Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim with Swimmers, Run with Runners, and Cycle with Cyclists to become a better triathlete!

I must admit I am a person who trains a lot by myself when I am training for a long event like an Ironman.  Some people seem to prefer to train with other triathletes in a group.  I have always thought whatever works for you is best.  Everyone is different when it comes to what motivates you.  But when you hit a plateau you need to make some changes. 

I recently felt this way with my swimming.  I am a good swimmer and love swimming long intervals.  I hate doing anything fast. I do incorporate some speed work into my training but I am not getting any faster.  I even swim with other triathletes to motivate me and push myself.  Last week I decided to go swim with Viva Las Vegas Masters.  This group is made up of some really great swimmers (not just triathletes).  We did a variety of strokes and I really pushed myself in the pool.  I thought I was getting quality swims until I went to swim with them.  We did a variety of strokes which for any triathlete is really great to do but many never do them.  When I swim with on my own I add a little variety with the different strokes but I can't say I push myself like I did when swimming with the masters group.  Swimming with this group made me think about my training overall.  How am I going to get faster in my training?  Maybe its not a bad idea to swim with swimmers, run with runners, and cycle with cyclists!  I think at times it could push you over a plateau in your training.  Training with someone better than you might push you harder than you would like to go or would have one your own. 
I am going to continue my swimming with the masters group and hopefully I will get faster in the pool.  The Viva Las Vegas Masters swim group is a small group in Summerlin.  As a coach who is always the one on deck telling people what to do it was a good change to have someone tell me what to do.  It was hard but as always it was a good feeling to be pushed to my limit!  Oh and they said that was an EASY workout that night.  I will let you know how my next masters swim class goes so stay tuned!

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