Saturday, December 25, 2010

I Run Because.......

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day! I am in Montana enjoying some time with my family. The weather is cold, foggy, and snowy but that did not stop me today going for a run. Yesterday I ran in the local gym on the treadmill and thanks to my iPod I made it through 10 miles on the treadmill. I hate running on the treadmill and I really don’t like the cold. Today it is about 20 degrees in Montana. I really didn’t have an option today except to run outside. Hesitantly, I begin the preparation process for the cold run that I plan on embarking on. My dad, mom, and sister all watch me put layers of clothes on. I have three shirts, a jacket, gloves, headband over ears, and full face hat (that I mostly use for riding but came in handy today). My dad comments that I have to go through a lot of work just to get ready to run. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last in the cold but was hoping to go 6 miles. I was reluctant to step outside but forced myself out the door. As I began my run I didn’t feel the cold or dampness at all. I actually felt really good. Then about 10 minutes into my run I realized the beauty around me. It was amazing! Yes, this is why I run. I love running in unfamiliar places and I love taking in the beauty around me. As I kept running I was amazed by the beauty of the snow, the trees, the fog, the sound of the crunch of snow under my feet, the snow falling from the trees….it was all so beautiful. It reminds me why I love to run. Before my run I didn’t want to go and now I have pictures in my head that I will never forget. The beauty of my run today takes me back to a different kind of beauty at my first marathon. The Maui Marathon was the first marathon I completed. What a beautiful thing to run along the coast of Maui and see whales playing right off shore! How many people can say they have seen that beauty? The 50-mile run I did in San Francisco’s Headlands Park was amazing for its beauty. It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done but the things I saw on that run will never leave my memory. Running by the river with my dog Tigger in Atlanta was always beautiful and a great run. Running in New Jersey and seeing deer as we ran was another great sight to see. I have so many great memories of my runs throughout the years. I absolutely love to run and some of my best runs were when I really didn’t want to go at first like today!
Today was a short run but an Epic run because it reminded me why I run. I run because……….

I run because I see beautiful things most people NEVER get to see and enjoy like I do on a run.
I run because of the way it makes me feel when I am done.
I run because it keeps me healthy.
I run because it keeps me sane.
I run because it allows me to eat Twizzlers.
I run because it challenges me ON every run!
I run because it takes me to new places I would never see from a car.
I run because my dogs love to run.
I run because it helps me think clearly.
I run because I get to meet so many great people that also love to run.
I run because I LOVE TO RUN!

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