Friday, October 23, 2009

The Hardest Workout EVER!

Today I did the hardest workout in a long time and it wasn't even planned! Some of the best workouts catch me by surprise. I was finishing with a client expecting another client in about 30 minutes. So I told Michelle, the client I was with at the time, that I would do a little cardio with her. I said let's start by doing the revolving stair climber (most gyms have these big beasts) for one minute then run one lap. Then we would work our way up the ladder, 2 minutes, 2 laps, 3 minutes, 3 laps etc. The shorter intervals like 1 and 2 minute were at higher intensity. Michelle was done at 3 minutes and 3 laps. I kept going, and as it turned out my client ended up not coming. I didn't have another client till 9:30 so this gave me some time. I ended up working up to doing 9 minutes and 9 laps. The total for the workout was 45 minutes on the stair climber and 45 laps (about 8 miles). When I got to the longer intervals I had to slow the pace for both the run and StairMaster. I did not hold on while on the StairMaster (read my previous blog about this pet peeve of mine) at all and I kept it at level 10 or higher. It was pretty tough. You could modify the workout if you don't have a track to treadmill. Several variations of this workout might look like this:

1 minute stair climber, 1 minute track - very high intensity
2 minute stairs, 2 minute treadmill - high intensity
3 minute stairs, 3 minute treadmill - high intensity
4 minute stairs, 4 minute treadmill - high intensity
5 minute stairs, 5 minute treadmill - high intensity
Go all the way to 10 minutes for each and lower pace to moderate intensity!
You could start at 10 minutes and work your way down the ladder to one minute for another variation of the workout.
You could do the same on the track just do 1 lap for each minute on the StairMaster. This option will require more running because one lap of the track at LVAC is longer than one minute on the treadmill.
If you can do this all the way to 10 minutes you are awesome. I got to 9 minutes and it took just over 2 hours. If anyone does this let me know what you thought. It was a good workout and broke up the fact that I had to run 8 miles. That revolving step mill is also a great workout for your glutes!

I also want to talk about what to eat before you workout. It seems like this week several people have come to train with me and have gotten dizzy and lightheaded because they did not fuel their bodies properly before training. What you put into your body will definitely impact your training. If you talk to anyone who trains with me in the gym you will know it is no joke. They are tough workouts! Typically this is the way it goes with newer clients. I will say to them did you eat this morning? The client might say, "well no but I will be OK." I give them the talk about eating before training and I say that I don't think they will be OK. They say, "Oh no I will be OK, I have never passed out." About 10 minutes later they start to look kind of grey and spacey. Then I will ask them how they are feeling. They will say a little dizzy. I say, "Oh I could have told you this was going to happen." Then I go get them orange juice, Gatorade, or fruit and send them home. No matter how many times I tell someone to eat before they workout, they think they are the exception to the rule and don't need to eat.
If you are working out first thing in the morning you should wake up in time to eat something before you leave. Some great options are oatmeal, fruit, or yogurt. The options will vary depending on what your goals are. If you are looking to lose weight and eliminating dairy then the yogurt would not be an option. Some people can't seem to eat before working out without getting nauseated. For these people I suggest trying one of the energy gels that people use when running. Some good ones are made by Hammer Nutrition or GU. If you train in the evening then try and have your last snack or meal about 60-90 minutes before you plan on working out. Don't eat foods high in fat before your working out. Don't eat really heavy meals before training. Make sure your last snack or meal leading up to your workout contains some complex carbohydrates. I am only suggesting a small serving such as 1/4 to 1/2 yam, brown rice, or oatmeal. Hopefully this will clear up confusion when working out. If you workout after work it is essential to plan your meals throughout the day properly. You need to have good meal timing. Getting the timing of your meals right will have a major impact on your workout!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Stupid Things People Do!

A few weeks back I wrote about the things people do in the gym that annoy me. I need to expand on that post and talk about things in life that people do that annoy me. I decided today that I am no longer going to just ignore the stupid things people do. I am actually going to say something. I just finished a run with my dogs. I was coming from a side street near Jones and Russell. As I was getting to Jones this small dog came running across the street from an open garage. There was a guy in the garage moving stuff around. The dog ran across the street and when it saw me and my dogs it ran back to the garage. I thought to myself, how stupid this guy is that he just lets his dog run in the street with no regard for its safety. It could get hit by a car or worse eaten by my dog Daisy! Daisy is not the friendliest dog! Thankfully the dog did not approach us. So I debated for a second before saying anything. Then I couldn't help myself. I said, "You should not let your dog run in the street! It could get hit by a car and my dogs are not friendly with other dogs!" He said, "Oh I am sorry." I thought to myself that he was a stupid person who has no business owning a dog! People who know me know I am a animal lover. I see people who have dogs and wonder why they have them. They are outside or in the garage the entire time. I don't understand why someone would get a pet if they did not want the company of it, in the house. My dogs have all access to my house!
Earlier in the day I was swimming at Las Vegas Athletic Club. I have mentioned before how I get really annoyed by people who randomly jump in the pool and start swimming without telling anyone they are in the lanes. Many times this has resulted in a head on collision in the pool! Some really overweight lady dressed in a DRESS (hopefully with a swimsuit under it) jumped in the pool and thinks she is going to just start swimming in my lane! I said, "what do you think you are doing?" I was going to swim laps is what she said. Then she said I will swim behind you (in the same lane not swimming circles). I said, "No, I don't think so that is not how it works!" HOW CAN SOMEONE BE SO STUPID? It made me think back to when I first started swimming in a gym pool. I was not really sure of the rules. So I observed a little before I got in the pool to see what everyone else was doing. What is so difficult about this? Then I inquired to others who were swimming about what was right and wrong. It was not a hard thing to do. It bothers me that people are so stupid and don't really think about what they are doing! I am not sure how they make it through life being that ignorant! What type of job must they have?
I could go on and on but I will only bore you with a few more stupid things I have witnessed in the last two days. Yesterday I was running on the track at the gym. I always see people doing exercises at the gym that makes me cringe! It is all I can do not to say anything to them. Like why are you doing that? What are you trying to accomplish? One thing that I always see is people doing cardio on the StairMaster. They have it set at like the highest level that it will go. Wow they must be really fit! NO NOT REALLY because they are hanging their entire upper body on the machine. If you are one of these people LOWER the level and don't hold on and your workout will be much more efficient. When I was running on the track every time I came around the track by the StairMaster, I see this lady laying on the handles AND reading a book on the revolving StairMaster! First of all if you can read while doing any cardio something is wrong. If you are working like you should, you will not be able to focus on reading! Second get off the handles! Then right next to her is this guy on the treadmill that has it going really fast. He is running for like a second then holds on to the rails and lets his feet skim the top of the treadmill for longer than he was actually running! Where do people think of this stuff? Then there are the people who walk or run on the treadmill and hold on to the panel. This drives me nuts. Especially if they get next to me when I am running!
Maybe I will be more vocal and say something more often when I see people doing stupid things!
It felt good to say something to the guy with the dog today!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race Recap

Yesterday was the Pumpkinman triathlon in Las Vegas. We had really great weather for race day. I debated until the day before the race if I was going to do the Half. I was feeling sick all week with cold like symptoms. Friday morning I woke up and felt amazing. I checked to see if I could sign up at packet pick up on Friday. When I found out I could I was off to sign up! I got my race number and paid my $200 and was ready to go. I brought the wrong shoes to leave in transition but it was not a huge mistake. They were not my number one choice of Zoot shoes to wear for the race. I forgot to grab the ones I wanted so I had to leave the shoes I had on. After I picked up my packet I had a few more clients to train so I went back to the gym. Around 4pm I started to develop a cough. I was a little concerned because it seemed to be getting worse. On my way home I stopped and got some night time and day time cough medicine. I was thinking I would take some before bed and in the morning if I still had the cough. Keep in mind I had been taking NyQuil all week. This is for sure a problem going into a Half Ironman distance race on a pretty hot day. I was basically dehydrated going into the race. I realized this when I got out of the water and was really thirsty already! My swim was OK at about 35 minutes. I was riding my new P3 for only the 3rd time. I did not have time to try out my Zipp wheels so I opted not to use them. I felt pretty good all the way out to the 10 mile turn except for the fact that I was drinking a lot cause I was so thirsty. When we turned at the 10 mile point then it got hard. The wind seemed to pick up and the hills out there are pretty tough. Then don't forget at the end of the ride we have something like a 5 mile climb to Boulder City! It is a ridiculous hard course! I have done the Half at Buffalo Springs and Wildflower both of which are really tough courses. I would say the bike on this course compares pretty closely to those! I guess I was in second place going into the run. They changed this course from last year so I was really confused and nobody seemed to know what the course was. As it turned out we had to run a two loop course of the Olympic distance. That meant going all the way back to the finish only to turn around for another 6.5 miles. At this point I felt so bad and was coughing up really gross stuff! I was so tempted to say screw it and go in. As I got to the turn around I saw the girl ahead of me. She said to me its all you go ahead. I said I don't know about that because I feel pretty bad. She said, "well I have two screws in my ankle so I think you can do it." And off I went to run another 6.5 miles of hell. In the end I finished in 6:07. That is a lot slower than my best Half time but I did manage to hang on to first place and 7th overall. Keep in mind there were only like 70 or so participants in this event. The first place prize was a GOBE solar panel briefcase and battery pack! For someone this might be really cool but I am pretty sure I will never use it. So if anyone is interested in getting one really cheap then let me know! You can see them at this website: I guess if you like to camp or stuff like that they are really cool. Definitely not something I will be using but thanks BBSC anyway!

Several people did the event and had really good results too. You can find results at the following website:
Leslie Shurmer completed her first triathlon and finished the sprint distance. Earl Hopkins did his second sprint triathlon! Great job to both of them. Nancy and Denny both Real Results trainers, had great races. Nancy was 4th in her age group and 8th overall for the Olympic (and she ran almost a mile too far). Denny won his age group for the sprint! So it was a good day all around!

The next event to look forward to is The Silverman Half and Full and then The Las Vegas Half and Full Marathon. They are coming up quick! The triathlon season is winding down and it will be time to plan 2010! I will talk about that in an upcoming blog so stay tuned.

The track and hill workouts will resume next week. I will keep everyone posted! Congratulations to everyone for a great race yesterday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Upcoming Events and Last Weekends Events

The Pumpkinman race is finally here. It will be this weekend in Las Vegas. I am still on the fence about doing the Half distance. I think I should decide soon! Fortunatly, I train pretty hard year around so if I do it, I will manage. I knew all along I would decide at the last minute. It is not an A race so I am not so concerned about my performance. I want to do it as a training day. I have not done a half in a few years because I was more focused on the full distance. I thought I would see how I felt and make a decision at that point. My training is consistantly enough to do a half at any time.

I wanted to give some tips for this weekends race. Some things to keep in mind this weekend if it is your first triathlon:
  1. Dont try out anything new on race day! No new shoes, clothes, food, ect.
  2. Don't eat a ton of food the night before. Stay with foods you would normally eat. You don't want eat a lot of food the night before for a sprint anyway! It really is not necessary. Think about this too, if you eat a ton the night before a race then most likely it will need to come out and most likely it will happen during the race. Yes I am talking about pooping! Also try and get up early enough for a PRP before the race. (pre race poop)
  3. Make sure your chain is in easy gear when you race it in transition. You want to be able to get up the hill and not tip over right out of transition.
  4. Get in the water early and warm up a little.
  5. Pman has two transitions so you will need to drop off your run gear when you pick up your race packet. They will provide bags for the run gear. Because of the two transitions you will need to put all your swim stuff in a bag after you come out the water and before you get on your bike. They will take these bags to the finish. Your wetsuit, goggles and other stuff must be bagged up and the bag should be tied up so nothing falls out.

Good luck to everyone and have a great day!

Last week several people did the Ragnar Relay and RTC. Contratulations to Nancy and Maria for running the relay. Corey did the 118 RTC ride in 7 hours. Great job.

We will have one more short triathlon workout this Thursday at 5:30 at the Rainbow LVAC. It will be easy and the last workout before the race Saturday. Also this weekend Dean Karnazes author of Ultra Marathon Man will be at the Henderson Library. It was an excellent book so hopefully everyone can come!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bike For Sale

I recently purchased a new Cervelo P3! I rode it for the first time last week and love it. I am now selling my old tri bike. I bought it in 2004 for $5,500. It is a Quintana Roo Tyhpoon. I am selling it for $1,900. It is a 56 cm bike. It is titanium and has durace components. It has profile design bars and real design wheels. If you are interested please email me at I also have a set of 202 Zipp wheels I am thinking about selling. Here is a picture of my old bike.
This week we will do the track workout at the Rainbow LVAC on Wednesday at 6pm. Meet in the stretch area if you are interested in coming. Thursday we will do the mini tri workout at the Rainbow LVAC. If you are interested in doing this then we will start at 5:30pm on Thursday in the pool area. Bring shoes and towel to the pool to transition directly to the bike.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

I get most of the information to write about in this blog from my clients. In the past week two clients have mentioned to me about all the bad food that people bring to the workplace. I personally have not had many office jobs. From what I hear I would not ever want to have one. Apparently people bring into the office all kinds of really bad food to eat. This not good, but what makes it worse is most of the time working in an office means sitting on your butt all day. The combination of the two equal only one thing = an overweight person. So if your office is like this then you need an office intervention. Someone needs to tell whoever brings in all the crap to stop doing it. Maybe it is multiple people bringing in crap. Then tell them all! Sitting at a desk and eating crap is not only horrible for your body but what about your brain. Lets face it office jobs require more work for you mind then body and believe it or not food affects your brain. If talking to your coworkers about bringing in bad food doesn't work, then you will need to do the only thing left and that is boycott the junk. Yes that is a novel idea - don't eat it! Bring in your healthy food, feel better, and have more energy. Don't let the influence of the office bring you down. Workout before you go to work so you get a healthy start to the day. Walk or run on your lunch.......a wet one wipe down is OK! Your health is worth it. When people start asking what is wrong with you tell them you want to feel good. You are sick of the crap everyone is bringing into the office. If telling people to stop bringing in the food doesn't work then try this. Email them everyday some article about health and fitness. Leave articles on their desk about obesity and all its health risks. Bombard them with healthy stuff! When they say to you please quit doing this then say OK as soon as you quit bringing in all the crap to eat! Tell them about this great blog your reading and send them this link. STOP the madness. When someone brings in junk throw it away! Obesity is out of control in the US and we are to blame. Don't let your office make you fat or prevent you from being healthy and feeling good!

One of my clients has begun to change her eating habits. One of the things she is changing is to quit drinking alcohol. She mentioned to me that she had an event to go to this weekend and she was going to feel the pressure to drink. I said, "if you don't want to drink then don't". She said well maybe I will put water in a martini glass with an olive. Then people would think she was drinking and she wouldn't have to explain. I said, WHAT are you CRAZY! That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Then another client that heard this said no its not I have done that before. Why should we have to feel guilty for wanting to be healthy? When I go out and don't drink it seems as if others are uncomfortable because I am not drinking. It is a crazy world. If I don't want to drink I wont and nobody should care either way. That goes for everyone. If I want to eat healthy don't question why! The problem is, when we want to eat healthy others, who are not eating healthy feel guilty so they try and make us feel awkward. Maybe they do it subconsciously maybe not! I guess the bottom line is that everyone has their own mind to do what they want. Don't let others influence what you do. AND if you are one of those people bringing bad food/candy to the office then STOP! With Halloween coming up I am sure people will be bringing in candy to the office. If you are thinking about doing it, then don't. If you are a supervisor of an office or workplace then prohibit this. Your employees will be healthy, more alert, and have better performance if they are healthy. Why would you want sugary foods in the office? This type of diet only leads to poor work performance and more sick days. Why not incentivize employees for being healthy?