Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Best Running Partner!

I have ran with a lot of different people throughout the years. Don't get me wrong I love running with other people but my best running partner is not human. I actually have two dogs that are great runners. Below is a picture of me with the best running dog you will find. Daisy will run forever, never complain, never talk, protect me at any cost, and absolutely loves it! She is the happiest dog when she is running and very tired when she is finished. Tigger my other dog will run and is a good running partner but he always has to poop and gets tired after 3 miles. That being said he is my second favorite running partner. Some days it is a challenge to fit in time to walk or run my dogs. I have to be at work at 5am most days. In Las Vegas morning or late night are the ONLY times you can take out your pets because of the heat. I usually get up at 3am so I can take them walking or running for 30 minutes before I leave. That sounds crazy but I have a commitment to them. So I do it just about everyday.
It may not be something you want to do but you have to make time to keep yourself fit and your pet fit. My dog Daisy is a mix if Doberman, Dalmatian, and Shetland Sheepdog. That combinations equals extreme amounts of energy! If I don't run or walk her everyday she gets bored and destructive and she is just not a happy dog! She is a dog bred to work. How unfair would it be if I made her sit home all day! She would be a miserable dog!

I am always amazed when I see very fit people with fat dogs. I don't understand why someone is so dedicated to their own fitness but they neglect their animals fitness. These people usually will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for their own fitness while their dog is at home. They don't even consider walking outside with their pet because it may not be convenient for them. Obesity in dogs is just as much an epidemic as obesity in the human race. When I took on the responsibility of becoming a pet owner I knew it was a serious thing. It is a commitment for a long time. It is not easy but the joy they will bring you is well worth it. Your pets health is so important so please don't neglect it.

An obese pet can be an expensive one. Many other health related problems may occur because your pet is overweight. Then there are the pets that may not be overweight but they have behavioral problems. Most of these problems are because they are bored and need something to do. So many animals are euthanized each day because of behavioral problems related to the simple fact that they need something to do.

You might be wondering why I am talking about obesity in animals. I am not a dog trainer or vet but I am a dog lover. I am also a fitness enthusiast. I want people to get moving with their dogs and have fun in the process. That is why I am starting a program to do just that. It is called, Get Fit With Fido. It is for all levels of people and dogs. I guarantee your dog will be a tired dog by the end of the hour long workout. In the process you will have gotten a great workout! The program will be starting in about 2-weeks. We will have 3 sessions each week. The sessions will take place at Prosperity Park off of Flamingo/Rainbow. Your dog will need to be current on vaccinations and must be friendly. All dogs will be required to be on their leash.
You can contact me if you are interested in the program.

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  1. Hi Coach Cyndee, our veterinary clinic is sponsoring a fun run for our clients and their dogs, may we use your get fit with fido graphic above for our posters?

    Todd Gunderson D.V.M.