Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This Weekends Race and Track Workout

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish everyone luck this weekend at the Mountain Man Event at Lake Mead! I swam with Earl and Tracey today and they felt like Michael Phelps in their wetsuit!
This week is Interbike in Las Vegas so I am lucky to be able to go look at all the new stuff! There is a cyclocross event at Dessert Breeze Park Wednesday night so we will not have a scheduled track workout. If you are free I would encourage you to come to the cyclocross event. I heard last year it was pretty cool to watch. I will post a track workout here and if anyone wants to complete it on their own they can. We will do the hill repeat workout next Wednesday!
We will still do the mini triathlon in the gym on Thursday night. It was a lot of fun last weekend so I encourage everyone who works out at LVAC Rainbow to come (well not everyone because that would be too many, but you know what I mean). If you are doing the race this weekend we will have a short version and you can use your wetsuit. Be there at 5:30pm.
The track workout is below. Keep in mind one lap is a lap around the LVAC track. If your on an outdoor track it will be a little longer of a workout.

Warm up with 5 laps easy. Before you begin jogging do some active stretches kicking your legs front to back and side to side.

Complete 2 laps doing surges every 10 seconds pick up the pace then easy for 10 seconds. Do this for the entire 2 laps

10 laps total
alternating one lap very fast one lap very easy even start the easy lap by walking do this 5x for a total of 10 laps
12 laps total
alternate two laps very fast one lap very easy same as above but complete two laps fast two easy total 3x
Complete 2 laps doing surges every 10 seconds same as when you started
Cooldown with 5 laps very easy walking the last lap.

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