Monday, December 6, 2010

Nancy's Perspective

I have coached Nancy Dickenson for almost 2 years now. She is an amazing athlete. It has been great to coach an athlete as talented as her. This year she had a great year qualifying for and competing in The National Long Course Triathlon in October. At nationals she qualified for Worlds Long Course which will be held here in Vegas in 2011. Nancy happens to be a great personal trainer at LVAC Central location. About 6 months ago I asked her to help me coach a running group in Henderson called The Rockin Runners. Here is her perspective on the group, which is the best running group around...............
Last Summer I received a serious distress text message from my Coach/respected Colleague, Cyndee Platko..."I need your help."

Anything for you! I of course replied. Little did I know that my attempt to GIVE Cyndee help turned out to be one of the best coaching experiences I've ever RECEIVED. Cyndee asked me to co-coach the Henderson location Rockin Runners of the Athlete's Foot shoe store. The program, intended to be a beginner run/walk training group for the Las Vegas Marathon; was in reality a multidimensional wellness learning program full of camaraderie and the shared love for endurance. I was in heaven.

Upon entering the group as a new coach, I was so fortunate to walk right into Cyndee's exceptional structure and expertise in training for one's first Half/Full Marathon. Her extensive background in endurance training made me utterly confident that we would guide these brave new run/walkers in the right direction. I felt as though I hit the jackpot in a coaching partnership as Cyndee and I shared a similar vision for our loyal people, though we were able to give our own independent perspectives on endurance training.

Oh and our loyal people!....I may have been the coach, but boy did I learn a LOT from our runners in every facet. Everyone so hard working and so dedicated on a level so inspiring to say the least. Smiling faces at 5am every Saturday morning...voluntarily...that is good character. And everyone exhibited that love (except for when I stretched you). I feel so rich to have been chosen to guide such character in their endurance endeavors.

I want to thank Cyndee, the Athlete's Foot, Biomechanics of Las Vegas, and especially our runners for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for your faith in my coaching abilities. Thank you for your reciprocated hard work. Thank you for your love of running! Consider me endlessly dedicated to your wellness and endurance goals!

Much love,
Nancy Dickinson

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