Sunday, July 11, 2010

Missing Your Workout.....What's Your Exuse?

As a trainer I have heard every excuse not to workout. Some may be valid excuses but in my book most are not. I recently have given this some thought and I felt the need to write about it. I rarely miss workouts but then again I am not NORMAL as my clients tell me on a regular basis. I have trained through migraine headaches, colds, blisters, a broken arm, extreme fatigue, mono (which I didn't know I had in college) and many more things. I know at times I should not have been working out but I am one extreme. Some of my clients are another end of the spectrum. They seem to be able to come up with any reason not to work out. Now I must say I love them all but I need to say the excuses need to go! In the last few months I have heard the following excuses (everyone will remain nameless:)
  • I forgot my sports bra and socks
  • I forgot my shoes
  • My toenails hurt (you runners know when your toenails get bruised at times)
  • I have a hair appointment
  • I had too much sex so I can't do legs today!
  • I got cramps
  • I took too much cold medicine
  • I went to bed too late
  • I was tired
  • I cut my toe
  • I didn't want to
  • I got a new puppy
  • I had to spend time with my boyfriend/husband
  • I am gym depressed
  • I have allergies
  • My dog is sick
  • The plumber is coming
  • I drank too much last night
  • I had to work late

I could keep going but you get the point. None of the things I listed above are good reasons in my book to miss a workout! I have had bruised toenails and yes they do hurt for a few days but I have always been able to continue to run. I have had cramps and I still manage to workout. I know I don't currently have a boyfriend but when I did, he would never expect me to miss a workout to be with him. If you forget something you need for your workout most times you can make due or run to Wal-Mart and by and cheap replacement. If you think your might be working late then get your workout done in the morning. I don't expect people to get a two hour run in with a migraine like I once did but a little headache? Sometimes an easy workout will help. Some of my best workouts were done when I really didn't want to do them and managed to get myself moving.

My point is don't let the excuses come too easy. If I sat here and really thought about it I could come up with several reasons why I shouldn't run tomorrow. But I don't do that I know I have to run and I do it. You should do the same. Stop the excuses and get out there and do it. You want to feel better, be healthy, lose weight, improve yourself and your performance. The only way you can do that is to stop coming up with reasons why you can't workout. Get moving and don't let your mind overpower your will. Plan your week and workouts and get them all in!


  1. You forgot it's my birthday and I was too tired from hiking ;)

  2. How about I slept thru my alarm.