Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last month I attended the South Eastern Endurance Multisport Expo in Atlanta. I lived in Atlanta the first year that my good friend Mike Lenhart had the vision of having a triathlon expo. We sat at Einsteins in the mornings after working out and discussed how much fun it would be. Well some people talk about things but Mike gets things done. We did it the first year and it was a blast. It has become a pretty big event with major sponsors like Subaru and All3Sports. Mike has created a fun event for the endurance community in Atlanta. The attendance is just about 1,000 people. Mike asked me to be a speaker at the event and of course I said yes. It was a great opportunity to catch up with my friends in Atlanta. I arrived in Atlanta on Tuesday after being in Costa Rica for a few days. The event was on Saturday so I had time to relax for a few days. Mike was busy finishing all the details of the event. You can see information about the event on the website at The event is held at The Concourse Athletic Club. I worked as a personal trainer at The Concourse when I lived in Atlanta. The day of the event I was busy getting ready for my presentation and ran into my friend Ryan. When I lived in Atlanta I would periodically ride with Ryan and he would kick my butt! He puts on a series of international triathlons. His race series is called 11 Global. His vision is to have 11 Olympic distance races throughout the world. Currently his races are in South Africa, Dubai, Italy, and here in the US in Atlanta. His race series can be found at Here I am working hard at his booth while he sits and takes it easy! Just kidding Ryan.
I had time so waste so I helped Ryan at his booth promoting his race in Atlanta. I always have a good time with Ryan and talking to people about triathlons is never a problem for me! At Ryans booth I saw a friend that I hadn't seen for several years. Last time I saw Scott Rigsby I was carrying his legs around New York City. Let me explain! Scott Rigsby is the first person to complete the Hawaii (or any) full Ironman on prosthetic legs. When I lived in New Jersey him and another friend of ours Mike came to do the NYC triathlon. While there I hung out with them for several days. Scott has legs for swimming, cycling, running, and walking. That makes for a lot of luggage when traveling for a race. When I recently saw Scott he gave me a copy of his new book titled, Unthinkable. I read the book on the plane home from Atlanta. It is an amazing story and I would highly suggest his book. You can check out his website at
If you need some inspiration your sure to get some if you read his book!
Here he is pictured at the expo.
Overall I had a great time at SEE-ME! It was a great event and proceeds go to a great cause. All the proceeds from SEE-ME go to the Getting 2 Tri foundation. Getting 2 Tri helps challenged athletes get involved in sports. The foundations website is They are doing great things for challenged athletes.
I loved my time in Atlanta. It is a great city and the people are so amazing. I got in some good running and attended my friends Mike's spin class. He thought he was going to kick my butt. Little does he know the class that I teach is much harder! Atlanta is a beautiful place to train and live
Here is a great picture of Bella! I got the pleasure of staying at her house for the time I was in Atlanta. Here she is hoping I give her a bite of my food!

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