Sunday, July 14, 2013

Don't Put Off Your Passion

I would love to say that triathlons are my main passion.  While I do enjoy training and racing, there are things I enjoy more.  It took me a long time to follow my passion but once I did I wondered why I waited so long to do it.
My paw print tattoo is an example
of my passion for dogs!
I have two examples I want to share with you on how I took the steps to follow my passion.  The first is my passion for dogs.  I have three awesome dogs and for many years I wanted to help other dogs in some way. I didn't really know how or what I would do but I knew I wanted to do something. I completed a 50 mile run and raised money for the Nevada SPCA.  I had heard about a running group that ran dogs from a shelter in another city.  I figured I could try this in Las Vegas.  Although the running group didn't really pan out I began running and walking dogs at the Nevada SPCA.  The first few visits were tough because it was hard to see the dogs in the kennels.  Then I began to look forward to going to see the dogs.  I would be drawn to a certain dog and was looking forward to seeing it only to find one day it was gone.  It would bring me so much happiness knowing they found a good home.  The joy of getting those dogs out for a run/walk or dip in the kiddie pool is amazing.  I can't believe I waited so long to do this.  I kept putting it off for many years and now I can't wait to get there.  This is just one example of following your passion and taking the leap! You may not know what your missing.  In this case I was missing love and sloppy dog kisses from many of my furry friends. I am a lucky women, I have more running partners than anyone I know and they don't complain one bit they just keep running.

Almost 20 years of my life I worked in the retail business. While I didn't hate the job, I didn't love it.  About 10 years into my career in retail I got certified to be a personal trainer. I did it mostly for myself and didn't use my certification for many years.  Finally I took the leap and quit my job, moved to Atlanta and worked as a trainer full-time.  I did this for a year not making much money but getting by.  I got an offer to go back to the retail business making a lot more money.  I took it and lasted two years before I had enough.  I didn't care how much I was making because I wasn't happy. I picked up and moved back to Las Vegas to do personal training and triathlon coaching once again. I was not sure about anything, and didn't have a job or any clients.  When I got back to Las Vegas I took every opportunity to make money. I worked for other trainers, I worked at conventions to make money, I taught classes and I kept trying to build my client base.  It didn't happen overnight, I had to live on a lot less money for a while, but I was really happy.  Slowly my client base became big enough to where I could make a pretty good living.  I don't know why it took so long to take the leap.  Maybe when I was younger I didn't have the patience to penny pinch until I could build up a client base.  It could have been the fear of the unknown or fear of failure.  I absolutely love what I do and would never go back to retail.  I have a job that is rewarding because I see people achieve goals and change their lives.

It may not be a new job for you but I believe everyone has something they are passionate about.  Many people don't take the leap because of fear, lack of time, or lack of resources.  You may have to do a little work to get things moving but if you really want it you will make time!

What if you don't know what your passion is?  Then I suggest trying different things to find what you really like.  Maybe its crafts, knitting, hiking, or children.  Volunteer for a variety of organizations to find what will make you happy.  Who knows maybe you can turn your passion into your job!  Don't wait too long, do it now rather than later trust me I wish I would have done it a long time ago!

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