Some Days You Have It and Some Days You Don't......It Happens!

Like everyone else I have days that I'm excited to go run and then I have days where its so hard to get motivated to go.  I'm training for an ultra marathon and Sunday I had an 18 mile run scheduled.  I was actually looking forward to it and had a route mapped out.  I struggled most of the run and ended it at 16 miles.  It was tough I felt very lethargic even though I had plenty of sleep.  I felt defeated by the end of the run and was disappointed.  I took the next day off from working out then was going to run on Tuesday.  Monday night I stayed up much later than normal because it was New Years Eve. Tuesday I had things to do in the morning so I decided to run in the afternoon and we were going to run 8 miles.  I didn't feel great and almost decided to tell my boyfriend I didn't want to run.  It was New Years Day and I just wanted to relax and I didn't feel that great.  I had a runny nose and was sneezing and wasn't sure if it was just allergies or the beginning of a cold.  I sucked it up and went for a run anyway.  The first mile was tough because it was windy, cold and I didn't feel great but after that I started to feel really good.  I was able to pick up my pace and ended up having a really great run.
I don't know why one day you can feel like crap on a run and another day you can feel great.  What I do know is that you shouldn't let your mind prevent you from running.  Tuesday if I had listened to my mind and not done my run I would have missed out on a great run!  Your mind is a powerful thing and it can get the best of you if you let it.  Some of my best workouts are workouts that I really didn't want to do.
Just get out and get it done.  Not every workout will be the best but when you have a good one you'll feel amazing!


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