Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Ways To Recover, Have You Tried Yoga?

Recovery should be part of the f training for a marathon or triathlon.  Many people simply focus on training and completely forget to do things to help them recover from all their hard work.  It is sad but true and ultimately it could lead to injury.  I have already talked about some ways that I recover such as massage and Epsom's salt baths.  Another thing I try and do once a week is Bikram Yoga.  There are many types of yoga but I prefer this yoga.  It seems to focus more on balance and stretching which is what I need many runners and triathletes could benefit from it too. It is 90 minutes and it is done in a hot and humid room.  Some people may not like that but that is exactly why I really enjoy about it.  The heat feels great and when I stretch I prefer to be in a hot room.  Some of the things I like about Bikram are:

  • You know what to expect it is always the same
  • Many of the stretches and postures are exactly what triathletes and runners need.  The stretches focus on lower back strength, back flexibly, stretching hips, hamstrings, quads and pecs. All of those can be very tight in athletes. 
  • Most places that offer Bikram Yoga keep their classes very structured and prevent people from leaving and coming in late which can  cause distractions.  Less distractions helps keep me focused on what I am doing.
  • I have a hard time staying focused and this helps me work on improving that.
If Bikram Yoga  is not for you there are many other types of yoga to try.  Many gyms also offer stretching classes that are also great.  If you are like me you need a structured class otherwise you will do it half ass.  I have tried setting a block of time to stretch on my own at home and do a structured routine but in the end I sit in front of the TV on my yoga mat and hang out with my dogs.  It never happens and I may do a few stretches and that is it.  A good 60-90 minute class once or twice a week will do you a lot of good.  Remember recovery is just as important as training itself!

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