Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coach Cyndee Tri Clothing and Bike Jerseys!

After Amica Tri here are Debbie, Terri and I
in our pink gear!
I am happy to announce that the Coach Cyndee Tri gear and bike jerseys have arrived. If you are interested in getting them before they are gone contact me asap! 
The pricing is:

Tri top - $50
Tri bottom - $50
Bike jersey - $50
Headsweat visor -$20

Cyndee Platko
Coach Cyndee
Vic sporting his tri gear!

Michael and I after Ironman Texas

Gary, Michael and Vic - Gary and Vic in
Coach Cyndee Gear.
Runners before their run in Coach Cyndee
Visors and Hats!

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