Monday, February 6, 2017

Easy Steps To Reduce Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your body both mentally and physically.  Stress can lead to a host of medical problems that could potentially lead you to a doctor or hospital visit.  It can cause a host of problems that you don't want.

Stress can cause:
  • anxiety
  • rapid heart rate
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • headaches
  • muscle tension
  • ulcers
  • stomach distress
  • heart burn
  • over/under eating
  • poor nutritional choices
Take these simple steps to reduce the stress in your life:
  • Try sticking to a schedule and planning your day/week in advance.
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier than normal so you can have some quiet time and aren't rushing to get out the door.  Maybe use this time for meditation or whatever relaxes you.
  • Do something you have always wanted to do but just haven't taken action to do it. If you have been thinking about volunteer work then do it.  If you have wanted to take a class then do it.  Do something for yourself that you want to do.
  • Add de-stressing aromatherapy to your life.  Lavender, Chamomile, Frankincence, Rose, and Vanilla are all good to reduce stress. You can use them in a diffuser or apply them to the back of your neck or temples.  If you use them on the skin you can dilute them with a carrier oil such as almond or grapeseed oil.  
  • Reduce the time you spend with toxic people.  We all know them and have them in our life, they are people who are full of negativity.  Limit the time you spend with these people as much as possible.  At first it might be hard and you might feel guilty but in the end they will likely find someone else to complain to.  
  • Quit procrastinating, get organized, and just do it.  If you let things pile up then you will get stressed out.  An example is my laundry.  I have lots of laundry because I workout two times a day and I do massage so I always have to wash massage sheets.  I have to do at least two loads a day or it would pile up and that would stress me out.  
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.  If you are very overwhelmed then turn to a loved one or friend and ask them to help you out with some things so you can get caught up.  Once you get caught up then pay attention to the previous tip and don't procrastinate just get things done.  
  • Try a yoga class they are relaxing, and good for you.
  • Take a bath with some of the essential oils mentioned above for reducing stress or better yet try some of my epsom salts with essential oils for reducing stress. 
  • Schedule a massage at least once a month. 
  • Try drinking herbal teas to relax.  You can find some that are specifically for relaxing and stress. Passionflower and Chamomile are two that are good for stress and anxiety.  
  • Get adequate sleep every night.  Don't try and catch up on the weekend because this doesn't work you will feel run down and more stressed.  Getting enough sleep will help you feel refreshed and think clearly to get things accomplished.  
Stress is very dangerous for your body and continued stress over years will lead to a lot of health problems.  Try accomplishing one of these tips each month and it won't seem so overwhelming.  Good Luck! 

Coach Cyndee

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