Friday, October 1, 2010

Get Fit With Fido Starts October 16th Don't Miss Out!


Have you and your dog become too friendly with the couch? Do you both need to get moving and drop a few pounds?

GET FIT WITH FIDO is the program for you! Join Certified Personal Trainer, Coach Cyndee, for a workout for you and your dog. The program is for all levels of people and dogs! There will be workouts designed for the beginners and workouts for the advanced person and dog!

I will provide you with the safest, healthiest, and best workout for you and your dog!

I have been involved in health and fitness for over 20 years. I am currently a personal trainer and dog lover. I wanted to combine two of my passions and help people and dogs become fit and healthy! You and your dog will be on track to improving your health with ME! Obesity in the US population is at an all time high, obesity in pets is on the rise and becoming a serious problem. Don’t be part of the horrifying statistic and do something about you and your dog’s health.

The workouts will be one hour long. They are designed specifically for you and your dog. They will be outside in a park located near Rainbow and Flamingo. Prosperity Park is off of West Flamingo west of Rainbow. Water will be provided for people and pets.

Your dog will need to remain on the leash at all times. Your dog will need to be current on all vaccines. Dogs and owners will need to be friendly with other dogs and people. No aggressive dog or owner will be allowed to participate.

Get Fit With Fido training shirts will be available to purchase. All of the proceeds from the shirts will go to the local NSPCA. The NSPCA is a local no-kill animal shelter. They rescue thousands of pets a year and need all the help we can give them.

The cost of each session is $100. That is ONLY $4.16 per class. The first session will be two months long and run from October 16th-December 16th. The second session will

begin after Christmas. The first class will be Sunday October 16th at 8am. The class times will be Wednesday,

Friday and Sunday. Wednesday will be at 6:30pm, Friday is 6am, and Sunday is 8am. Single session will be available but will be limited to 5 for each session. Single session price will be $10.00.

Classes will be limited to 40 people and dogs so sign up now. Each person can only have one dog at a time. To sign up and reserve your spot just reply to this email and I will provide you with all the details.

Rules and Regulations for Get Fit With Fido

· Workout with your dog for one hour with Personal Trainer, Cyndee Platko.

· Time and Location: Prosperity Park off of Rainbow and Flamingo. Going South on Rainbow turn right on Flamingo then take your second right and continue on the road until you see the park which is about a quarter of a mile. Time is Wednesday 6:30pm, 6am Friday and 8am Sunday.

· Water will be supplied for people and pets.

· Workouts are for all levels. If you are just getting started don’t worry. Cyndee has trained clients of all fitness levels. Keep in mind the workout is for you and your dog! If your fitness is good and your dog is not then we need to start from the beginning getting Fido fit! It is about both you and your pet.

· Two seminars will be available for people to attend. At the seminars we will discuss diet and nutrition for humans and dogs. Seminar dates and times to be announced. The seminars are included in the cost of the program.

· Sponsor goodie bags and samples will be available on selected dates.


· Pet must be kept on a leash at all times

· Owner must pick up after their pet

· One dog per owner at a time

· Dogs must be current on their vaccines

· Dogs must be friendly with people

· Coach Cyndee reserves the right to request doctors or veterinary approval from the client and their pet for them to begin an exercise program.

Cyndee Platko
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