Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 - New and Exciting Things!

Tigger, Daisy and Spec's Christmas presents!

I am so thankful for all the Christmas gifts my clients got me and my dogs. Yesterday one of my clients Jamie gave me these really great stuffed animals for my dogs. They were so cute, soft, and pretty that I didn't want to give them to my dogs. Especially Tigger....he is part chow/lab and gets frenzied with stuffed toys. He is like a crazed beast getting the stuffing out. These were so cute I had a hard time giving it to them but I did! I kept telling Tigger to be nice. He went crazy! Daisy guarded the one that was a monkey. She kept it close by and growled when anyone came close! She acted like it was a steak but did not eat it just protected it!

I have a video below of the spectacle! Don't mind the bike on the trainer in the living room! That is pretty normal I guess in a triathletes house. FYI - it is not always there it just happened to be there because I did a ride that day on my trainer and wanted to watch the Criminal Mind marathon on A&E while riding!

I also got a gift certificate from this really great store at the Fashion Show Mall. It was Luluemon Athletica. OMG the stuff they have is so cute but so expensive. It is really great workout gear!

I have some great things planned for 2010. My personal training business is the majority of what I do. I am trying to expand and grow my triathlon, running, and swimming clients. Each year it seems to get better and better. During 2009 I got some great things started and they will continue to grow in 2010. I partnered with Rockin Runners and will be coaching a running group for them in 2010. I will be coaching the group that is running from the Henderson location. It will be meeting every Saturday at BioMechanics of Las Vegas We will be training for the San Diego Marathon in May. It is a great price for the entire program. If you sign up you will receive a marathon program and be able to run Saturdays with a coach (which will be me). You will also get your entry into the race included in the price! It is a great deal. If you are not interested in this race still check it out because there might be one you are interested in or you may know someone who is interested!

I finally finished an endurance training guide that I will provide to all my clients. I also got a new Tanita Ironman Body Composition Scale. I will be able to provide a great assessment to all clients throughout their training. Here is a picture of the scale and the analysis form.
This scale provides so much information. It provides body fat % and muscle mass in total and in body segments. You can get your total body fat and muscle mass in arms, legs and torso. It provides hydration level, visceral fat, bone mass, BMR, metabolic age, and gives a physique rating on a scale of 1-9. The physique rating is based on the ratio of muscle mass to body fat. It is really great and very accurate. I tested myself and it tested me at 15% bodyfat which is right on target.

In 2009 I got custom Coach Cyndee apparel and I will still be able to offer that in 2010. There will be more items available such as jackets, jerseys, and bibs. I will soon be getting headsweat visors too.

I have been working with several clients one on one at my house on my computrainer. This is another service that I will have available. Clients can get one hour custom workouts on my computrainer. A computrainer is an amazing tool that you can use to improve your biking fitness. You can ride custom courses, do intervals, and hill all on your own bike. It will provide you with great information such as watts, pace, cadence, and heart rate. The workouts are targeted and very specific depending on what you are training for.

In January I will be doing the track and hill workouts again. I will provide more information about these in the future. I will be teaching my usual classes at LVAC and 24 Hour Fitness. They are:

LVAC Rainbow Swim 101 and Mechanics Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-7pm
LVAC Rainbow Spin 1:30 pm on Saturday
24 Hour Fitness Summerlin Spin - Sunday 8am, Wednesday at Noon

I personally am training for Ironman St. George. I will be traveling to St. George to ride the course several times between now and May 1st. If you are training for this event then contact me if you are interested in training with us.

I wanted to pass along a great tool that someone shared with me. It is a website called This website is an amazing way to see how the freestyle stroke is supposed to look. It is an animated person swimming and you can slow it down or speed it up. You have to sign up for their blog (which is great) and download the swimming guy to your computer. I would recommend everyone check this out!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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