Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today was a tough workout. I did a 50 mile ride that included the Red Rock loop (which is pretty hilly) and then had to teach spin class. I took way too much time off the bike this last year and I am trying hard to get my endurance back. The bike is my strength of the three events in the triathlon and I am usually strong on hills. A good bike fit is so important. I really need to go and get fit on both my bikes again. I have sent several of my clients to the Bicycle Ranch in Scottsdale AZ. They are the BEST when it comes to getting a good fit. They will give you good recommendations for the right type of bike for your body. There website is I had a client that purchased a Cervelo P2 and went to the Bicycle Ranch to get fit. This client is very tall and his bike was a 61 (I think). When he got there the guy working named Chris, told him he had the wrong bike for him to properly fit. In fact it was impossible to fit him right on this bike. He could do a fit and get him in the best position for that bike, but in the end it was not a good bike for him. He ended up buying a custom Guru. He is one of the few tall men riding a tri bike that actually looks like he should. Next time I ride with him I will take a picture of him on his bike and post it. I can tell I need to get re-fit on my bike. I am having issues with my saddle. It is a good idea to get re-fit on your bike periodically. It is time for me to take my own advice and get re-fit!

There were a few of my clients racing this weekend. Nancy Dickensen is a client I recently started coaching and she did the Olympic distance race at Lake Las Vegas today and finished first place overall female finisher! Congratulations to Nancy. Nancy is an excellent swimmer and runner and has recently been trying to improve her bike skills. Her next big race is the Silverman Half. Good Luck! Nancy is a trainer with the same company I work for and that is Real Results (

Maria Cleveland is another client that got third place in her age group at the 1/2 Marathon in Big Bear. She did an excellent job on a very challenging course. Her next race is the Mt. Charleston hill climb and I am confident she will do great. Biking is her strength so I expect big things next weekend! Good Luck with the hill climb.

Sandra Michaels another client had her best time at a 5K race. She beat her previous time by almost 4 minutes. I train Sandra as part of the Real Results program. She has her last 10 pounds to lose and is training for the RTC 30 mile ride next month and the 1/2 Marathon in December. I would say she is well on her way to losing those last ten and becoming more fit! Great job this weekend. It just goes to show you no matter if your training for a 5K, Ironman, or Marathon that everybody has different starting points. For some of my clients it is so exciting to see them run their first mile! At first it might be a walk/run and then eventually they tell me they ran the whole thing. Then some will say "oh that is nothing compared to what you do". I tell them that I once started trying to get to a mile. It is a slow progression with small milestones that will get you to your goals. Goal setting is so important in life! Even more important is that you make your goals attainable, so you are not setting yourself up for disappointment.

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