Friday, April 27, 2012

One of those days!

Today my training schedule called for an 18 mile run and I also had a spin class that I had to cover in the afternoon. I wanted part of my run to include my dog. I figured I would take her for 8 miles of it.  My plan was to run in the morning and then teach spin later.  Yesterday I had a migraine so I went to bed early hoping it would be gone when I woke up.  I got up early feeling rested and without a headache.  I did some stuff around the house delaying my run a little too long.  I decided to do 8 miles of the run with Daisy my dog, then go teach spin and run 10 miles after.  It sounded good and this would break it up because I really was dreading doing it all at once by myself (other than my four legged partner).  My 8 miles with Daisy went great and I felt great. Other than the little mishap when she almost tripped me to get to another dog it was a good run.  Spin class went off without a hitch. I had some new music and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Then I was off to Summerlin to run my 10 miles.  I figured I would run a different route to change it up.  Silly me forgetting all the hills in Summerlin.  I should have realized it was going to be a tough 10 miles when I almost ate my cliff blocks (that were for my run) in the car on the way to the run.  I was pretty hungry after teaching spin and running 8 miles.  I also was pretty dehydrated even after drinking more than 2 liters during and after spin.  Which by the way meant I was nice and water logged for my run.  I didn't eat the cliff blocks I opted for some homade granola that was in my bag.  My client Terri had given it to me and it was delicious.  I couldn't stop myself from eating it.  As I was shoveling it in my mouth I was thinking it wasn't the best pre-run snack because with all the nuts it was high in fat which takes much more time to digest.  But I still kept shoveling it in my mouth because it was so good and I was hungry. 

I reached my destination and was off to run.  I began my run and realized my legs felt like cement blocks.  Oh my gosh it's going to be a long run.  I was pretty slow and the first mile was a pretty steep climb.  About mile 2 I also felt my migraine in my right eye coming back.  At this point most normal people would have turned around and been done with this run.  Not me I kept going.  As I kept on my migraine went away.  That was about the only good thing on this run.  Mile 8 I didn't have any more water on a pretty warm afternoon.  I was really fading.  I realized I had my cliff blocks but no water. With an extremely dry mouth and crappy run to this point I didn't want to risk choking on a cliff block.  I can see the headlines now "Runner died from cliff block lodged in her throat!"  Mile 8 my migraine also resurfaced.  I just wanted it to be done.  Let's recap the reasons I should have stopped:
  • I had already ran 8 miles and taught a spin class
  • My stomach was full of granola and water
  • It was hot and windy (ok maybe not a good reason but I am listing it)
  • I had a migraine
  • I had a ton of stuff to do (ok another not so good reason but there it is)
  • Did I mention I had a migraine?
Well most normal people would have turned around when the headache came back and trust me I thought about turning around each mile of this run.  Even more crazy is nobody would have thought I was being a wimp or anything for not running with a migraine.  Most people with migraines are in bed, in a dark room, and asleep! Pure determination to get my 18 miles in for the day is what got me through it.  The 10 miles was probably my slowest 10 miles in a long time.  Today's run was not about running 18 miles. It was about overcoming mental obstacles.  When I complete an Ironman so much of it is mental.  Today I didn't train my body as much as I trained my mind not to stop!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! So much of life is about overcoming mental blocks. Now I'm a little more motivated to get my workout in today :-)