Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It is getting close

Saturday I will be running 50 miles at the Headlands run in San Francisco. I feel ready to get it over with and get back on my bike. I have not been riding much except teaching spin classes. It will be good to get out on the bike. For those clients training for the local triathlons, I will soon have some organized rides since I wont be running so much.
We had our usual open water swim this past weekend. There was only one person who had a panic attack! There will be several more open water swims before September. The next one is tentative for August 15th or 16th.
Tonight we are having a track workout at the Rainbow LVAC at 6pm. We will meet at the stretch area. Tonight we will do 1/2 mile and mile intervals. Bring lots of water and a towel!
I will probably not update until after my run this weekend. Stay tuned!

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