Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Managing Your Injuries and Annoying Pains While Training

Over the years I have had various minor injuries that have put a glitch into my training.  I have been very fortunate to have been able to train through most of my issues. I have not had any major problem that had me down for any significant time.   Some of the problems include:

  • Piraformus syndrome
  • Plantar faciatis 
  • Migraines
  • Anterior tibia tendonitis
  • Tendonitis of the retinaculum tendon - top of foot
  • Strained glute medius
  • Sacral cysts
I am sure there are things I am forgetting but those are the ones that really stand out as causing me some issues.  Probably the worst thing I have had to deal with was the piraformus syndrome.  I had this a long time ago when I did not know about active release therapy and graston therapy which most Chiropractors can perform.  I saw a sports ortho specialist when I had piraformus syndrome and had a variety of treatments for it, none of which worked until I found ART.  I had cortisone and lidacane injections and physical therapy and got no relief from the pain.  When I moved to Las Vegas and met a chiropractor who did ART I finally found relief.  Years ago before I knew about ART and Graston I also had plantar faciatis and saw a podiatrist for it.  He gave me a cortisone injection and it took it away.  I was lucky that time because many times it doesn't work.  I recently started having pain in my heel and it has been almost 15 years since the previous bout with plantar fasciatis.  I am training for Ironman Maryland so it has had me a little worried.  I went to my favorite chiropractor Dr. Savatchy at Canyon Lake Neck and Back. He did graston and ART and I had immediate relief and didn't have any pain for several weeks.  I was excited until that second week when it started acting up again.  At first it didn't bother me when running and would only hurt in the morning, but it began to affect my running. I was having significant pain during my runs.  I went back for more grason and ART and the same thing happened. I had immediate relief and in a few weeks it returned.  It was especially bad after spending time in Hawaii and doing several long hikes.  I run in pretty minimalistic shoes and have done that for about 6 years.  I do a lot of balancing exercises along with minimal shoes I am confident I have pretty strong feet.  I thought I would try running in a pair of shoes with more support to see if that would help.  I went back to Dr. Nick and was telling him I bought the new shoes and he immediately said that was not a good idea.  I was kind of surprised and he told me he would stick with the minimal shoes.  He also said that when I do strength training I should do it in very minimal shoes maybe even barefoot.  I also stand a lot at work and he told me to do the same while at work.  I had a pair of Vibram shoes so I thought I would start wearing those again.  I had not worn them for years so I dusted them off and put them on while at work, walking my dogs and doing strength training.  I also stuck with my minimal shoes (Brooks Pure Cadence) for running.  To my utter amazement this has helped significantly!  I am also doing some self massage, using arnica and doing hot/cold therapy.  I think the main thing that has helped is wearing my Vibrams.  I can't really explain it but it has helped.  Dr. Nick told me he has the same problem I was having and he said that he noticed when he would do things in shoes with a lot of support his foot would hurt.  For example after hiking in hiking shoes he would have heel pain.  That was exactly what happened with me.  After those hikes in Hawaii my heel was probably the worst it had been.  After the one run in my new more supportive shoes my heel hurt. There is no scientific proof to back this up but its worth a try if you are experiencing the same problem.  

I do many things to stay healthy so that I can remain active.  I get massage on a regular basis along with stretching and foam rolling.  I also do Bikram yoga and I have been known to do an ice bath after a long training session.  I am confident all of this goes a long way in keeping me from getting sidelined by a major injury.  

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