Monday, February 7, 2011

Forget The Chocolate On Valentines Day, Give Me A New Pair Of Running Shoes Instead!

Valentines Day is right around the corner. People who claim to LOVE each other buy things like chocolate and candy and are slowly killing each other! This year make a pledge NOT to go out to dinner, buy chocolates, cookies, wine, or candy. I personally would take a new pair of running shoes, garmin, ipod, pair of Oakley's, (I could go on but you get the point) over dinner or candy. I remember a great Valentine gift I received one year was a case for my new bike! I know that is not very romantic but I loved it and it did not make me FAT!
This year make a pledge to not buy your significant other something unhealthy. Eating bad food together and hanging out watching a movie might be fun but its gonna make you fat. If you are doing that and are together for 25 years it is likely in 25 years you will both be obese. Get out and get moving together. It is critical to your weight loss success that you have a good support system in place!

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