Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

I get most of the information to write about in this blog from my clients. In the past week two clients have mentioned to me about all the bad food that people bring to the workplace. I personally have not had many office jobs. From what I hear I would not ever want to have one. Apparently people bring into the office all kinds of really bad food to eat. This not good, but what makes it worse is most of the time working in an office means sitting on your butt all day. The combination of the two equal only one thing = an overweight person. So if your office is like this then you need an office intervention. Someone needs to tell whoever brings in all the crap to stop doing it. Maybe it is multiple people bringing in crap. Then tell them all! Sitting at a desk and eating crap is not only horrible for your body but what about your brain. Lets face it office jobs require more work for you mind then body and believe it or not food affects your brain. If talking to your coworkers about bringing in bad food doesn't work, then you will need to do the only thing left and that is boycott the junk. Yes that is a novel idea - don't eat it! Bring in your healthy food, feel better, and have more energy. Don't let the influence of the office bring you down. Workout before you go to work so you get a healthy start to the day. Walk or run on your lunch.......a wet one wipe down is OK! Your health is worth it. When people start asking what is wrong with you tell them you want to feel good. You are sick of the crap everyone is bringing into the office. If telling people to stop bringing in the food doesn't work then try this. Email them everyday some article about health and fitness. Leave articles on their desk about obesity and all its health risks. Bombard them with healthy stuff! When they say to you please quit doing this then say OK as soon as you quit bringing in all the crap to eat! Tell them about this great blog your reading and send them this link. STOP the madness. When someone brings in junk throw it away! Obesity is out of control in the US and we are to blame. Don't let your office make you fat or prevent you from being healthy and feeling good!

One of my clients has begun to change her eating habits. One of the things she is changing is to quit drinking alcohol. She mentioned to me that she had an event to go to this weekend and she was going to feel the pressure to drink. I said, "if you don't want to drink then don't". She said well maybe I will put water in a martini glass with an olive. Then people would think she was drinking and she wouldn't have to explain. I said, WHAT are you CRAZY! That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Then another client that heard this said no its not I have done that before. Why should we have to feel guilty for wanting to be healthy? When I go out and don't drink it seems as if others are uncomfortable because I am not drinking. It is a crazy world. If I don't want to drink I wont and nobody should care either way. That goes for everyone. If I want to eat healthy don't question why! The problem is, when we want to eat healthy others, who are not eating healthy feel guilty so they try and make us feel awkward. Maybe they do it subconsciously maybe not! I guess the bottom line is that everyone has their own mind to do what they want. Don't let others influence what you do. AND if you are one of those people bringing bad food/candy to the office then STOP! With Halloween coming up I am sure people will be bringing in candy to the office. If you are thinking about doing it, then don't. If you are a supervisor of an office or workplace then prohibit this. Your employees will be healthy, more alert, and have better performance if they are healthy. Why would you want sugary foods in the office? This type of diet only leads to poor work performance and more sick days. Why not incentivize employees for being healthy?