Sunday, February 5, 2012

Race Day Preparation Again and Some of My Favorite Things!

Yes it is only February and I already have my second big race of the year coming up next week. I am racing the Half Ironman in Panama.  In October when I decided to do it I thought that it was a good idea.  Now that it is here and I just did a marathon a few weeks ago I am thinking it was not such a great idea.  But here we are and we have invested enough money we can't back out now!  Some of my challenges with this race are:
  • I just ran the Phoenix marathon January 15th so much of my training was focused on running. I have had limited time on my bike.  My swim is solid but I would have liked to have been on my bike more.
  • Panama is about 90 degrees and very humid right now.  Vegas is cold and dry.  I am hoping the heat doesn't get to me.
I traveled last year to Costa Rica in February to do the REV 3 Half Ironman.  I traveled with a company called Endurance Travel.  We will be using them for my race in Panama.  It was the best way to race in a foreign place. They picked me up from the airport.  Took us to and from the race. They took us to dinner each night. It was great.  I would highly recommend them if you are traveling in a place that you are not familiar with.  Their website is

I am slightly concerned about the heat. I have not been training in heat at all recently.  In fact it has been a little chilly here in Vegas.  Both me and my boyfriend use the skin cooler clothing by Desto Sports.  I used the skin cooler cool wings product when I did Ironman Texas this past year.  I will be using it again in Texas and in Panama next week.  I also use the cooler top which has a place to put ice in.  I use the arm cooler in training during the summer in Vegas.  When training in the  heat these products are lifesavers!  You can find all of the skin cooler clothing by Desoto on their website at  I also race in the Desoto speed suit when I am not able to wear a wetsuit. I don't think we will be able to wear a wetsuit in Panama.  It is very possible I will not be able to wear a wetsuit in Ironman Texas and will have to wear a speed suit also. 

I mentioned in my previous post what my nutrition will be. I just received my new shipment of CarboPro products.  I will be using those as I outlined in my previous post.  One thing I failed to mention in my previous post is that I will use the mini cliff bars for some nutrition as well. During a half I usually eat one of those. In a full I will have 2 or 3. 

I took my bike in to my favorite mechanic Eric at McGee's here in Vegas.  He tuned it up, put on much needed new chain and brakes.  I rode today for a short 25 miles to make sure everything was working good. It rode great! 

I hope to schedule a massage before I leave for Panama.  I also will try and get some ART (active release therapy) done on my hip before I leave.  I will try and get stretched by the expert Nancy Dickenson

When I fly and when I race I wear my favorite compression socks! CEP socks are awesome. The full socks are great to wear when you fly.  For racing I wear the calf sleeve because you can swim in it.   If you want these socks contact me because I sell them! 

I honestly don't have high expectations for my performance in this race but I do want to have fun.  Racing in a different place is always a great experience.  I am excited for the adventure!

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