Saturday, October 19, 2013

Time Management and Training - how to make it all fit!

The hardest part of training is finding time for it.  When planning your season it is important to think about what will be going on in your life at the time of each race you plan to do.  I recently started massage school and I am still working so my schedule is very full or the next 6 months.  I usually do an early season race but with my schedule I have opted not to race at all while I am in school.  I have figured out a way to get 60-90 minutes of quality exercise at least 6 times a week. I will maintain my swim, bike, run fitness but will not race.  I know it will be far too difficult and stressful to work, race and go to school.  If you are planning your season consider major events that will happen in your life and how they will impact your training for a race.  Save yourself some money and do this before you sign up for the races. Will you be able to train without any interruptions such as family vacations or family reunions?

I have a very busy schedule now but am able to still make time for training.  I force myself to get up extra early....which for me is hard because I start work at 5am!  Some days I am in the pool at 4:30 to get a swim done before my 5:30 group starts.  I take advantage of my lunch break to do a short run.  Everyone is busy but your fitness is important so make time for it.

Don't be overzealous when planning your race season.  Be reasonable and think about the time involved in training for the event you are considering.  Think about the impact on your family, friends and your job.  Everyone loves to race but there are more important things to consider before committing to a schedule that is unreasonable for your life.

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