Monday, August 20, 2012

One More Big Weekend!

I am currently training for Ironman 70.3 Worlds on September 9th.  This past Sunday was a hot and humid day to train in Vegas.  I hope on September 9th the weather is a little better or less humid.  By the time I finished my run on Sunday it was noon.  I would have still been running if it were race day and let me tell you it was HOT.  I can handle the dry hot heat much better than the humid hot heat.  I feel as if my training is going good leading up to this race. It is my last big race for the year and that is always a great feeling. I had a pretty busy year of training and am ready for a little break after this race.  Last year was the first year this race was in Vegas.  I decided to check race results last year.  There is some serious competition in this race.  I realized it is the best in the World and everyone has to qualify, but wow there are some fast age groupers out there.  I am hoping to complete this is 5:30 or better.  That time would put me about mid pack in my age group.  I guess I will have to take mid pack when its the best people in the World.  It is hard to take that when you normally finish top in your age group. Then again that is in races with everyone who wants to race not a qualifying race.  I am really happy I qualified for this race and happy to be racing.  I have one more big weekend of training then I get to start the taper.  I am really excited to have many of my clients out there volunteering for this race.  If you are interested in volunteering for the challenged athletes then please contact me.

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