Friday, December 16, 2011

I know its hard but just do it!

This time of year it is such a challenge to stay motivated but this time of year is really critical to your performance next year.  It is the best time to work on technique in all areas of the triathlon sport.  In each area you can focus on key elements of your training:
  • Swim - this is a great time to add some drills into your swim set.  I have athletes do some other strokes during this time of year.  Incorporating back and breast stroke will help strengthen your freestyle swim. 
  • Bike - this is the time to add some cadence and single leg drills into your training.  These are best done on the trainer and will help improve your performance on the bike.  Increasing your cadence on the bike will be beneficial during your race season!
  • Run - Some of your easy/moderate medium distance runs, pick one area to focus on.  Some example are:
    • Cadence - 90 steps per minute
    • Arm movement - make sure your not crossing over in front or hunching your shoulders.
    • Mid-foot landing - many runners heal strike and don't even realize it.
    • Minimize your impact by listening to your run...can you hear your landing? You should not be able to hear yourself run.
  • Strength training - do two days of strength training a week.  During the race season it may be hard to even do one day.  This time of year try and add an additional day. 
Most important don't become lazy and think you will get back in the pool in January or February or think you will get back on the bike at a later date.  Maintain your fitness in all areas during the off season!

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