Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Emerge From The Holiday Season Feeling Great With These 10 Tips

Believe it or not the average person only gains a few pounds during the holiday season.  I think people may feel like they gain more because they may feel less fit or less healthy since they may be working out less or maybe not making healthy choices when it comes to their diet.  Maybe they are not necessarily eating a lot more calories but the calories they are eating may not be as nutritionally dense.  So here are a few tips to stay on track and avoid feeling bloated and out of shape after the holiday season.

  1. Try not to skip workouts.  If you are crunched for time shorten your workout rather than skipping it.  Another option is to break up your workout into two smaller workouts in one day.  
  2. Always have a good salad or vegetable with your meal.  This will fill you up with lots of fiber and vitamins and you may eat less of the not so healthy food.
  3. If you are going to a party don't go hungry.  Have a healthy meal or snack before you go.  
  4. Limit your alcohol days to one a week.  That one day a week  you should give yourself a limit. 
  5. Don't skip meals to save up for a party that evening.  
  6. If you are traveling take your workout gear with you and be adventurous.  Go for walks, hikes and runs, and explore new areas. 
  7. When eating out always inquire about how something is prepared and if you can make healthy substitutions. 
  8. Drink plenty of water because being dehydrated can increase your appetite.  
  9. When indulging for Thanksgiving or Christmas watch your serving size and pick one bad thing not 4! For example eat either stuffing or mashed potatoes not both.  Little things add up!
  10. Sign up for events like turkey trot's, santa runs and have fun!
Nobody wants to start the new year feeling bloated and out of shape!  You can have a great holiday season and go into the New Year feeling great.  

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