Friday, September 18, 2009

Gym Etiquette

I want to talk about a few things that really bug me! I guess you could call it gym etiquette. I am a trainer at LVAC (Las Vegas Athletic Club) as well as a triathlon coach. It amazes me every day how rude, inconsiderate and just plain stupid people are in the gym. I am going to list some things that you should NOT do at the gym. These are basic things that I would think most people know, but let me tell you everyday, I see idiots doing these things.

  1. Lift weights right in front of the dumbbell rack. People do this all the time. Then, when I need to get a dumbbell they look at me like I am bothering them. STEP BACK ABOUT 6 STEPS!

  2. Remove your weight from machines after using them. I am amazed that some guys put 100's of pounds on leg press and other machines and then walk away from the machine without taking the weight off. If you put 10lb's or 500lb's on a machine, take it off when your done!

  3. Carry a towel and wipe off your sweat from machines. Come on, this is really basic common sense!

  4. Don't spit on the track, in the pool, in the steam room, actually ANYWHERE, it is gross!

  5. Talk really loud on your phone! This is annoying!

  6. In the lap pool don't just get in and swim in the same lane as someone else! Make sure you get the persons attention and ask "Can we swim circles". Then you can swim counter clock circles and not directly into each other. Also don't walk in the lap pool. It is for swimming laps!

  7. Too much cologne or perfume is gross when you are working out. LVAC is a huge gym. There are two people that I can smell clear across the gym when they are there. There is one guy that has on so much cologne and it smells so bad it grosses me out. Then in the morning this girl has on so much patchouli oil that I gag.

  8. Wash your gym clothes on a regular basis. This goes for guys mostly. Sometimes I get a whiff of mildewy smelling clothes and it is gross. Can they not smell themselves?

  9. If you think you may leave a spin class early DON'T get the bike right in front! Need I say more?

  10. Clipping nails, puma stoning feet, and blow drying your crotch are all things you should not do in the locker room! And what about those people who sit on the benches without anything on? Gross! Then there are the people who need to get ready while they are naked. Can you not get dressed, then blow dry your hair and put your make up on? Most of the time these are the really overweight people too!

  11. Sleeping on the bench in the pool area? REALLY

  12. Jumping jacks and sit-ups in the steam or sauna? RIDICULOUS
  13. Grunting? If your grunting lighten the weight!
  14. Looking at yourself in the mirror a lot. Checking for zits or whatever! These are the people not in the locker room but out on the gym floor.

I feel much better getting that off my chest. I am sure I could go on but I those 14 top my list. If you think of any more really annoying things comment on this or email me at!

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