Sunday, April 11, 2010

What bothers me!

Sometimes I feel the need to vent myself on this blog. Well today is one of those days. Hang in there if you don't want to hear me vent. I will discuss my training for Ironman St. George at the end.

What do you think I am going to vent about? It is the weird people I see everyday at the gym. I think I am somewhat normal (other than the crazy training I do). I don't really stand out much or do weird things to bring attention to myself. On a regular basis at the gym I see people doing really stupid stuff that sometimes makes me laugh, shake my head in amazement, or get grossed out in disgust. Last week I was swimming my 5000 meters in the pool. This was at 24 Hour Fitness and I was so glad to have the pool to myself for the most part. I was having a great swim. Toward the end I feel a presence in the water and feel like someone is watching me. As I turn to one side to breathe I get this god awful sight of a man walking in the pool watching me swimming. Nobody else is in the swim area so I was kind of freaked out. I wasn't scared or anything cause I think I could have kicked his ass but I was creeped out! He was really fat and had a really small speedo on. I need to talk about this because not many guys can pull off the speedo look. Why do I always see really overweight guys wearing them? It is so foul I can't even explain. I see this all the time at the gym and I always wonder why. The guys wearing these speedo's are not even swimming. They are sitting around on the benches in the sauna or hot tub. There should be a law that only swimmers and really fit ones can wear these. I need to enact a petition. So I finished my swim and hurried off on my way.

The other thing that perplexes me is the people who feel the need to exercise in the steam or sauna rooms. They do jumping jacks, sit-ups, and leg lifts. Keep in mind what I said before some guys (really big ones) are in their speedo's. So you now can have a lovely vision in your brain of what I am writing about. There are also the people who wear the sauna suits that are plastic or wrap their stomach with those sweat belts thinking they will lose fat around their stomach. Let me set the record straight for everyone. If you sweat you will not lose fat. You may lose water and regain it back but don't think it is permanent. You can do all the sit-ups in the world but if you have fat on your belly then the ONLY way you can get rid of it is diet and cardio. A tummy tuck will do it too but I don't suggest that route! Sit-ups, sweat belts, plastic sweat suits and wrapping saran wrap around your body will not work to lose belly fat! I have seen ladies in the women's sauna do the last thing I mentioned. It is really lovely to see a naked overweight women in the sauna wrapped in saran wrap!

Today I went to the lake to swim with a few clients. It was really windy and the water was so cold! Brett and Jeff the two clients that went out there did awesome. The water was really rough. We swam for about 35 minutes then had enough of the cold water. I was chilled to the bone for several hours following the swim. My Ironman training is finally winding down. I have one more long week then I begin to taper. I am so ready to get the race over. I just pray that we don't have wind or rain the day of the race! So if you think you are ready for an Ironman let me recap my last few days of training:

Sunday - teach spin, swim at lake 35 minutes, run 3 miles
Saturday - 14.5 Mile run -RR looop, teach spin
Friday 95 mile hilly ride (rr loop 2x included), 5 mile run
Thursday 5 mile run, 3000 meter swim
Wednesday - 2 hour ride, 2400 meter swim
Tuesday - weights, 14.5 mile run - RR loop, 1500 meter swim, 45 min stretch from Nancy
Monday off day
Sunday 5000 meter swim
Saturday - 14.5 mile run, RR loop
Friday - 90 mile ride

This week my last big week looks like this
Monday - swim 2500, weights
Tuesday - 14.5 mile run RR loop
Wednesday 2 hour ride, swim 2500 meters
Thursday swim 5000 meters, stretch with Nancy
Friday 65 mile ride 5 mile run
Saturday day off or easy ride maybe swim in the lake
Sunday teach spin, 10 mile run

Training and work is about all I do when I train for an Ironman. I don't have much time for anything else. When I am not training I am doing work at home or so tired I don't want to do anything. Training for an Ironman is a huge commitment. If you are thinking about it make sure you think it through. It is an amazing feeling to finish one and well worth the sacrifices you have to make to get there.

Next week here in Vegas we have the second triathlon of the year. Rage is on the 17th. I have several people training for it and wish everyone good luck. I can't wait to see everyone come across the finish!

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