Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How To Stay Focused On Your Health Through Adversity

Many times I have clients that take time off from working out because of things that have happened in their life such as a death, sickness, stress, or work related issues.  When you are unhappy or stressed that is the time you NEED to be working out and taking care of yourself. 
worst day of my life
best friends
This past year I have experienced several stressful and devastating things in my life.  If you know me you know my love for my animals.  I don’t have kids so they are my life and I literally plan my schedule around them.  I work a job that enables me to come and go throughout the day so I don’t have to leave them for too long at any one time.   So when I found out my running partner and best friend for the past 8 years had cancer I was devastated.  I took her in to the vet in July for a cough and the next day I was taking her to be put to sleep.  I didn’t care about anything and just wanted to stay in my house with my remaining two dogs Tigger and Spec.  I didn’t have an appetite and I cried non-stop for days.  I finally rallied myself together and managed to do a workout, which was tough to do.  Once I was doing it I felt better and realized it was good for me.  My first run after her death was really hard but necessary to do.  I cried during my run and thought about her the entire time.  I knew I had to keep going for her memory, my health (mental and physical), and for my other dogs.  Running without her wasn’t the same but it helped me through my grieving because I often thought about her and the miles and miles she ran with me over the years.  It was important for me to keep exercising while going through this tough time.  Exercise stimulated my appetite, which was non-existent from the extreme sense of loss and sadness I had.  Some people overeat when they are stressed and others don’t eat at all.  Both are unhealthy and can lead to unnecessary weight gain or loss. 
her last day, car ride, park
and puppichino 
You may be dealing with the loss of a loved one, illness of a loved one, loss of a job,  or a lot of stress at your current job.  Exercise will be the one thing that will help you through all of those things.  Exercise will help keep you focused on your diet and your mind focused on your health.  No matter what your dealing with keep focused on your health and make it your priority.

After two months I still think about Daisy every day and miss her more than you can imagine.  She died way too young at 9 and I think about how much longer I should have had with her.  Of all my dogs she was my problem child, she didn’t like people much, didn’t like other dogs but she was devoted to me and would have died protecting me.  Having a friend like that is something you find only once in a lifetime.  I know I will never have another dog like her but I knew I needed to get another dog.  It was tough to think about but I knew that the right one would come along when the time was right.  A month after Daisy died I met Lilly and knew she was the one within hours of meeting her.  She is the complete opposite of Daisy in many ways because she loves people and other dogs and doesn’t seem to be frightened of anything.  Daisy was scared of everything, which was part of her problem with aggression.  As much as Lilly is different from Daisy there are many things that are similar.  Every night before bed Daisy would come up to my pillow and look at me in the eyes and I would pet her a few minutes and talk to her.  Then she would get up, go to her spot on the bed and do a few circles before lying down.  Lilly does the exact same thing every night!   I have a new running partner and rescued a great dog.  It amazes me someone didn’t want this wonderful dog but I am glad she found me. Whatever you are going through use exercise to help you through it because it will help!

running with her was the best

Lilly and I running and visiting the spot where I spread
Daisy's ashes.  

my tattoo of her running with me

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