Sunday, August 30, 2009

Don't believe everything you read and a few more supplements on my top list

Above is my new logo for my business. At the bottom of the blog you will see a picture of the t-shirts that are now available on my website. The design below is on the front of the shirt and the logo at the top of this page is on the back top of the shirts. They are a great tech material.

This last weekend a few of us went to the lake to do a brick workout. It was really good to finally get back on my bike. I was running so much over the past several months that I rarely (ok, not at all) got on my bike. Saturday we did a short ride, run, and swim at Lake Mead. Today me and Cory went for a ride after I taught spin. My legs were a little tired and my butt now hurts! I know that will go away once I am on the bike more. I forgot how much I enjoy riding. Cory is a good match for me to ride with. We are pretty equal on the bike. When you are looking for a training partner it is important to find someone close to your level. If you train with people above your ability you will likely over train and push too hard. On the other hand if you train with someone who is a lot slower you will not train to your potential.

In my blog the other day I talked about my top five supplements. I forgot to mention a few really great supplements. So many people have trouble sleeping. Sleep is one of the most important things to help in your training. A good night sleep lets your body recover from your training. Two supplements that I like and have personally used are:

  1. Natural Factors Tranquil Sleep
  2. Recovox -

These two supplements have been life savers for me. When I am training a lot for something like an Ironman, I find I have trouble sleeping. As good as exercise is for you it increases the production of a hormone called cortisol. If your cortisol is too high you might have trouble sleeping, trouble losing weight, you may lose muscle, and training may be a struggle. Recovox helps keep cortisol levels low. This is an amazing supplement. I find when taking this I can have a day of hard training and feel as fresh as can be the following day for training.

Now I want to talk about something that really bugs me. Being a personal trainer and triathlon coach I have a lot of people asking me questions about health and training all the time. I give them my opinion, and then sometimes I hear from them, "Well I read on the Internet that....". I have one guy that swims at the club I work at during my swim class. He is an Internet junky. He just recently got into the sport of triathlon (he has done one). He must spend every spare second reading everything online he can find about triathlons. The worst part is he believes everything. There is so much junk out there you cant believe everything you hear or read. What I do for one client might be completely different for another. Everyone is different and responds different to a variety of training. It is very important to take bits and pieces of what you read and ultimately find what works for you. Take it all with a grain of salt. A great example is, all the diets that have come out over the years. Some of the popular diets have been promoted by physicians. Does that mean they have worked or been healthy? The answer is NO! Ultimately what works to lose weight is workout more and eat less. Sure you want to eat healthy foods too but lets face it weight loss is not rocket science.

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