Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last Race of the Year And Some of My Favorite Things!

Next weekend is the Rock N Roll Vegas Marathon. I waited until today to finalize my registration. I must say this year has been a great year that included a lot of running! Even though I did not train exactly as I should have for the Vegas marathon I have a ton of mileage for the year under my belt. I did my first 50-mile run in August. You can read all about it in one of my first blog posts. I started the year training for Boston but ended up not doing it because of an injury and running the R&R Marathon in San Diego instead. 2011 will be my Boston year! I hope to finish the Vegas Marathon in 3:35 which is 4 minutes faster than my PR. Four minutes seems like nothing but it really would be amazing if I could pull it off. I plan to go see my friend Dr. Satterlee at Biomechanics of Las Vegas - for some last minute tune ups! He does a thing called ART (Active Release Therapy) on me that is amazing. I have a few issues in my hip and it has been very beneficial to see him periodically and before a race. He is also a triathlete so he understands the body better than other Chiropractors.

With the Holiday season coming I wanted to talk about some of my favorite things. If you are an endurance athlete then forward this page to your family and friends and maybe it will give them some ideas about what to get you for Christmas. So listen up!
  1. Zoot Running Shoes! These are the best shoes I have found. I like the Ultra TT. You can see all the shoes at
  2. The Book Born To Run. This book was amazing I recommend it to runners and non runners both!
  3. The Book Ultra Marathon Man. Another great book for anyone even if you don't run!
  4. Garmin 305 - this is easy to use and one of the best tools you can train with! They have great prices on
  5. ProBar is the best bar out there. They can be found at Whole Foods or
  6. for girls that are really FAST on bikes. They have cycle jerseys and shorts and cute t-shirts. They are awesome!
  7. CompuTrainer - OK this one is slightly more expensive but it is one of the best things I have for training. I could not live without mine!
  8. Fuel Belts are really cool but even better than the waist belt are the palm holders. This year training for the 50 mile run I came across these and use them now instead of the belt. You can carry one in each hand.
  9. Hammer Nutrition Heed is my favorite electrolyte drink. It is lower in calories and has a very mild taste.
  10. Muscle Trac is great for working out knots in legs, hips, low back, and calves. You can see this great gadget at
  11. TYR Split Fins are my absolute favorite swimming accessory! I use these in my warm up and when doing specific drills.
  12. Running Diva's clothing. I know this is another thing just for girls but I have a shirt from them that I love. It says Freakishly Strong! The pants I have say run, eat, sleep, run. I found them during the time I was training for my 50 mile run and it definitly fit at the time. You can find their stuff at

Those are a few of my favorite things and for the most part I use them all on a regular basis.

The last thing I want to talk about is some classes that I teach on a regular basis. I teach the following classes weekly:

Swim 101 and Swim Mechanics at LVAC Rainbow on Tuesday and Thursday 5:15-7pm

Spin LVAC Rainbow - Saturday 1:30

Spin Summerlin Agassi 24 Hour Fitness on Wednesday at Noon and Sunday 8am

Only for December I will be teaching the Monday Spin Class at the LVAC on Flamingo/215 at 6:45pm

After the marathon on the 6th I will be doing weekend rides and anyone is free to ride along with me. The ride is usually moderate pace about 16-18mph up near Red Rock.

In January I will be coaching a run group on Saturday mornings leaving from BioMechanics of Las Vegas on Pecos and 215. More details to follow!

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