Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Day In The Life Of..............

Pam With Spec Daisy with GFWF Shirt Me and the Gang!

Today was a great day in Vegas. The weather was perfect for training. In fact the past few days have been great training days. Friday I managed to ride 90 minutes, run 7 miles, and teach a spin class. I ran with my running partner Daisy and she (as always) kept me at a great running pace. I swear she is the most amazing dog and probably the fittest dog you will ever see. She was not even remotely tired after running 7 miles. Tomorrow I am planning on taking her to run 10 miles. She ran 10 with me a few weeks ago and kept a steady pace the entire run. I have never seen a dog that loves to run like her.
After Friday I was going to take it a little easy Saturday. I went and ran with the Rockin Runners in Henderson in the morning. We did a short 5 mile run. Then I worked most of the day. I was trying to sell Get Fit With Fido shirts at The Vitamin Shoppes Health Fair. I am happy to say I sold some of the people shirts and the dog shirts. Proceeds from both go to great non-profit organizations that I will tell you more about at the end of this. When I came home from work Daisy was restless because she was home most of the day. I really didn't want to run. I knew if I didn't take her it was likely she was going to be up and down all night. So relentlessly, I put my running shoes on and took her for what I thought would be an easy run. She had other plans. What I planned as an easy run, Daisy turned into a tempo run of 3.5 miles not 3 miles. We finished the last mile about 7:30 minute mile pace. As always she wasn't even panting. I am pretty certain she could hold a 6 minute mile pace for a 5K. I have never tried it because there is no way I could do it but if anyone wants to give it a try feel free!

After my easy day yesterday (total of 8 miles running), today I was going to ride and run. I wanted to ride outside but had to take the dogs to the groomer at 11 so that put a glitch in my plan. I rode 2 hours on my trainer, took them to the groomer, and then ran 6.5 miles! I felt really great for the ride and the run. I ran without my usual partner (Daisy) but I still finished the last 3 miles with an average of 8 minute mile.......the last mile 7:30! Another great workout in the dust. There is no better feeling then finishing a good workout. I did both the ride and the run with a headache too. No excuses are allowed for missing your workouts!
Tomorrow as I said before I plan on running 10 miles. Daisy will be my pacer so we will see how long it takes. If it is up to her it would be a fast run but I am guessing we will average about 9 min. mile which is a fast walk for her! When I took my dogs to the Vet last week for shot updates she commented on their low heart rate because they are so fit. Something I am very proud to say! Fitness is a family affair and in my case my family is my dogs.
Get Fit With Fido dog shirts are now available for your furry friends. Please contact me to get one. The proceeds go to a great foundation that is helping bring awareness about the use of service dogs. The Hope Is Mind Foundation also helps bring service dogs to people that cant afford them. I recently started training Alex and Hope to complete the Chicago half marathon in September. They recently became the first human and service dog to complete the Vegas Half Marathon! Congratulations to Hope and Alex on making history! You can find out more about their organization at The proceeds from the people shirts go to the NSPCA which is another great organization helping animals. To purchase a shirt contact me at Your help is much appreciated! Get Fit With Fido is a great program to teach you how to incorporate exercising with your pet. It will teach you how to do it safe and have fun! Your pet needs exercise just like you do. Don't leave them out and get moving with them.
I wanted to congratulate Nancy, Jeff, Krista and Stacey on finishing the Phoenix Full and Half Marathon today. Nancy is also a coach for the Rockin Runners and a trainer at LVAC. I have coached her for the past few years and she continues to amaze me! She has qualified for worlds long course triathlon here in Vegas in November. Today she completed her first full marathon in 3:28! That is %$#@@#* amazing! Jeff PR'd at his second half marathon today. Krista also finished her second half marathon with her mom Stacey running next to her! It was a great day for everybody!

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