Friday, January 10, 2014

New Year - No Excuses

 I have heard every reason for someone missing a workout.  Some are valid reasons and some complete bogus. As their trainer, I have to have a non-judgmental but firm attitude with clients when they miss workouts.  I am not in their body and don’t know how sick or not sick they may be. I realize not many people are like me and slightly obsessive when it comes to missing workouts.  I want people to get into a good routine and form great habits when it comes to their training schedule.  I personally plan my day around my workouts and when I get them done in the morning my day is so much smoother.  I make sure my workout is a priority and part of my day. Sunday I look at my work and school schedule and plan my workouts for the week.  Then each day before bed I check it to make sure I am still on track with my plan.  I pack my stuff (workout clothes and food) the night before to be ready to go in the morning.
Last year I must have heard the, “I didn’t hear my alarm clock,” excuse 100 times.  I personally have been working in a job that requires me to be at work at 5am or 6am most days for the past 6 years.  I have not had an alarm clock malfunction except for (maybe) 2 occasions that I can recall.  I don’t buy the snooze excuse either because if you really wanted to get your workout in you wouldn’t snooze, wouldn’t sleep through the alarm, and you would make absolute sure you set it accurately.  For all you that use any of those excuses last year or plan to use it this year I don’t buy it, I call bull#$%^.

The other excuse that I a lot is, “I didn’t sleep well last night, so I won’t make it to the gym this morning”.  Again I say to them that there are plenty of nights that I don’t sleep well either but I get up and get to work.  If you didn’t sleep well do you really think laying there trying to sleep is going to help.  Get up, get your day going and the next night you will sleep great because you will be really tired. If you didn’t sleep the night before and got up early to get your workout done your bound to have a good nights sleep the next night!  That excuse doesn’t fly with me either so if you use it or plan to use it I think it is BS too.  Get to the gym and get your workout in and quit making excuses.
I don’t feel good, I am getting sick, and I have a headache are pretty common excuses.  While being sick is a valid reason to skip a workout there are different levels of being sick.  If it is a simple cold (without fever), allergies, or headache you probably can come in for a workout.  If you have a fever or are puking then stay home.  In many cases I have had a migraine and a workout actually helped it.
Family problems and stress from work are some excuses that I get but I don’t think these are valid either. I actually think when you are stressed that is the best time to stick to your training program.  Exercise will be a great way to relieve your stress and get your mind off your problems for 30-60 minutes.  Keep in mind that even 30 minutes of exercise is better than nothing.
The most important thing is to get into a good routine.  Don’t wait until you get up to decide if you are going to workout that particular day. Have a plan for the week and stick with it and keeping a regular schedule will help.  Try and keep your workouts around the same time each day and this will help with your routine.  Being consistent with your training is very important and don’t be a yo-yo exerciser similar to the yo-yo dieters.  These people are on and off programs all the time.  Your body becomes confused and you can never get into really great shape because you are never consistent.  Stick with a schedule, be consistent and make diet and exercise a part of your life!

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