summer heat.  I never used to like running or riding with these. During the summer it is a must to keep your fluids somewhat cold in Vegas.  I don’t care how silly I look riding with a camelback, I am one of the few people sipping on cold water in the summer heat! 
  19. Dolphin Ugglies Swim Suits.  These are great because they are inexpensive and they last longer.  They are made from polyester rather than lycra and hold up against the chlorine. 
  20. My Computrainer.  I recently was without it because a part broke so I used a regular trainer for a while.  It was just not the same.  When I do have to ride inside I would rather ride a computrainer. 

Headseweat Visor and Kwiky Blade Kswiss
Running with my dogs and waist leash

Yes I Will Be Your Run Ambassador Lululemon!  

Desoto Skin Cooler top and Oakley Jaw Bones

Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Last Tri

After The Race Debbie, Terri and I

My last race of the year was yesterday in Utah at the Kokepelli Triathlon.  I did the Olympic Triathlon.  I was fresh off of the Worlds 70.3 Half Ironman just one week ago.  I didn’t have any expectations for this race. I just wanted to have fun and race with friends and clients.  I signed up to race OPEN category because I wanted to start in the first wave.  This way I could finish and see everyone else finish.  I have never raced in OPEN.  I have raced ELITE and it was a very competitive group.  OPEN was different because really anyone can sign up to race in this category.  We were getting the swim course instructions from the race director and I was halfway paying attention.  I am a good swimmer but never in the front so I just follow everyone.  The buoys were kind of confusing because they had buoys out there for boats and swimmers.  The swimmers buoys were spread far apart.  We were off and I suddenly realized I was in the lead.  I didn’t want this position at all and thought at first I was swimming the wrong way.  I turned on my back to see where everyone was and they were pretty far back.  Could this group of swimmers really be that slow?  My expected swim time was 25-27 minutes. I vaguely remember the race director saying swim 2 green buoys then turn.  There was one at the start and I was approaching another one.  It seems really close but I turned anyway.  Headed back a canoe came up to me and said you need to go to another buoy.  Shit.....the first buoy didn’t count!  I turn around now thinking I am probably last but I still have no idea.  I keep going to the last green buoy.  When I get out of the swim I really have no idea what position I am in.  Then I get to the bike racks and see all the bikes still there.  Could I have exited first even with my stupid mistake?  As it turns out yes I did exit first.  Wow the OPEN group must have had some really slow swimmers.  My swim time was 30 minutes 3-5 minutes off of what I should have swam that in.  I was in the lead on the bike until the halfway point when a guy passed me at mile 10.   This bike course was only 20 miles so I got off the bike in exactly 1 hour.  I started the run with a great pace for the first mile I ran a 7 minute mile.  I felt great and kept a pretty good pace for the run finishing with a 7:30 pace for my average.  I think this may have been one of my best run times in an Olympic course.  I finished with an overall time of 2:20.  The guy that passed me in the OPEN division beat me by about 4 minutes (which I possibly lost in the swim debacle).  The overall female beat me by 3 minutes.  This is what I get for not paying attention to details of the race.  I had fun and got to see everyone at the finish.  I am not sure if I will ever enter OPEN again.  While I don’t like being in the lead on the swim, I think I pushed myself harder on the run because I knew my position and didn’t want people to catch me.  

My clients Debbie and Terri did awesome.  Terri got 2nd place in her age group and this was her first Olympic distance triathlon.  She was just over 3 hours and with a little work on transition she could have easily been under 3 hours! Debbie improved her time over previous years.  They both had an awesome run.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

70.3 World Championships Race Recap

Racing the World Championship 70.3 yesterday was a great experience.  This was extra special because it was a big race in my hometown Las Vegas.  I qualified for this race back in February at Panama 70.3.   In Panama I was 2nd in my age group earning a spot for the World Championships.  I was very excited leading up to this race.  My parents were coming down from Montana to watch the event. I have so many friends and clients that were planning to come volunteer and watch.  I was racing with the best triathletes in the World!  Talk about pressure.  I am usually not nervous before races but this one had me a little on edge.  I was really well hydrated leading up to this race.  I also had a great taper and felt ready to race. Race morning is always questionable how much food I can get down.  I managed to get down a entire power bagel with peanut butter and honey. I also drank a muscle milk.  It was good that I ate all that because normally I can’t eat that much.  On the drive out to Lake Las Vegas my stomach started to feel nauseated. I got to my bike and got all my nutrition set up and was ready to go.  I found Nancy (or rather she found me).  Nancy is a coach and trainer in Las Vegas. She is an amazing athlete and I knew she was going to have a great race. We went together to the swim start. Her wave was 5 minutes after mine.  That meant at some point on the run she was going to chase me down.  She is a really strong runner. While waiting we ran into Renee who was another Vegas racer.  
Nancy, Renee and I before the swim start

Finally it was time for us to go.  I knew the water temp. was about 82 degree.  I stepped into the water and was a little shocked at how warm it was.  I don’t recall ever racing a Half Ironman in water temps that warm.  Most times in the swim I don’t push myself and really forget to kick.  I told myself I was going to kick today!  I got into a rhythm pretty quick.  I was feeling really good for the first half of the swim.  I kept thinking kick, kick, kick.  Move your legs!  After the turnaround I started to feel really warm.  I almost felt like I was over heating.  I thought maybe I was pushing too hard considering the water temp was so warm.  But I kept it up. I exited in 34 minutes.  I was hoping for anything less than 35 so that was good.  I got onto my bike and realized I was really thirsty.  I was drinking my carbo pro mixture and it wasn’t quenching my thirst I needed water. I had one bottle of water and drank that pretty quick.  Normally in a Half Ironman I will bypass the first bike aid station and get fluids or water at the second one.  Not this time, because by the time I made it to aid station number one I was really thirsty for water.  But that one bottle didn’t last long. I still had plenty of carbo pro but I was craving cold water.  I felt this way during one other race and that was the Honu Half Ironman in Hawaii.  I was so dehydrated from the warm, salty swim I couldn’t get enough cold water.  I felt this way for the entire bike and onto the run.  I think the swim took more out of me than I realized.  I was on track to my goal time on the bike. This is a very challenging bike course and I knew I wouldn’t have my fastest bike time but I was hoping to finish in 3 hours or less. I came off the bike in 2:52.  I was doing good so far and off to the run.  I hoped to do the run in 1:50 or less. It was a challenging run course, in fact nothing about this race was easy.  We were experiencing temps of 100 degrees and significant humidity by the time I was on the run course.  I managed a 2:02 run which was definitely not my fastest but I was happy I kept moving and considering the heat I will take an overall time of 5:37.  That is 7 minutes off my goal time.  My client Nancy finished in 5:28 and about mile 7 on the run she caught up to me.  I remember being so thirsty most of the day.  I remember wanting cold water.  Racing in my hometown I heard people shouting at me all day.  It was great and really kept me moving.  Seeing my clients, parents, cousins and friends out there was amazing.  I have not had a race experience like this ever before. I know for them to be out there cheering me on is not easy.  It’s hot and I only come around every 20-30 minutes.  Finally I was coming to the finish and see two of my clients Anne and Bev

My clients with me after the race!