Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Motley Crew I Love

I really love my job.  I have such a great time interacting with my clients on a daily basis, they are all fun and so different in so many ways.  They all have similar goals; to be healthy and fit.  I was thinking about all the different personalities I have in my group, they are widely different and all unique in their own way.  I want to introduce you to some the wonderful personalities in my group.  Let me start by saying this is all in FUN!  Names have been altered to protect their identity…

Let’s start with my tall runner Melissa.  She is dedicated and a quiet thing.  She is quiet but sneaks in these little jabs when you would never think it was coming. In the pool the other day Melissa and Desire were in the pool during a workout (I will talk about her next) with.  Desire loves to workout more than anything and never wants the workout to end.  I told Melissa and Desire they were done and Desire wanted more and asked if they could do something else, Melissa commented that was seriously considering pushing Melissa’s head underwater.  I think she was joking but you never know.  I don’t think Desire heard anything because Melissa is the quiet one that sneaks those little jabs in! 

On to Desire who is my most dedicated client.  She always follows her schedule and is always on time for her training session.  She is the consistent one, I love this because that’s how I am, I have a routine and I stick with it.  Desire always surprises me with some things she says.  I think in a previous life or future life Desire would be or was a stripper.  Thus the name Desire (that’s the best stripper name I could muster up).  She is funny, dedicated, and always brings a good laugh to the training group.  If all my clients were as dedicated as Desire my job would be too easy!

Matty is a fun guy who always has a smile!  You have to smile when you see him, he seems like he is always happy.  Lets see how happy he is when he is in the height of his Ironman training.  Ty and Ross are also great guys that rarely complain.  I am sure this will change, as they get closer to the Ironman. 

Spacy is   the female version of Matty.  In the morning at 5am she will come to the group and say “good morning sunshine!” I think secretly Melissa wants to dunk her when she says stuff like that at 5am.  Just kidding they are really friendsJ. Spacy makes me repeat things at least 4 times.  I think she does it on purpose but I don’t care she still gets the name Spacy because she can’t remember. 

Fabian is a go with the flow kind of guy.  I think this is pretty funny because his girlfriend Wendy is pretty intense.  She is all about business when she works out. She’s a come in, get it done, and go home kind of girl.  I think she probably has the most stressful job of anyone so her workout time is her time.  Fabian is the social, fun loving kind of guy.  He does what I tell him and rarely complains!  What a great couple!

Tawanda is so hard working and dedicated.  I named her Tawanda for two reasons.  She wanted it and I think she also would be or was a stripper in her former/future life.  Tawanda is quite opposite of Desire though.  She is all over the place with her schedule.  Crazy things going on in her life lead to moving workouts here and there.  She gets them done but in an unorganized fashion.  This would drive me crazy because I’m an A type person that has everything perfectly planned out.  This works for Tawanda and many other crazy people!

Dusty, Suzy, and Felicia are friends and are all runners.  Dusty is the opposite of my consistent one Desire.  She is more like Tawanda. Dusty works hard when she is there.  Her life seems pretty crazy.  She comes at sporadic times and doesn’t seem to follow a regular schedule. Dusty isn’t too social when she comes to the gym.  Her socialite friend Felicia is more chatty but still works hard.  Suzy comes and gets the job done and is done.  She is a no-nonsense kind of gal.

Some of my other hard working people include Chrissy who is always there and all about business.  She is consistent and dedicated and one of my longest clients. 

Pricilla is another long time client.  I am always happy when she makes it for her two days a week but I nag her to no end to get more exercise on other days.  I am sure I will keep nagging her about getting more cardio and eating better.  We share the same crazy passion for our 4-legged friends.  I think we enjoy the company of dogs more than people (except for my clients of course)

Julie, Fran, and Brandy are very consistent.  They never complain and show up when scheduled.  They seem normal compared to the other crew!.. maybe they are just quiet and don’t tell me thingsJ

Bonnie has been around for a long time.  She doesn’t really like to workout,  I know this and she lets me know too. I try to get her to do more cardio still after all this time, I will not let up.  She gets very irritable if I make her climb stairs.  I get joy from it, is that twisted? 

Kaylee is a former client that has returned.  She like many others is always looking for that magic pill that will help her lose weight.  I keep telling her she will never find it and she needs to eat healthy and exercise more.  She has a nice tread climber at home that is waiting for her every night she comes home.  At least she hasn't hung any laundry on it yet!  She has been consistent for the past 2 months!

Abe is another long time client.  He is always late and only gets in about half of his workout.  I figure at least he is getting himself to the gym, which is more than most of the population.  This does not mean that I don’t nag him to do more because that’s how I am...relentless.

Vanity and Darby are friends.  Vanity has trained with me for a long time on and off  (hopefully on for a while this time). When she is on she works hard and is full force.  But when she’s off its hard getting her going again!  She got her friend Darby to start working out and it’s been a slow start. I have faith that they both will be consistent for the year! 

G-man and B-man are polar opposites to look at but they swim a lot alike.  They have improved but still have the crazy kick and lopsided breathing which makes their stroke lopsided too.  They are a work in progress!  Both can be sarcastic and pretty comical.  They have yet to sign up with myfitnesspal and let me look at what they are eating though!

J.C.  seems to be normal but I have not trained her that long.  I know she wants to train for a triathlon but is frightened by the water.  Getting in the pool is a win for her and soon she will realize nicotine is not her friend if she wants to do a triathlon. 

Leslie really doesn’t like to workout but comes in against her wishes.  I am glad she is back training with me and I hope she starts to enjoy it even a little! Some people never like to workout they just know they have to!

My girly trio of Ally, Delilia, and Janette all want to do a triathlon in a few months but don’t want to get in the pool.  I have news for need to swim in a triathlon! I have tried for over a month to convince them they need to do it but there has not been much splashing going on.  They work hard when they come to train with me in the gym but I don’t even know how they swim yet with the exception of Ally.  She came once and actually wasn't that bad!  

Then I have my golfers which I will use their real names because they don’t seem to crazy but maybe they put up a good front.  Dara, Roseanne, Maggie, Mark and Jon.  They all tell me golf is a workout but I don’t believe them!  Roseanne said I should try it but I told her I would be bored to death.  Maybe I could sprint to the holes that might add a little more fun. If I am not going at least 10 min mile then I am not happy. 

Without my crazy bunch of clients my life would be pretty boring. I am glad I have each one of them in my life to torture and nag on a regular basis.  I can live vicariously through them! 

Here are a few pictures of the crew!

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