Thursday, March 2, 2017

10 Foods To Avoid If You Want To Be Healthy

We all strive to do better when it comes to our food choices.  Something very easy for you to do is to make sure you NEVER buy these foods again and if you do have them at home you should throw them out! Whenever you eat always think about the nutritional value of the food.  Think about how it will benefit your body and these 10 foods will not benefit you in any way!
  1. Boxed cereal - even the so-called healthy cereal is usually crap so just avoid this isle in the grocery store.  Most times it contains added sugar and if you examine the label you will probably not understand half of the ingredients.  Most people eat cereal with milk which is another product I would avoid like the plague.  Milk contains so many gross thinks such as antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, and pus.  It is also very hard for many people to digest milk because of the lactose sugar.  Milk can also cause people prone to allergies and asthma to produce too much mucus.  Stick to oatmeal instead of cereal and instead of milk add unsweetened almond, rice or coconut milk if you need anything added to your oatmeal. 
  2. Crackers/Chips - these are just empty calories without nutritional value.  If you need something crunchy then make yourself kale chips, at least you will get some vitamins.  Crackers and chips contain hydrogenated oils which cause inflammation in the body.  
  3. Bacon - I know it's only 45 calories a strip, but it is really high in fat, sodium, and the preservative sodium nitrate.  It causes inflammation and doesn't contain much nutritional value. 
  4. Cheese - it's high in sodium and fat and very low in nutritional value other than calcium.  Cows are feed too many antibiotics which are passed on in the cheese.  
  5. Soda/gatorade/juice - all sugary drinks should be avoided.  Most people consume way too much sugar and these drinks contain very little nutritional value.  
  6. Frozen meals - even the so-called healthy frozen meals still have added preservatives and because you have to microwave it they lose a lot of the nutritional value they may have had.
  7. Lunch meat - Because of the processing they go through most lunch meats are packed with extra sodium as well as nitrates. There are plenty of reasons to take a pass on lunch meats, or at least to read the labels before you buy in order to make sure that you are getting meat that isn’t loaded with fillers and additives. 
  8.  White rice/white noodles/white bread - avoid all of these they don't contain much nutritional value and are highly processed.  
  9. Yogurt - while not all yogurt is unhealthy a lot of it has added sugar which causes a host of problems from diabetes to chronic inflammation.  Yogurt is also like milk and is very bad for allergy and asthma sufferers because it produces mucus.  
  10. Dried fruit - you may think this is healthy but its a very concentrated form of sugar and its very easy to sit and eat an entire bag of dried apricots or mangos which can contain more than 100 grams of sugar!  Many products even have added sugar which is completely over the top!

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