Monday, October 12, 2009

Upcoming Events and Last Weekends Events

The Pumpkinman race is finally here. It will be this weekend in Las Vegas. I am still on the fence about doing the Half distance. I think I should decide soon! Fortunatly, I train pretty hard year around so if I do it, I will manage. I knew all along I would decide at the last minute. It is not an A race so I am not so concerned about my performance. I want to do it as a training day. I have not done a half in a few years because I was more focused on the full distance. I thought I would see how I felt and make a decision at that point. My training is consistantly enough to do a half at any time.

I wanted to give some tips for this weekends race. Some things to keep in mind this weekend if it is your first triathlon:
  1. Dont try out anything new on race day! No new shoes, clothes, food, ect.
  2. Don't eat a ton of food the night before. Stay with foods you would normally eat. You don't want eat a lot of food the night before for a sprint anyway! It really is not necessary. Think about this too, if you eat a ton the night before a race then most likely it will need to come out and most likely it will happen during the race. Yes I am talking about pooping! Also try and get up early enough for a PRP before the race. (pre race poop)
  3. Make sure your chain is in easy gear when you race it in transition. You want to be able to get up the hill and not tip over right out of transition.
  4. Get in the water early and warm up a little.
  5. Pman has two transitions so you will need to drop off your run gear when you pick up your race packet. They will provide bags for the run gear. Because of the two transitions you will need to put all your swim stuff in a bag after you come out the water and before you get on your bike. They will take these bags to the finish. Your wetsuit, goggles and other stuff must be bagged up and the bag should be tied up so nothing falls out.

Good luck to everyone and have a great day!

Last week several people did the Ragnar Relay and RTC. Contratulations to Nancy and Maria for running the relay. Corey did the 118 RTC ride in 7 hours. Great job.

We will have one more short triathlon workout this Thursday at 5:30 at the Rainbow LVAC. It will be easy and the last workout before the race Saturday. Also this weekend Dean Karnazes author of Ultra Marathon Man will be at the Henderson Library. It was an excellent book so hopefully everyone can come!

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