Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Cyndee

This is the first day of my blog entry. I am not sure how this will go or how dedicated I will be to writing this but I thought I would give it a try. It is Sunday so that means my day is pretty boring. Not that other days are so exciting but let me just fill you in on what I did.

I was able to sleep in today until 6am. That is several hours past the normal time I get up, so that was kind of nice. I had to teach a spin class at the 24 Hour Fitness in Summerlin at 8am. I had some new music so I was somewhat excited about trying it out. I downloaded a few new songs that I really liked. Careless Whisper by Seether was one of them, and Wanted by Jesse James was another. After spin class I had to look forward to a 2 hour run. By this time the weather was getting hot. It must have been at least 100. After finishing my run I had an incredible headache so it was Advil and nap time until 3.

At 4pm I had to go to a clients house to teach her to swim. It continues to amaze me the amount of adults that don't know how to swim. If there is one thing that parents can do for their children, it is to teach them how to swim. It is so hard to learn as an adult. I have a ton patience and even I get frustrated teaching adults to swim. When I tell someone to kick with their lets straight and they bend their legs thinking they are kicking with straight legs it drives me crazy. Then again I am telling them kick with straight legs but bend your knees a little and keep feet flexible! It sounds ridiculous but that is how you kick when you swim! OK enough about teaching people how to swim. It is not easy to teach an adult to swim and that is that.

The rest of the night is for relaxing and getting to bed early. I am getting up at 3am to be at the gym at 5am to train clients. It is so hot in Las Vegas I have to walk my dogs before I go to work. So that means 3am is the time to get up!

OK I know that was an exciting day but hopefully I will have more excitement to talk about tomorrow.

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