Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Is The Little Things!

I have mentioned before, that I do personal training and triathlon coaching. It is so much fun to see someone complete their first Triathlon, Ironman, or Marathon. All of these are huge accomplishments. The average person couldn't even think about running 26.2 miles or better yet, running that far after a 112 mile bike ride AND 2.4 mile swim. As amazing as that may seem, I see even more amazing things everyday when I train people in the gym. Let me expand on this statement.
Last week I had three pretty amazing things that I witnessed at the gym. The first was when a client came in and said she was below 150lbs for the first time in a very long time. This was a big deal for her and I was extremely happy for her. She feels and looks amazing. The second great thing that happened last week, happened to a client of mine named Andrea. She has lost a considerable amount of weight (before I started training her so I can't take credit for that). She was overweight most of her life. Introducing new exercises to her has been a challenge. She does not like to do anything new or out of her comfort zone. Getting her to do push-ups was huge. She can now do them pretty good! We have discussed jogging and she refused to do it. She actually ran 2 laps around the gym on the track. She did it without stopping at all! It was great to see her running and NOW have the confidence to know that she can do it. The mind is a funny thing because it holds us back far more than our physical abilities do. I know you might be thinking, both these things are minor compared to a client who would do a Triathlon, Ironman or Marathon. To me as a personal trainer and coach these milestones in clients lives are just as big as any sporting event! The last really cool thing that happened was Saturday. I got a phone call from a guy I did not know. He wanted to know when I would be at the gym because he wanted to talk to me. I just happened to be pulling in so I met him at the front of the gym. I was thinking it was someone trying to sell me someone or a religious freak trying to convert me. It turned out to be one of my clients boyfriends. He handed me a card and said Thank You! I said for what? He said Karla got up for the first time in years on her water ski's! She did have enough strength to pull her up and they had been trying forever. It was a huge moment in their lives when she finally got up! It was so important to him that she accomplished this, that he came out of his way to give me a Thank You card and gift certificate (for Whole Foods - YUM)!
I thought about my previous week yesterday when someone asked me if I like what I do. I thought about all of these major things that happen to my clients daily. I don't know how I worked in the corporate world for so long and missed out on this job!

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