Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stay Healthy In The Fall and Spring With Wellness Formula

It never fails in the spring and fall people seem to fall victim to a sinus infection, cold, flu, or upper respiratory infection.  The change of season seems to trigger some type of immune response that lowers peoples resistance and makes them vulnerable to these infections or viruses.  I have been fortunate and rarely fall victim to these illnesses.  If I do catch something it usually doesn't get me down for long.  Its not that I have a super charged immune system its a combinations of several things.

  • the right supplements
  • adequate sleep
  • a good diet
  • proper hydration
  • low stress
  • limiting alcohol 

An important part of my fall and spring immune boosting program is to take a product called Wellness Formula by Source Naturals.  This product is a great formula designed to boost your immune system. It has a combination of 30 powerful ingredients designed to help you boost your immune system.  I usually start taking it in September and continue for several months.  I start again in spring around March when my allergies come around.  Allergies can lower your immune system and make you vulnerable to infections or viruses.  I only take 1 tablet a day unless I feel like I am getting sick then I bump it up to 2-3 a day.  If I do feel like I am getting sick I try and catch it with the very first symptoms.  If I feel just a little off I will take action because if you wait too long its too hard to keep it at bay.  Some of the beginning symptoms of getting sick with cold or flu can be:

  • unusual or excessive fatigue
  • headache 
  • muscle aches
  • scratchy throat or even unusually dry throat
  • elevated heart rate
  • runny nose/stuffy nose
  • sneezing 
  • shortness of breath
If I feel like I am getting sick I also take zicam and emergenC at the first signs that something is off.  Keep in mind that your diet will help keep your immune system healthy.  Eating lots of antioxidant rich foods will help you stay healthy.  Limit alcohol because drinking too much will dehydrate you and lower your immune system.  Another thing that will help keep your immune system healthy is getting enough sleep.  Lack of sleep is a problem for so many people and can lead to unhealthy weight gain and lowered immune system which make you more susceptible to illness.  

Be Healthy and Stay Well!

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