Sunday, December 5, 2010

Race Day Done! Great Job Everyone!

About year ago Dr. Satterlee at BioMechanics of Las Vegas asked me if I wanted to coach a running group called the Rockin Runners in Henderson. I kept saying, "I really don't have time." He kept asking, and reluctantly I said yes. Today I am very grateful I did say yes. It is a great feeling to see the people from the group finish their first half and full marathon. In June we started training for the Las Vegas Marathon. I asked one of my elite athletes that I coach and a personal trainer, Nancy to help me coach the group. She has proven to be an asset to the group. Together we have coached the group to run the Rock and Roll Marathon that took place today. Nancy ran the half race today and was the first one from our group to finish. She finished in an unofficial time of 1:34. She did outstanding and now is training for the Rock and Roll Arizona full marathon in January.

I live about 3 miles from the race so I dropped a few people off in the morning and parked my car at the Mandalay Bay. Last year I have a very funny story of my marathon experience. If you know me, you know the story. I have an old blog post about it if you want to read it. Last year the course once again went directly in front of my house. I stopped at mile 23 and went home....I know that's lame but I did it. I decided I can never run this race since it goes in front of my house. The temptation is too much. This year I wanted to cheer on the full marathon people so I ran 3 miles from the Mandalay Bay to my house. Does that count for a full? I ran 23 last year and the 3 that I missed last year I got in this year........nice try!
As I was running from Mandalay Bay to my house I saw several people that I know. I saw Chris who was running a pretty good pace. He is a triathlete that I know that competes in Ironman races. I am guessing he had to have finished in 3:30 or so but not sure. Great job Chris!

Next I see Toshie who is an amazing runner. She did the 50 mile run last year in something like 9 hours! 26.2 is no problem for her.

Then Stacey who runs with our Henderson group. She wants to finish sub 4 hr and she did it finishing in 3:53. Great job Stacey!
I ran home and got my dogs Daisy and Tigger and went back out to the course to see if I could spot anyone else. Daisy wanted to run with everyone and was barking like crazy and Margaret noticed us! She runs with us in Henderson too. She was doing excellent. I think she finished in 4:15. By that time I had to take my mutts for a short run and head home.
Facebook is a wonderful thing. I saw pictures on their of Leilani, Dalia, Ronnie, and Tiffany after the race. They are all looking great after their 13.1 run! Their pictures are at the top of this. For most of the group this was their first half or full marathon. When you accomplish something like that the feeling is amazing.
I am so glad to be a small part of helping people accomplish their goals. It is so rewarding to see people achieve a goal they have worked so hard for.

We will start our running group back up after the New Year. If you want a group to run with then we have a great group of people! Here is a photo of our last run before the marathon!

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