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Triathlon Coaching - The Complete Package

Triathlon Coaching - The Complete Package

What does it involve?
The monthly training will consist of:
1. Strength training in the gym for one hour each week. The most neglected part of most endurance athletes program, is strength training. Coach Cyndee specialized in strength workouts specific for endurance athletes. Most endurance athletes don't know what to do in the gym and will do traditional workouts that are not helping them in their endurance training and actually may be hurting them and their performance.
2. Swim with Coach Cyndee once a week. You will meet with Coach Cyndee in the pool for one session each week. Each session will be one hour. I will work with you on technique and teach you how to become a better swimmer or learn to swim.
3. Triathlon Coaching will consist of daily emailed workouts. Each workout is detailed and specifically designed for you to get ready for your upcoming event. You will not have to think about anything in your training program because Coach Cyndee will have it all planned for you. All you have to do is do it!
You will also get a free Coach Cyndee T-shirt and visor!
Who can join?
I coach anyone who wants to train for any endurance event. It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced. It does not matter if you want to lose weight or have a specific goal you want to achieve by completing the event. You have found someone who can help you with strength training, help you in the pool and design your daily training schedule to prepare you for your race! There will be nothing for you to think about in your training routine. I will have it all planned for you. You just have to do it!
How much does it cost?
The one month program will consist of 4 one hour sessions in the gym doing strength training, 4 one hour sessions in the pool with Coach Cyndee, and individualized workouts emailed to you each day for you to complete on your own. It is only $300 for the month! You will also get a FREE Coach Cyndee Training Shirt and Visor for a limited time!
What times and locations is training?
Strength Training
Flamingo/215 LVAC – 6am – 9 am, 5pm-7pm, Tuesday and Thursday
Rainbow LVAC – 5am – 9am, 4pm – 7pm, Monday and Wednesday, 12pm-1pm Saturday
Pool Workouts
Rainbow LVAC – 1:30pm Monday and Wednesday, Saturday 3pm
Flamingo/215 LVAC – 5am Tuesday and Thursday, 9am Tuesday and Thursday
Each session is limited to 4 people so hurry now to get your spot!

Here are some clients I have trained that completed their events

Coach Cyndee

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