Friday, June 3, 2011

Post Race Blues - Get Out of The Funk!

It never fails......I plan a big race a year in advance, train hard for months, the big day finally arrives and the excitement of getting there is amazing.  The joy of finishing almost indescribable.  The feeling lasts for several days and then a week later I find myself restless and ready for something else.
I raced at Ironman Texas May 21st, 2011. This was my 5th Ironman to complete.  The best feeling I have had in my life is crossing the finish line at an Ironman.  It is amazing and even better if the race went well like my latest one.  I was stoked and felt like I was in the best shape of my life.  I had my best performance and recovered better and faster than any other Ironman race.  Now its two weeks later and I am already restless without a big event right around the corner.  I have the same feeling I have had after every big event in my training history.  I don't have any big events immediately around the corner and to top it off I have cut back on my training.  All of which is good for my body to rest but I feel blah!  That is the only way to explain it.  No big workouts, light training and no endorphine rush!  Being an expert in fitness as a triathlon coach and personal trainer I know my body needs some easy weeks of training after an Ironman.  But my mind doesn't want that.  I get a rush out of training hard and having a goal approaching.  I can't explain why I am like that but it keeps me happy and my mind healthy.  My next big race isn't until October.  I have a few smaller ones throughout the summer but nothing major.  I know I am not the only person to experience post Ironman blues.  I have talked to others and they get what I am saying.  It is an uneasy and unfocused feeling. 

So what is my strategy to get me back on track?
  1.  Take this time to get personal stuff done that was put on the back burner for the past few months.
  2. Try some new things.  I recently bought the TRX training kit and will be doing this in place of strength training for a month.  I have been wanting to do this for a while. 
  3. Work on improving my speed and focus on a few shorter distance races throughout the summer.
  4. Focus more on flexibility by incorporating hot yoga into my schedule.  I will continue to see Coach Nancy once a week for my stretch session.....she is amazing and keeps my body healthy through all the training.  Check her out at
  5. Put more time into my personal training business and triathlon coaching business. My business is busy but there are several things I have wanted to do to make it better.  This is the time to do it!
Hopefully my mind will soon get out of the funk and get focused with my plan. 

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